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The Sober Recovery Journey


The Basics

Nashville, Tennessee based The Sober Recovery Journey is an intensive, outpatient recovery coaching facility that works one on one with clients to provide evidence-based treatment approaches that are individualized for each client’s needs. Programming is broken down into phases and offers abstinence support, relapse prevention and more, and is especially helpful for those who are just starting their recovery journey. In addition to traditional approaches, The Sober Recovery Journey also introduces clients to alternative methods to treatment that are holistic and healing.

Treatment and Staff

The initial step to getting help through The Sober Recovery Journey begins with a meet up with a sober coach to put together a personalized recovery plan and then set a schedule to meet every week, at least once, and in some cases several times. This initial meeting usually runs around and hour and 15 minutes. Right away clients have personal access to their sober coach through email and text check ins 24 hours a day. The coaches work with those who are either freshly out of treatment or have had troubles with relapse.

Each client has an individualized experience with their sober coaches. Some may recommend clients attend daily 12-step meetings and help them find a community that they’re comfortable in. Others may recommend holistic measures, like art therapy, aromatherapy, and other approaches to help the client re-balance their bodies.

One of the main jobs of a sober coach is to keep their clients accountable. There are a number of ways to go about this. Some require regular drug screenings, and in some cases it means being okay with getting having personal property, like cars and homes, searched to make sure the client is staying clean. Additionally, the sober coaches connect their clients to the necessary resources they need to succeed, like vocational training, educational opportunities, reconnecting family or finding fulfilling, sober activities.

Sober coaching programs usually include relapse prevention, solution focused therapy, strength based approaches, rebuilding structure and schedules, finding healthy activities that build up confidence, and being held to an abstinence contract.

The sober coaching staff is a tight knit community at this facility and all have extensive experience working in this field, are holistic healers, CADC, and are sober themselves.


Every coach has been certified in wellness based energy healing methods, like Reiki, Vibrational Sound Energy, Polarity Therapy and acupressure. The coaches are also available to the clients families and is able to connect them to support communities and provide is a reliable source for communication.

In Summary

The main job of a sober coach is not to a therapist or doctor, but simply help their clients find their way again after drugs and alcohol by offering resources and assistance is places they may have fallen short during their addiction. They are there to hold their clients accountable and to restabilize. The Sober Recovery Journey has highly trained sober coaches with over 20 years of experience, who offer an alternative to the usual programming that outpatient facilities offer. This is a much more hands on experience with all the focus being on the client one at a time. It is extra supportive and over the years has proven to be effective in terms of preventing relapses.

The Sober Recovery Journey
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