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The Basics

Peter Dawson founded The Turning Point in 2013 in response to the growing need for more detox facilities in Auckland, New Zealand. Offering both medically supervised detox and residential treatment, The Turning Point’s programming includes group and individual counseling, as well as an integration of 12-step recovery principles.

Accommodations and Food

Originally a single family home, the residential facility for The Turning Point was redesigned to accommodate the inpatient clientele. The bungalow style home is large and comes with ample outdoor space furnished with shaded sitting areas. The facility is co-ed with women and men separated on different sides of the home, and the bedrooms can each fit between two and three clients, each in their own full bed. The kitchen has new appliances and is adjacent to the spacious dining room, and clients share the common living room area that has a TV.

All the meals are included in the clients’ stay and are prepared on site by staff.

Treatment and Staff

At the initial assessment clients are given an individualized detox and treatment plan. Depending on what the client is detoxing from, that process can take between three and 14 days. During detox there are group sessions and AA/NA meetings held on site. Once the client is stabilized and can participate, they are encouraged to do so. Clients have their treatment plan reviewed on a daily basis by the clinical director, and during treatment clients are provided with aftercare options.

For those who do stay in treatment at The Turning Point for the 30 to 90 day residential treatment, their goal plan is revised, and as they move through programming stages they develop a relapse prevention plan. The focus of treatment includes resocialization, coping skills, and tending to each client’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs. There are several daily group sessions, at least one individual session per week, and services for those with a dual diagnosis.

There is always a nurse on duty 24 hours a day to monitor the clients. Additional staff are drug counselors and support staff.


All clients who complete at least 30 days in treatment qualify for the 24 month long continuing aftercare program for free. This program consists of two meetings per week on Monday and Friday nights. There is also a family program once a week for loved ones who can attend a 12-step based meeting and receive individual therapy with an alcohol and drug counselor.

In Summary

The Turning Point aims to provide refuge for those who need to rid themselves of drugs and alcohol in a safe and private place. The housing is comfortable and accommodating, and the structured daily programming is comprehensive. Aftercare is also a solid asset of this facility. The Turning Point is a viable option for residential treatment for both substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

The Turning Point
20 Kingsway Avenue
Auckland, New Zealand

The Turning Point Cost: $23,800 NZ [$16,384 USD, per publishing day exchange rate] (30 days). Reach The Turning Point by phone at 0800 863 3869.

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  1. The Turning Point NZ

    20 Kingsway Ave, Sandringham, Auckland 1025

    Addiction Treatment Center

    Tina-Marie TEMARA

    21 points


    3 hours ago

    Unfortunately I have to give The Turning Point 1 star, but I wouldn’t even give them that, as it was the most unprofessional, unsafe organisation I have ever encountered. If you are looking for a place to overcome your addictions, then please dont look to the turning point, even though it’s what they claim on their website. It really is lip service. Once you and your family hand over your hard earned thousands, you will quickly realise that Peter Dawson has no interest in helping you achieve your goal to sobriety, it really is just The PETER DAWSON show. There were no medically qualified staff to assist me with medical situations so I had to send a client to hospital. My very first shift at The Turning Point was graveyard shift working solo. I did not have the qualifications to care for 2 of the clients but management did not care because it was ‘new years eve’. There were many occasions where clients and myself were put in unsafe predicaments that could have jeopardised their well being and my professional career. There were no daily inhouse meditations, and no inhouse yoga on any of my shifts at the Nelson branch. And as for the nutritionist, there wasnt one. The meals came from a cafe down the road which staff heated up for meals. I was one of many staff that left The Turning Point because of the unprofessionalism of the place and Peter’s dodgy fraudulent dealings, deleting and editing clients computers notes to cover up important information about his mistakes. Peter Dawson (clinical director, CEO, HR manager, clinical supervisor), just to name a few of the fake titles. This review is about keeping The Turning Point accountable to what they promise clients for the astronomical money they pay. Nga mihi nui maioha

  2. The Turning Point NZ

    20 Kingsway Ave, Sandringham, Auckland 1025

    Addiction Treatment Center


    802 points


    a month ago

    If you are going to look into using this service, I suggest you ask what your money buys you. The website claims they have a full time doctor and nurse onsite. False. The website shows you a photo of a beautiful double bed. False. As a Male client you get a single bed sharing a room with 2 others. As a female you get a single bed sharing with 1 other. And if they are full up, the extra client will get to sleep in a single bed in practically a hallway/linen cupboard. There is no privacy, as the ‘large bungalow’, is only a 2 bedroom house. The other big room and office area ( pictured), is the personal bedroom of the owner. This is very deceptive. Ask to see the qualifications of the clinical director (owner), and also the qualifications of the staff that are administering the medication. This review is about keeping The Turning Point accountable for the promises made on the website. For $23,800 for 30 days, you will want to ask questions and do your homework. Update…It gets worse for them. Now Peter Dawson has had to front up and change his website yet again and admit he is only a ‘SOCIAL DETOX’. And that means that they are not allowed to give medication out to clients. He has been backed into a corner and his lies are being exposed. They have never actually been allowed to administer medication, so anyone that’s been a client since 2014 will have no problem getting a full refund. Peter Dawson and The Turning Point are fraudsters

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