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Located in the town of Erin, Ontario about an hour west of Toronto, Trafalgar Residence is a private residential treatment facility for adults ages 18 and over struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. The curriculum offers gender-specific and trauma-informed care for every client. In addition to the core program at Trafalgar Residence, the organization runs another residential facility called Rice Lake Residence and provides aftercare from an outpatient clinic in Toronto.

Accommodations and Food

Trafalgar Residence is nestled on 13 acres of private, wooded grounds where clients connect with nature. The facility offers space for 18 clients in nine inviting and tastefully decorated gender-specific bedrooms, each with their own en suite bathroom. Two rooms have their own private decks and fireplaces. The grounds offer a walking trail and plenty of open, grassy land for clients to exercise or use for outdoor activities.

The house boasts a state-of-the-art 600 square foot kitchen where an Executive Chef prepares three healthy, delicious gourmet meals a day. Dietary preferences and restrictions can be accommodated upon request.

Treatment and Staff

Trafalgar Residence offers 30 and 45-day residential treatment tracks. Both programs are similar but the 30-day option includes three hour-long individual sessions a week while the 45-day track offers four. The 45-day option also includes aftercare in the form of four additional individual sessions upon completion of the program.

For residents, daily CBT-based group therapy covers topics like developing coping skills, stress management and relapse prevention. Residents also attend on-site 12-step meetings and addiction education classes. Clients may not bring cell phones to treatment and the house offers limited Internet access. Facility phones are available for outgoing calls to family.

Trafalgar Residence is run by Dr. Christine Courbasson, a psychologist who serves as Clinical Director. Twenty-four hour medication management services are provided along with dual diagnosis support. There are also six Master’s-level therapists, CADCs, an art therapist, two yoga instructors and a chef. There is no medical staff on-site so those requiring physician-supervised detox are advised to complete that process prior to beginning the program.


Adjunct therapies offered on-site include yoga, fitness training, nutrition counseling, massage therapy and art therapy. Aftercare alumni support groups are available on-site and outpatient care is offered at the affiliated clinic in Toronto.

Trafalgar Residence provides an ongoing and weekly support groups for family members and loved ones. The purpose is to educate family members on addiction and recovery and how to best support the addict while also addressing their own issues.

In Summary

Trafalgar Residence provides an idyllic location for clients to work on their issues and begin recovery. The combination of highly-trained staff, evidence-based practices and peer support make this a great option for men and women in the Toronto area. For those seeking solid treatment at a reasonable price, Trafalgar Residence is a good choice.

Trafalgar Residence Location

5483 Trafalgar Road North
PO Box 885
Erin, Ontario N0B 1T0

Trafalgar Residence Cost

$18,000 (30 days). Reach Trafalgar Residence by phone at (855) 923-4673 or by email at [email protected]. Find Trafalgar Residence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube

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  1. I really dont believe a word you say because of of the first lie that was made. the claim you made of Factual. Where is this evidence, is it something you made up in your head. You mean to tell me that you 3 one on one sessions with your therapist were identical to mine? How did you you two come to talk about my trauma when I was a child? I dont know if you have been to any other treatment centre before. But the comparison that I have experienced have been enough to put Trafalgar ahead of any competition. The simple program of Continue care show the effort they invest in clients. Calling each one of us weekly to provide support. I think if it was not for those weekly calls I may have relapsed. So before you trash talk a place that saved my life back your self with proof. Otherwise you come off sounding like a bitter person who went to treatment and relapsed but did not do the things you were told to do. Now you need something or someone to blame. so sad

  2. Be careful with all private rehab centers however things you should know about Trafalgar. You have Skype sessions with the psychologist/doctors and psychiatrist, you will never meet them in person. They will offer prescription medications without a full assessment or diagnosis. The staff are in constant fear of losing their job. People get high, staff and clients alike (this is factual). Threats of discharge is the main method of enforcement. You are treated with an inferior complex. It is stated that they do not provide “assembly line therapy”, that is false. Everything is scheduled, rigid and inflexible. The amount of clients cycled in a one month period is excessive. It’s a quantity of people over quality of treatment situation. Client safety is the motive but the raw truth is that you are a liability and are treated as such. The operation is too large to offer a hands on approach. Recovery does NOT have to be this miserable.

  3. Trafalgar Residence has really helped my husband. He went in with a big alcohol and drug problem without even realizing the gravity of his situation. He now knows how serious it was and has learned so many coping skills to stay sober. He and I both feel like he has his life back. He is so excited about what he can know accomplish in life and is confident in remaining sober. The staff were very caring and experienced. His personal therapy was a great help as well as group therapy. I never knew he would look forward to living life without alcohol but coming out of trafalgar I can see I was wrong. Thank you Trafalgar!

  4. TR saved my life. Reading the other reviews saddens me as a person will only get clean and sober when THEY want to!! Regardless of ANY circumstance!! Beautiful people and setting, amazing food and was the best money I have ever spent. Highly recommend.

  5. Trafalga did not help my son at all. In his first week being sick listening to other patients wanted to do stupid things like them. Trafalga stuff parish him for that not for sending him home or extending his time until he is ready They let him to stay but after 30 days they did not let him to do tryout for 24 hours to see if he will be ok They just released him and not giving him an other chance. He knew he was not ready. He wanted to go back but they didn’t want that They let him stay only so they can get paid in full, no money to return. Also so mice around dead

  6. Totally destroyed my life. Kissed ass to my family because they paid for it and left me, the patient, without real help. Fuck you Trafalgar, you money sucking assholes. NEVER consider this a family therapy option.

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