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Tranquil ShoresThe Basics

Tranquil Shores is a Madeira Beach, Florida rehab just 10 minutes north of St. Petersburg. CEO Chad Johnson, the son of former Cowboys and Dolphins NFL coach Jimmy Johnson (who now hosts FOX NFL Sunday, the network’s pre-game show) opened this luxury facility in 2009.

Accommodations and Food

Treatment and housing are in separate places at this beachside community center. The residence is Spanish-style, resort-like and surrounded by palm trees and a pool. Clients live in two-bed, one-bath condos that are furnished with full kitchens and washer and dryers. There are also private rooms with queen beds available that clients can have at no extra cost (though this is dependent on occupancy). The living rooms, which boast views of the Gulf of Mexico, have flat screen TVs with cable and DVD players, multiple couches and coffee tables. Clients are responsible for cleaning their own condos.

There are no cooks at Tranquil Shores. Instead, each week, residents receive $75 dollar gift cards to Publix supermarkets and go shopping for food with staff members. Clients prepare food themselves in their kitchens or on poolside grills.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment, which lasts between 30 and 90 days, includes 25 hours of CBT and DBT group therapy a week. Tranquil Shores stresses the fact that its treatment isn’t lecture-based but instead more interactive, including plenty of open discussions. The 30-person staff is highly credentialed.

The specialty here is something called the Integrative Recovery Model (IRM), which teaches clients the tools to recover with counselors acting as guides. For trauma, it uses a technique known as Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), a treatment not unlike EMDR where a therapist uses relaxing eye movements and voluntary memory or image replacement to change the way negative images are stored in the brain. Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is used for dual diagnosis clients as a way of teaching them patterns about their behavior, halting negative thoughts and getting back in touch with the “experience of being alive.”

Expressive art therapy and family and marital counseling are also part of the program here. There is an MD on staff so detox is available. Clients receive a minimum of two hours of individual counseling a week with counselors. E-therapy is also available on Skype for clients who have graduated from the program and want to continue to speak to their counselors.

Tranquil Shores isn’t a strict 12-step rehab but it still provides transportation to off-site meetings six days a week and has one on-site on Sunday evenings. Clients are required to attend five out of the seven meetings a week and are encouraged to get sponsors while in treatment.

A typical day means waking up at 7 am for morning meditation at 7:30 followed by breakfast at 8. Group therapy starts at 8:30 and go until lunch at noon. The afternoon is full of more group sessions, an individual session (if assigned for the day), exercise and free time until dinner at 6 pm. Clients attend a 12-step meeting at 7 and after that is free time and dinner until lights out at 11 pm. Clients can watch TV watching during free time and cell phones and computers are allowed as long as they’re approved by a counselor.


The family program is strong, with a minimum of two hours on Fridays from 1 to 3 pm (the main visitation hours are from 1 to 6 pm on Sundays). Exercise is optional on the weekends but mandatory on Tuesdays and Thursdays (clients receive memberships to a local gym). Yoga and massages are also available. On Saturdays, clients go to such community events as dolphin tours, local museums and bowling.

In Summary

Tranquil Shores likes to specialize in athletes, musicians, artists, military personnel and executives. It accepts private insurance including Aetna, United, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna, just to name a few but also works with clients who would like to explore other payment options. It has has an excellent reputation, strong family program and highly credentialed staff—all in a beachside community that provides clients with a serene place to recover.

Tranquil Shores
4300 Duhme Rd
Madeira Beach, Florida 33708

Tranquil Shores Cost: Private insurance; call for cost. Reach Tranquil Shores by phone at (727) 391-7001 or by email at [email protected]. Find Tranquil Shores on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. My family urged me to seek treatment immediately after detox. My father had heard about Tranquil Shores through my aunt who had a wonderful experience with her son attending the program and who is still sober today. The entire staff made me feel cared for and safe while I was going through a very scary transition period in my life. The staff is not only knowledgeable about substance abuse disorders, but also are able to get to the deeper issues that can cause relapse in the future. I was able to realize things about myself that I had never understood about my addiction. Tranquil Shores helped me focus on myself and help me take my life back.

  2. After many attempts at trying to quit alcohol on my own, I finally admitted I needed help. Im so grateful that after a little research me and my wife found Tranquil Shores. The admissions process was simple and the staff was always so positive and welcoming. The counselors dig deep to truly figure out whats really behind your addiction. Tranquil Shores has given me a future of hope, health, happiness, and endless possibilities in sobriety.

  3. When I was in detox, Tranquil Shores was recommended to me for a 90 day program. Thankfully I took their advice. As soon as I got there, I felt welcomed by the staff. Although I’m from Ohio, Tranquil Shores felt like home during my 3 month there. They dig deep…its not just talking about addiction, its about finding the “why”. I was able to learn how to deal and process my emotions. As well as, being able to cope and live life sober being a mom. I am thankful that this place saved my life.

  4. After doing some research, I quickly realized that Tranquil Shores was the perfect fit for me. My biggest improvements are getting back to a state of gratitude, not living for outcomes but loving myself for who I am, and the ability to be vulnerable. Tranquil Shores doesn’t just treat the addiction, it gets to the root of why I used so that I don’t have to use again. Thank you for everything!

  5. Tranquil Shores is a unique treatment experience that facilitates a deep understanding of the psychological aspects of addiction. The program helped me connect with the feelings and false belief that fueled my addiction. I encourage anyone who is serious about recovery to experience the holistic healing at Tranquil Shores.

  6. Tranquil Shores is a very organized facility with a comfortable environment. The clinical, medical, and property staff were great. I was treated with enormous respect from everyone involved. They were able to listen to my needs and help me overcome my anxiety with staying sober. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Thank you.

  7. I came to tranquil shores because of heroin addiction. I had not not been to residential treatment before and did not know what to expect. The program helped me not only develop tools and strategies to conquer my addict self, it helped me realize the core issues that brought the addiction on. The 90 day program gave me the absolute best chance possible for my future.

  8. I chose Tranquil Shores b/c I needed a major change in my lifestyle. I am so glad that I did and stayed the full 90 days. It has truly changed my life. I’ve learned many things…from embracing the unknown, challenging myself, being patient, and finding happiness within. I also learned how to cope with my emotions rather than running from them. I am beyond grateful for the staff, techs, and clients who decided to grow + change alongside me. This place works wonders if you work it.

  9. I was unhappy with my life for 14 years and came to a point where I needed to make a change. Fortunately, I had the strength to ask for help. Being ex military and having many different issues; including survivors guilt and depression. The way the therapy is structured is unique and was extremely effective for me. The therapists and entire staff are all amazing. I owe my life to Tranquil Shores.

  10. I was prompted to seek treatment for alcohol addiction. I was looking for a more alternative treatment center that helped me get to the root of and understand my personality defects. I found this with Tranquil Shores. The facility was clean, organized, the staff was professional, and their attitude enforced that they really care. Some of the improvements that I gained is the truth that I have an addiction and their teachings have helped me identify poor actions and behavior in my daily living. Also, communication with my loved ones to talk about my addiction and personal defects can help my recovery and keep my loved ones abreast to concerns or shortcoming. I am very happy and impressed with all that was available to me at Tranquil Shores.

  11. I was 100% pleased with my experience at Tranquil Shores. My therapist and all the other therapists were excellent. I was able to dig deeper than the surface problems and really get to the root of my addiction. I have definitely reclaimed my life!

  12. I found Tranquil Shores after I made the decision to try again to get my life back. After having bad experiences at other treatment programs, I decided to come there. I’ve thought many times how relieved and grateful I am that I chose them. The most significant improvements are that I’m happy and content. I have confidence about sobriety. I think it was successful because they incorporate many different methods of therapy and treatment into the program. It’s not just one.

  13. When I came to tranquil shores I was so scared and lonely but they welcomed me with open arms. Through my stay, I learned important coping skills and how to love myself again. Tranquil Shores has the ability to change lives and is truly a magical place.

  14. I can not explain or say enough good things about Tranquil Shores. This place has given me my life back and most of all, myself back. The staff here is remarkable. They techs are loving and genuinely care. The therapists are so incredible and each one caters to a unique method of therapy for their client. I will be eternally grateful to Lynn for helping me in so many ways. And Chad is one of a kind as well. Its so amazing to see him take such an active role with all the clients and to see how much he cares. I will forever be grateful and will care tranquil shores in my heart.

  15. Tranquil Shores makes it very individualized for each client based of their past life experiences. The counselors were compassionate, empathetic, and helped me get to the root of my addictive habits and my disease. The unique combination of grounding, counseling, and healing activities prepared me for what I would face going forward.

  16. I came to Tranquil Shores because I could not stop drinking and using drugs on my own. My sister looked at several places for me and we decided Tranquil Shores is where I should go. So glad that I did. I have improved my attitude back to where it used to be. I am sober and I now have a second chance at being the person that I want to be. Thank you!

  17. I initially came to Tranquil Shores because they are able to address my bereavement and alcohol addiction. Also, they have a very low “client to therapist” ratio. Group activities and one on one therapy helped me identify ways to address the issues that contributed to my substance abuse that I used to mask my pain. The alternative healing and ART therapy were also very beneficial. The treatment at Tranquil Shores was exemplary.

  18. I needed help finding self-worth and was able to find it at Tranquil Shores. I was taught a different way to handle emotions and my desire to drink. I learned that I did not need to drink to be happy. I am extremely grateful for my time at TS.

  19. What prompted me to come to Tranquil Shores was my drug addiction and legal charges. In the first 30 days, I realized TS was the best place for me. The counselors worked very hard to get to the root of my struggles. I am now in a habit of doing things for myself and have a good sober network.

  20. I expected to gain sobriety at Tranquil Shores but never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d achieve a true feeling of happiness. With the therapy and life skills imparted during treatment, I finally gained relief from over three decades of unrelenting grief. I now possess a whole new outlook that reflects in every aspect of my life. I am and will always be grateful for the support of the entire Tranquil Shores family.

  21. During my stay at Tranquil Shores I learned not only the tools on how to stay sober, but also that I’m not alone with my addiction issues. I would recommend Tranquil Shores to anyone who fighting addiction.

  22. I am so grateful for what I was able to learn while at Tranquil Shores. I was shown how to live life on life’s terms and how to live free from my addiction. Working with the staff at T.S. has changed my perception and has brought light and purpose back into my heart.

  23. I sought treatment for my alcoholism. I had been to treatment 6 times prior but was never able to get rid of the pain, guilt, shame, and loneliness. At Tranquil Shores, I was able to explore my negative core beliefs, examine childhood trauma, and start to understand why I drank. I now am able to have compassion and empathy for myself and others. All in all, I believe that the entire Tranquil Shores staff is doing God’s work. I am blessed.

  24. I needed to enter a treatment program after looking at my life and realizing I needed help to salvage it. Tranquil Shores helped me embrace my disease and I was able to start having a relationship with myself. The staff personalized the treatment for me and it was most effective.

  25. For years, I had been abusing alcohol. It destroyed friendships, eroded the relationship with my spouse, and nearly killed me. After researching a number of treatment centers, I chose Tranquil Shores. The client-to-therapist ratio was incredible and the staff had excellent credentials. While there, I learned not only how to get sober, but also identify the underlying issues of why I drank. Everyone at Tranquil Shores is passionate and truly care about every single client. The treatment is tailored and personal to each individual. I highly recommend Tranquil Shores.

  26. Emotionally invested counselors who truly care about your recovery working together with resident staff to uncover the root cause of your addiction. You are given the tools necessary to achieve sobriety and educated on how to maintain it while learning to enjoy life to the fullest. Unique and effective group sessions with individual counselling help to discover the authentic person that lives under the addiction. That is Tranquil Shores.

  27. After completing two 28 day inpatient programs with little success, I found myself in a downward spiral. I came to believe the only solution that would work was a long term program. After much research and many conversations with the admissions team, I settled on Tranquil Shores. The clinical staff was truly amazing and the support staff genuinely cares about every client. The way they pair clients with therapists is always a perfect fit. I cannot recommend T.S. highly enough to anyone suffering from addiction.

  28. After extensive research into recovery facilities, I chose Tranquil Shores. The cleanliness of the environment, daily structure, and one of one therapy helped me to start fighting the disease of addiction. I was able to learn tools in order to be successful with my recovery and also that I’m stronger than I’ve ever given myself credit for.

  29. The reason I chose Tranquil Shores was because they not only deal with addiction, but mental health as well. Intensive work on my issues is what lead to the desired results and helped reign in my attitude. I was also able to learn a ton of coping mechanisms that will help with my success.

  30. I knew that I had lost control of my drinking and had become powerless against it. After I did an abundance of research and hours of phone calls, I chose Tranquil Shores. I was given excellent support from the counselors, staff, tech’s, and community. The program helped me regain my self-worth and taught me tools on how to live a happy, sober life.

  31. Tranquil Shores was able to show me how to love myself when I was an empty vessel. Through amazing therapy and a wonderful community, I was taught so much. I will value and honor all their teachings in my life.

  32. Prior to treatment, I was completely engulfed in my addiction and in denial that I needed help. I was 100% emotionally and spiritually dead. During my time at Tranquil Shores, I was able to find myself and gain a whole new way to live. I now feel complete and worthy. The multiple hours of one on one therapy and small groups played a vital role in my success at Tranquil Shores.

  33. I finally admitted to myself that I couldn’t stop drinking without professional help. My husband did a lot of research and believed this was the best place for me to get the help I needed. I now feel better much better mentally and physically. Tranquil Shores gave me the hope and will I needed. I was able to gain confidence and stay sober by using what I learned on a daily basis.

  34. Tranquil Shores gave me the ability to not only get sober, but to grow emotionally and mentally. They will always be a part of my life because they’ve enriched it.

  35. Tranquil Shores is a small facility with an intimate setting. The client to counselor ratio is low which affords more accurate and tailored treatment planning. Staff is respectful and builds on a clients strengths. All of the above has made my 90 day stay possible. They have not only helped me achieve hope and peace of mind, but also restored my faith. I am truly grateful!

  36. I was completely broken from my addiction. I had forgot the joys in life and was unable to see the light that was inside me. I believe that a higher power is what brought me to Tranquil Shores. No other place could have saved me like their program did. I was able to return to my family and career as a sober, confidant, dignified man. Tranquil Shores saved my life….there is no other way to put it.

  37. I knew Tranquil Shores was the place for me when I was ready. I now feel like a whole new person. I was able to find myself and learn how to set boundaries. I was also able to learn how to cope with urges/cravings and made progress in ending my co-dependency. I’m now able to feel genuine joy and happiness without using drugs.

  38. I had been to treatment and tried to get sober several times but could never make it through a program. I was told to look into Tranquil Shores because it was different from other rehabs I had been to before. They weren’t lying…Tranquil Shoes IS different. The counselor’s (and all the staff) showed me love and patience even when I wouldn’t accept it. Other places I had been promised comprehensive mental health treatment. This was the only place that provided it to me. Similarly, other places promised individualized treatment. Tranquil Shores is the only one where that line isn’t used as a cop-out to get you in the door. With their help, I’ve gotten to a point that was impossible for me to imagine. I no longer need drugs(or alcohol) to feel okay. And more than that, after completing the program I actually have a real understanding of what it means to be happy.

  39. I am seven months sober/clean and truly am living an authentic, joyous new life following my 90 day treatment at Tranquil Shores earlier this year . At 50 years old, my only regret is having not found this place earlier in my life! tremendous place for healing! My family and I researched at least 10 highly accredited facilities throughou the country before calling Tranquil Shores. From my very first interaction by phone it was clear they truly wanted to help me. I was treated with such respect, as an individual and that my treatment would be tailored to me and my depression and addiction issues. Some of the other things that made Tranquil Shores unique: the founder and owner was visible to the clients all throughout my treatment, the quality and depth of the therapies-including the number of individual hours of therapy 1:1 with my therapist was so far above the standard explained by the other treatment facilitates I had had called, the living facilities and the staff present 24/7 were all so loving, caring and truly committed to doing the right thing per client-amazing, life saving and changing experience. If you are feeling like your life is hopeless, that you have no value, that you have lost your voice and no one cares and you cannot stop drinking or using (I am a recovering alcoholic/opioids/cocaine abuser) -PLEASE make one more good decision for yourself and call Tranquil Shores! They will show you how to reclaim yourself and your life!!

  40. Tranquil Shores believed in me which allowed me to believe in myself. I was treated with kindness and respect. I was introduced to recovery tools I had never been allowed to explore at other treatment centers. With their help, I was able to reclaim my independence, spirit, and confidence in order to embrace recovery and a life I had been waiting to live.

  41. I trusted these people with every fiber of my being. I was mistaken. To them it’s just about money. And we gave them ALOT of money. ( Rates differ drastically based upon who the client is. )They are good actors, pretending to care. Ironically it is the coping skills that I learned from them which are assisting me in this incredibly painful , abrupt malicious situation. They gave medical misinformation to my family that scared them . I was treated in a horribly unjust and abrasive manner , completely devoid of compassion after investing 6 months and an obscene amount of money. I made a very sincere effort on my part to get well. Here I thought I was ”part of a community.” I thought I had found a place of kindness and safety. I was wrong . A tech gave my roommate a handful of random, undocumented pills and told her ” you are a pill head , you can handle it.” She threw up. She told the people in charge. They did not fire the tech. They want you to believe that you are safe. They will make you feel like family, until they change their mind. Truth is irrelevant. I was verbally assaulted , physically threatened, and touched by clients who were highly mentally unstable. Their behavior was not reprimanded in a timely nor equitable manner. Expect medicine mismanagement . Rules and expectations vary depending upon how wealthy the client is. Lying is not only tolerated it is rewarded. The sober living facility is falling apart and two weeks ago every room filled with waste water due to backed up pipes. The deck broke and someone fell in the water. They don’t give a damn about me and they won’t give a damn about you. Just money. They will try to claim I am just angry and that is why I am writing this. I am angry. I am also heart broken. And I have even less faith in humanity than I did before I got there. I have never been treated so poorly by people I trusted.

  42. I came to Tranquil Shores a broken man. After spending 90 days there, I am now on the road to recovery with solid footing. Thanks to all the staff at Tranquil Shores for helping me get my life back.

  43. I came to Tranquil Shores on an ultimatum and I thought id just stay 30 days. Within my first few days, I came to realize that Tranquil Shores had something special to offer and I wanted it. I wanted to stay as long as possible to absorb all that I could from this life-changing program. The clinicians and techs are caring, understanding, and provide a safe enviroment in which tools for happy and healthy living are taught and re-inforced on a daily basis. I will forever be grateful to this program for the opportunity it has given me to write a whole new story for myself.

  44. My experience at Tranquil Shores helped me to identify the beliefs and behaviors that cause me pain, and empowered me to change my ways of thinking and acting. It has provided me with a jumping off point, a head start of sorts, so that I can be a participant in life. A seeker, rather than a victim of its circumstance.

  45. Tranquil Shores helped save my life. Despite the mandatory and unwilling nature of my arrival at Tranquil Shores, the compassion and sincerity of both the clinical and property staff allowed me to face my alcoholism and depression. Because of the dedicated staff at Tranquil Shores I now have the tools to live a sober, happy, and fulfilling life. I am truly happy for the first time in over a decade! Thank you to all of the staff at Tranquil Shores!

  46. I am truly blessed to have worked with such an insightful and caring counselor. The two most significant improvements I have seen from my experience with Tranquil Shores are, I now have come to realize the critical importance of my spiritual growth and to focus on my physical and emotional health as a stepping stone to my continued sobriety.

  47. I sought help from Tranquil Shores because I couldn’t live my life the way I was. I was powerless over my addiction. I found out the root of my addiction and I was taught the tools that I can use everyday of my life. The staff was amazing and I’m so grateful to have had the experience I did at Tranquil Shores. Thank you all!

  48. I arrived at Tranquil Shores July 3, 2016. I had no idea how my life would change in 90 days. I started drinking at a very young age and continued for 23 years. Over the past year my life became complete unmanageable. With the help of the staff at Tranquil Shores I’ve been able to get sober and take my life back. This was my first time in rehab and hopefully my last. I know the staff and the program saved my life. Thank you all for helping me get sober and take my life back. It feels wonderful to be sober.

  49. When I came to Tranquil Shores, my addiction had completely taken over my life. I had lost all hope of ever being able to return to the person I once was, and regain the things I had lost. During my time here, they not only taught me about my addiction, but they also gave me the essential tools that I needed to help cope with the struggles I had, as well as to stay clean and sober. The staff from top to bottom are second to none. They treated my addiction from a physical,mental, and spiritual perspective keeping my over all health and well being inside and out as their top priority around the clock. It was different from other facilities where we just received therapy all day. Here, we received top of the line 1 on 1 and group therapy, as well as enjoying simple luxuries such as going to the gym or to the beach so you don’t always feel like you’re in a “facility”. I came out of Tranquil shores excited about living a sober life, and honestly just an overall better, more confident person. I will forever be grateful to Chad and his staff at Tranquil shores for giving me new hope, and a second chance at life. And the beachfront location isn’t so bad either!

  50. I had a wonderful experience with Tranquil Shores, the property staff and councilors are nothing short of amazing. I found that every aspect of their program was designed to give me an opportunity to make the changes necessary in my life to not only fight my addiction but for me more importantly to lead a happy, healthy & full life. Tranquil Shores and its incredible staff have helped & encouraged me thru this experience. My transformation at Tranquil Shores has been the best experience of my life and I’ll always be grateful for it.

  51. Tranquil Shores changed my life. I had been to several rehabs in the past and I learned more about addiction and recovery in the first week than I had at all the other rehabs combined. The counselors cared about me and took the time to help me when I was having a hard day. The condo’s on the beach were clean and beautiful. I’m so thankful I was able to go to tranquil shores.

  52. Tranquil shores helped me understand the disease of addiction and gave me the tools to combat it. While completing the 90 day program, the two most significant improvements that I gained from Tranquil Shores was learning how to love myself again and realizing I have a purpose in life

  53. Prior to entering the program, my life was completely unmanageable. My inability to cope with my emotions translated into alcoholism and destruction. My brother in law had completed the 90 day program and seeing his success gave me hope that Tranquil Shores could work for me. By working the program at Tranquil Shores I have gained the ability to begin a sober and successful life.

  54. This program is amazing. I needed help and looked at several options. Tranquil shores was a good fit because of its structure and it was in a great environment. Little did I know how thorough the program would be or how wonderful and passionate the staff is. TS showed me a way to a new life and showed me that I am worth the effort to stay clean and sober. I was able to change so much during my 90 day stay. All for the best and all for my recovery.

  55. My brother also attended Tranquil Shores and only had great things to say about his stay here as well. I feel like I made great improvements over my time at Tranquil Shores. Lynn truly paved the road for me and my future. I felt that i could be open and honest with her from day one. I could not have asked for a better counselor. She was amazing. The whole team here has personally shown an interest in me and my recovery. Thank you so much to everyone at Tranquil Shores.

  56. Tranquil Shores saved my life. The counseling, property and transportation staff are compassionate and caring human beings, most of whom are also in some type of recovery. Their words were tough to hear sometimes, but I needed the transformation even though it came with struggle.

    I am involved in the active Alumni program which has offered me ongoing group discussion and art therapy support/connection as I continue adapting to the “real world”. This includes the opportunity to continue attending a couple of the main program’s group sessions each week, staying close to the ongoing work of recovery and reminding me where I’ve been.

    Not everyone makes it, and many drop out or turn away from their continued healing, often blaming outside circumstances or even other people. But if you’re truly willing to change your life and heal deeply, working through some tough self-reflection and even periods of doubt, fear and anger…then Tranquil Shores offers the best guidance to aim well and shoot for the better life you want.

  57. A beautiful environment to heal with beach-side condos, on site massage and a gorgeous beach to walk and heal. I was greeted by a very friendly, empathetic staff at the property and well-credentialed, enthusiastic counselors at the clinical office. I loved expressive art class and the alternative healing groups for acupuncture, yoga or Kai Chi Do (if you don’t know what this is, you will love it!) i bonded with some amazing clients here while learning more about myself and my addiction as a symptom. The counselors really work to dig down deep on an individual basis. Tranquil Shores helped me reclaim my life!

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