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The Substance Abuse Foundation: Men’s Residential


The Substance Abuse Foundation: Men’s Residential Review

The Substance Abuse Foundation, or SAF, was originally established in 1996. It is a Barbados based treatment facility with a residential program for adult men who are age 18 and older. Programming at SAF is 12-step based with wraparound medical and psychiatric services—all set within a luxury housing environment. Treatment is on a phase-down system and incorporates a number of tried and true evidence-based therapy methods along with some holistic and expressive approaches.

Accommodations and Food

The men’s only residential facility, known as Verdun House, is located in St. John in Barbados in a historic, plantation style mansion. Clients reside on 13 acres of land that includes a bakery, vegetable and animal farms, orchard and workshop. The home can accommodate up to 53 clients within its expensive and luxurious walls, complete with a library and media center, meditation room, dining room, lounges and large outdoor sports space.

Food is organic and healthy and meals are served three times a day in the dining room. Allergies and preferences are taken into account while in treatment. Often the community garden’s vegetables are incorporated into meal times.

Treatment and Staff

The first phase of programming starts with a 90 day process that involves an initial assessment. At times clients need to go through a detox before being admitted to the inpatient track, and the staff is able to refer those individuals and their families to reputable facilities for a safe detox experience. Once the client is in the residential treatment program, they are placed into a peer group and begin to settle into the daily schedule. Though each day does offer several group therapy options along with educational and AA activities, there is also time for relaxation and reflection.

During the first phase clients have an individualized treatment plan that include psychoeducation, relapse prevention classes, coping and life skills training, recovery literature and lectures, and regular attendance at on and off-site AA/NA meetings. The second step in completing the program has the clients still residing in the residential house while working on their social reintegration. This can mean procuring part time employment, participating in community service and receiving education and vocational training, all while still attending 12-step meetings and having regular sessions with their therapist. SAF offers several options in terms of job training and placement, and puts their clients into a workspace that is safe and supportive while earning a stipend and learning how to manage money and work within a team environment.

The staff of SAF is an internationally trained team of clinical psychologists, LCSWs, LMFTs, psychiatrists and other medical personnel.


In addition to the education options, there are also literacy programs through SAF and assistance in enrolling clients into educational institutions while in phase two.

There is an on-site fitness specialist who works out with clients regularly. They engage in group exercise and competitive sports while honing their athletic skills.

The family program consists of two day intensives that include therapy, education and group and individual counseling sessions.

In Summary

The men’s residential program at The Substance Abuse Foundation offers flexible, client centered treatment within a beautiful setting. Each man is treatment with the utmost respect and dignity, and learns how to get along without the crutch of drugs and alcohol by going through phases of treatment to eventually get to a place of recovery. SAF is a unique and caring rehab experience.

The Substance Abuse Foundation (SAF) Inc. Location

St. John, Barbados

The Substance Abuse Foundation Cost

$7,500 (90 days); $40 (per day, secondary treatment, for up to 180 days). Reach The Substance Abuse Foundation by phone at (246) 433-3488. Find The Substance Abuse Foundation on Facebook and Twitter

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