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TransitionsTransitions Recovery Program Review

Opened in 1985, Transitions Recovery Program is a 12-step oriented rehab in North Miami Beach, operating under the philosophy that addiction recovery is founded on personal growth, education, reality-based tasks, dual diagnosis treatment and family programing.

Accommodations and Food

As many as 60 people live at the residence, which is approximately two miles from the beach at the northern tip of Biscayne Bay. Four clients share two bedroom, two bath apartments in a gated community, with access to a pool, tennis and volleyball courts. All treatment happens in the administrative building, ten minutes away from housing.

Residents are responsible for the day-to-day tasks of a normal living routine, including grocery shopping, cooking and maintaining the cleanliness of living quarters. Transitions provides a grocery budget and nutrition counseling for weekly shopping trips, but ultimately, it is up to the roommates to plan their own menus.

Treatment and Staff

The average length of stay at Transitions is 45 days, which can be extended for up to 90 days based on the needs of the client. Though Transitions does not offer detox, there is an MD on staff for medical consultation. Every client gets an individualized treatment plan at admission, incorporating a range of therapy of options, from CBT to EMDR for trauma. The staff is highly credentialed, and in addition to providing one or more individual sessions per week, also offers gender-specific group therapy for those with eating disorders, depression, anxiety, sexual addiction and abuse. Educational classes include relapse prevention, spiritual development, crisis, anger and medication management, as well as psycho-educational lectures and consultants for grief and loss.

Clients wake up at 6 am for breakfast at 7 followed by morning meditation feelings group and individual therapy until noon. Afternoon sessions include life skills classes and mandatory exercise. After dinner, clients attend AA or NA meetings both off and onsite followed by free time and lights out at 11 pm. TV watching is allowed during free time, while the use of cell phones and computers is determined by the primary therapist after three weeks of treatment.


Onsite tennis, volleyball, pool, gym, yoga, meditation and nutrition counseling are among the extras offered, and legal system advocacy is available if requested. Other extracurricular activities include trips to the beach, bowling, movies and fishing.

The family program at Transitions is extensive. On Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8 pm there are individual family support groups. On Saturdays at 9:30 am there is a multi-family group for clients and their families to take part in lectures, films, experiential exercises and honest sharing. Visitation follows both Tuesday and Saturday groups, and individual family sessions are available with the client’s therapist.

Graduates are offered sober living environments, partial day programs, Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), services and aftercare for themselves as well as their families.

In Summary

Transitions offers clients a highly credentialed staff, an array of therapy options and a strong family program in a Miami resort setting. By learning how to perform reality-based tasks in a controlled environment, graduates are given the tools to lead productive lives at a reasonable price.

Transitions Recovery Program Location

1928 NE 154th St
North Miami Beach, FL 33162

Transitions Cost

$15,000 (30 days). Reach Transitions by phone at (305) 949-9001 or by email at [email protected]. Find Transitions on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter

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  1. I was a resident at Transitions Recovery Program for approximately 43 days. I can tell you it is by no means what the brochure describes as far as beauty is concerned. I can tell you however that it did help me and what I had to accomplish as far as my alcohol addiction was concerned. Yes the staff can be brash at times but I attribute that to the amount of nonsense that they deal with on a regular basis. It is also realty based so a lot of there attitude, I’m sure, is an act. The issues is there is a lot of young people (18-21 years of age) that are hard if not impossible to control. The staff also has to navigate on a fine line of tough love and compassion so that clients do not leave, as it is a voluntary program. It is in a gated community , however a community never the less that has people who live there. It is expressly frowned upon and against the rules to talk with anyone outside of the rehiblitation community. They also institute a big brother big sister program for new arrivals that is greatly helpful. The staff did daily and nightly rounds and where very consistent about this. I was on a floor of primarily law enforcement officers however the staff where still consistent with there rounds. They also do drug tests every few days with positive results resulting in loss of privileges and or immediate expulsion from the program. I think some people expect way to much from a volunteer program , however when it’s a voluntary program there is only so much you can do. I do not deny the situation above where a female was forced to stay at a local grocery store when looking for a new program. I even witnessed a couple people who did not have insurance or who’s insurance ran out get scholarships in the program .I can however verify that when I was there I witnessed a few people get kicked out yet where covered by staff until they where picked up. It is a program in which you get out of what you put in.

  2. My 18 year old daughter went to Transitions this past Friday Aug, 21st. She phoned me on Sunday and told me it was not what she had expected and very different from what she was told and saw online. I myself knew this was going to be the case, but that did not concern me.

    She then proceeded to tell me that her apartments were on the 2nd and third floors of a regular apartment building with other people from the community as well. Yes she said there were a few policemen that lived there, but there were also a few druggies! And apparently someone last week actually had brought drugs into their rehab apartment. Something verified by her counselor.

    So now I am not liking what I hear, but I also insist she give it a few more days. She goes to the daily session on Monday and at 10 am, makes an impulse decision that she must leave this rehab. Of course they did call me right away and they did try to talk to her to no avail. I do understand that an addict can be a bit headstrong and loud, so I understood when the counselor began raising her voice and told her that she had a rehab to run and needed to have a decision made in a couple of hours as to what they were to do for her. During that conversation she even said they would help my daughter transfer to a new rehab instead of just putting her on the street.

    Well before you know it, she is texting me telling me she has 10 minutes to pack up all her stuff and they are dropping her off at some grocery store in a bad section of North Miami. A hard thing for a mother to hear as she is in New Jersey and her 18 year old daughter is in Florida. Apparently because she signed a discharge paper, she had to leave immediately for insurance reasons. The problem I have with all this is that an 18 year old addict with no life experience isn’t thinking correctly, so how could they be so heartless! Couldn’t they have explained how she would end up if she signed those papers. Or made her call me and tell me what was going to happen at that moment.

    I am grateful to say she survived her day sitting in a Burger King, with all her luggage, looking like a target for any predator. She finally got approved for another rehab, about 2 hours away, around 10 pm they sent a car to come and get her.

    With all this said, I am going to have to rate this rehab one star. I do not know much about the treatment setting so I cannot touch on that. But if any parent has a young adult, please do not trust them in the hands of Transitions Recovery Program.

    • My husband just entered and I am appalled by the treatment so far. First of all he said the place is a complete dump. Second the staff is rude and incompassionate. I don’t know what we re going to do as he just started. But so far I would not recommend this dump!

    • Where did you end up sending your daughter? Does she like where she is – I am in a similar situation = please respond via email – Thank you in advance!

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