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Founded in 2012, just north of Palm Beach in Stuart, Florida, Treasure Coast Recovery provides substance abuse and addiction treatment. While their services are offered in the style of a residential treatment program, they technically offer a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) with clients residing in high end, gender-specific sober living homes in the local vicinity.

Accommodations and Food

Treasure Coast Recovery has a total of ten houses—five male and five female residences. PHP and IOP clients reside in separate houses. The buildings have unique names including Beach House, Cottages, Olympic House, Mapp House, Hideaway, Waterway House, Pool House, Winachee, Banyan and Salerno House. As its name suggests, Pool House has a spacious swimming pool, while Olympic House boasts a two story round home with outdoor staircases and a deck. Palm trees provide bright green accents, which contrast against the brick red building. Each house lodges approximately 15 clients, and includes a fully equipped kitchen. Residents are paired in double-occupancy rooms. Singles are provided.

Residents receive food cards, which is used towards the purchase of groceries. While under the supervision of a behavior health technician, they learn how to shop responsibly and cook meals. Clients take turns preparing breakfast and dinner, and share meals family-style. Amenities include transportation and bicycles, which are given to IOP clients, cable TV and Wi-Fi. House managers lives on the premises to provide supervision and support.

Treatment and Staff

Potential clients undergo a comprehensive assessment. Individuals must have completed detox prior to admission. Treatment length is between 30 and 45 days, and clients receive individualized treatment plans based on an initial assessment. Clients undergo PHP, which is known as the “Sun” program, followed by IOP or the “Sail” program. At Treasure Coast Recovery Center, several evidence-based practices are utilized, which include DBT, CBT, EMDR and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

Weekly treatment includes case management, group therapy, medication management (if appropriate) and individual therapy. Residents participate in two weekly individual sessions or one individual session and family counseling. Group topics include support for co-occurring disorders, relapse prevention, the disease model of addiction, grief and loss, gender issues, stress reduction techniques and recovery fundamentals. PHP clients are transported to off-site required 12-step meetings.  The IOP program parallels PHP, but has a less intensive track. Clients receive more free time, allowing them to look for work, attend school and attend 12-step meetings without supervision.

The staff of ten includes a Master’s-level licensed mental health counselor/director, a Master’s-level psychologist, program manager and several Master’s-level primary therapists.


Alternative treatment includes play therapy and art therapy. Other services include adventure therapy, yoga, spiritual mentoring and acupuncture.

In Summary

Treasure Coast Recovery provides all-round, comprehensive treatment. Staff boasts impressive credentials, and clients receive an intensive introduction to the 12 steps, while attending meetings. Treasure Coast Recovery sounds like a great option for a client seeking wide-ranging services on the sunny south Florida coast.

Treasure Coast Recovery Location

7108 South Kanner Highway
Stuart, FL 34997

Treasure Coast Recovery Cost

$20,000-$40,000 (30 days). Reach Treasure Coast Recovery at (855) 223-6171 or by email. Find Treasure Coast Recovery at Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn

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  1. Steven Mesler on

    February I decided to get the help I needed. I was a complete mess for so long and done some really stupid things. I finally figured out that my life was totally unmanageable and needed a lot of help. I finally called and got myself into rehab. I got down to Palm City, Florida and that is when my journey started. Once I got into rehab week one was hell. Week two was hell and I wanted to go home. I wanted to AMA (Against Medical Leave) so bad and thought that I wasn’t able to do this anymore and wanted out. But on the start of the third week I said I gotta stick this out I’m almost done. The third week wasn’t to bad. At this time I only had one more week to go. I made through the fourth and final week and I made it through the entire rehab process. I went home for a week and then went back to Florida again for another month. I was then done with my whole rehab and couldn’t be any happier. I don’t regret the friends I have made through out my two month journey. I’m really glad that I still talk to some of them to this day. I had an AMAZING time while down in Florida and I’m glad I went there. And I thank God for giving me this blessing that today August 24th I am now 6 MONTHS CLEAN! I couldn’t have done this without the support of the people I have met down there and still talk to. But also the support of some of my family around me. It has been not only an amazing six months but the journey has just begun. #CleanAndSoberFor6Months #PalmCityFlorida #TCR #ThankGodForTheFriendsIMade #TheJourneyHasJustBegun #CheersToAnother6MonthsClean #CleanAndSoberHasNeverFeltBetter

  2. Coming to Treasure Coast Recovery was the best decision Ive made in my life. When I arrived I was broken and at the worst point in my life and didmt know how to face life on life’s terms. The staff at the Detox center was warm and welcoming as well as very supportive on continuing my journey to recovery. When I moved into PHP I was put in a nice house with other recovering addicts like me. They bought us what ever we wanted for food, gave us transportation to group sessions and meetings which gave me a strong foundation and hope for rebuilding my life sober and clean. After 30 days I enrolled in the IOP program, where my recovery really took off. I had a well furnished apartment, with all new appliances. I felt safe there and the staff was very supportive and friendly. The classes helped me learn about my addiction and how to treat it, as well as get adjusted to real life. I owe the staff there a huge thank you for guiding me and helping me get a sponser to take me through the steps. After 60 days there I was ready to move on and Now im 6 months sober still living well and working a program. Thank you TCR, you helped me save my life.

  3. Treasure Coast Recovery helped save my life. Almost 6 months ago i admitted myself for a substance abuse problem. The facility as well as the entire staff were incredible. This place offered many classes and group structures to educate me on the disease of addiction, something Iknew little about. The staff is what really made this place wonderful for me. Group facilitators were recovering addicts themselves that would share their personal experiences with us and teach us tools to help us stay sober. The therapists were AMAZING. Each client is assigned a therapist upon arrival that you are able to utilize whenever you want. Whether it be to talk about a specific problem you’re having trouble overcoming or if you just need someone to listen to you. The open door policy they had was warm and welcoming. I can’t say enough kind things about the staff at Treasure Coast Recovery. I’m still sober today as i write this and can’t thank Treasure Coast Recovery enough for helping me get back on my feet and make use of the life God intended for me to have.

  4. as a current behavioral health technician, I can prove a lot of this review wrong. Who wrote this? At PHP they are not given food cards. Us techs do not teach them how to cook. If this was all correct, then how come we make such little money???

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