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Townhall 2 (T2) was born of a marriage between two hippie-era grassroots initiatives. Back in 1967, a crisis line was established at Kent State University in Ohio. A few years later, another group of volunteers created a drop-in center to “make a positive impact on the drug culture of the era.” When these two groups merged in 1971, T2 was born. Since that time, the organization has added medical diagnosis and treatment, services to crime victims, and HIV testing and counseling. In 1997, T2 joined forces with Portage County’s drug treatment efforts in order to expand its services further. T2 now offers a coed chemical dependency outpatient program  and a residential program for women struggling with substance abuse.

Accommodations and Food

Horizon House, T2’s women-only residential facility, offers a 90-day inpatient program for women whose recovery demands a structured living environment. At full occupancy, it houses 12 women, each with her own bedroom and bathroom. Horizon House is a home-like facility geared toward teaching long-term recovery skills.

The menu at Horizon House was designed by a licensed dietician, but residents are responsible for preparing meals themselves. Grocery shopping and cooking are shared by all the residents.

Treatment and Staff

T2 advocates total abstinence from drugs and alcohol and uses an evidence-based curriculum to support clients in recovery. According to the clinical director, Motivational Interviewing (MI) is the foundation for just about everything T2 does. Clients can also expect CBT and behavior modification techniques. T2 offers specialized programming for those with a dual diagnosis. While it is an evidence-based program, T2 supports peer-oriented recovery programs like AA and other 12-step programs, but does not require clients to attend meetings or find a sponsor.

An incoming client’s experience at T2 begins with an initial assessment, from which an individualized therapy plan is determined and appropriate referrals are made. There are typically three levels of care typical for clients at T2: residential treatment, an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and outpatient treatment.

Horizon House’s 90-day inpatient program is a highly structured combination of therapy, education and other services. Residents’ days begin with a wake-up at 6:45 am and, after a 7:15 am breakfast, scheduled programming starts. Services vary from day to day and include group and individual counseling, group counseling for residents and their families, case management services and “self-support” activities like AA and NA.  On the weekends, clients can get passes to go off site. Lights out is at 11 pm during the week and at midnight on weekends.

T2’s Intensive Outpatient Program, which it calls “active treatment,” involves at least three hours of therapy a day for three days a week. For most clients, this phase lasts for a month and then is gradually stepped down to the continuing care phase of treatment where clients see individual clinicians and attend group therapy as needed. Typically, that’s a two-hour group session per week, usually for 12 weeks.

Regular outpatient clients attend group and individual therapy as determined by their individual needs. Group sessions at T2 do not exceed a staff-to-client ratio of one-to-12.

Staff is on call at Horizon House 24/7, with the number of employees determined by need. Usually, there is one person working the overnight shift and two to three people around during the day.


Horizon House offers a number of “extras” for its residents, including vocational counseling services that allow them to access employment resources, education and training at nearby Kent State University. Horizon House offers education on diet and healthy eating, parenting classes and recreational physical therapy.

Horizon House encourages residents’ families to help out with the recovery process by offering family group counseling sessions.

T2 still maintains the 24-hour helpline it established in 1967. People who are going through any kind of personal crisis or just in need of information about local services or a referral can call (330) 678-HELP 24-hours a day.

In Summary

T2’s caring, professional staff, variety of treatments offered and long track record of handling substance problems make it the right choice for many, especially those who live in Portage County, Ohio, who are charged on a sliding scale. While the Horizon House inpatient program has only 12 beds, its structured environment could be just the right fit for many women.

Townhall 2 Location

155 N Water St
Kent, OH 44240

Townhall 2 Cost

Inpatient care free for eligible women; outpatient care varies depending on treatment. Reach Townhall 2 by phone at (330) 678-3006 or by email at i[email protected]. Find Townhall 2 on Facebook and Twitter

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