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Tim GrealishThe Basics

Interventionist Tim Grealish is the founder, owner and operator of TEG Interventions. Based outside Pittsburgh, in McMurray, Pennsylvania, Grealish has conducted hundreds of successful interventions, and although he focuses primarily on alcohol and substance abuse, he has also conducted interventions for gambling addictions, eating disorders and co-occurring disorders. Grealish is a Certified Addiction Professional (CAP) whose efforts extend beyond intervention: Grealish writes and consults on drug and alcohol policy for the state of Pennsylvania; forms and facilitates support groups and sober houses and wrote the first program for the only methadone to Suboxone to drug-free program operating at Freedom Healthcare Center in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania. Grealish is available to conduct interventions throughout the United States.

The Background

Grealish has more than 20 years experience as a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist and has worked for Pennsylvania’s most successful rehabilitation centers. His expertise is rooted in a personal experience; Grealish struggled with alcoholism and gained sobriety after receiving treatment at Gateway Rehabilitation Center. Once recovered, he began working at Gateway as a volunteer. As his experience continued, Grealish began to work with multiple rehabilitation facilities and ultimately founded TEG Interventions in 2005. Grealish often speaks and offers educational seminars in the area of substance abuse treatment. Grealish is a Certified Intervention Professional, as credentialed by the Pennsylvania Certification Board.

The Approach

The intervention process begins once a concerned party contacts TEG Interventions. Each intervention is carefully planned for the individual client using the Johnson Model. After initial contact, Grealish works with the concerned party to create the intervention team, which usually consists of a small group of family members, friends and colleagues. Grealish educates each person about the disease, the treatment and the intervention process, which Grealish determines as necessary to yield success. Grealish structures the intervention to be a solution-focused process, emphasizing compassion and non-judgement. “The problem is the problem. The person is not the the problem,” is a motto of TED Interventions. Grealish coaches the intervention team in “scripting,” which is a helpful tool used to write each person’s message to the client clearly and with empathy. TEG Interventions facilitates entry for the client into a rehabilitation program and based on the client’s individual needs, the treatment facility can be inpatient, outpatient or sober living. Grealish promotes 12-step recovery for clients and often attends meetings alongside them.

Post-Intervention & Summary

Tim Grealish and TEG Interventions monitor the client’s treatment while they are in the rehabilitation facility, remain in contact with the intervention team, other family members and friends, and provide critical aftercare. After the client has received treatment, Grealish maintains a relationship, believing that the intervention is the first step in a life-long process of healing and self-acceptance, one that he himself is very familiar with.

Tim Grealish
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Reach Tim Grealish by phone at (866) 483-4552 or by email. Find Tim Grealish on his website and LinkedIn

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