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The Recover Clinic


The Basics

The Recover Clinic is a UK based eating disorder treatment facility that was established in 2007. Founded by Emmy Brunner to help clients discover the root of their disorder, programming is individualized and treatment is provided by a team of clinicians who are all women. The Whole Body Program addresses body dysmorphia and self-esteem concerns through group and individual therapy, all of which is conducted in an incredibly loving and supportive, home-like atmosphere.

Treatment and Staff

The Recover Clinic offers personalized outpatient treatment programs that work for those who have recently left an inpatient program or are in need of day support. If after the initial assessment the staff determines that a client would benefit from a residential program, they are able to refer clients to some trusted agencies as well.

There are several treatment options at The Recovery Clinic, all of which can be tailored to suit specific needs. There are several group options provided on a daily basis, all of which are kept small in number with no more than eight clients in each. The Core Group focuses eating disorders as a disease and offers insight and psychoeducation surround this topic. There are also food and nutrition groups that offer guidance at mealtimes, and practical skills when it comes to food shopping and preparation.

Expressive and evidence-based therapy methods are employed with clients such as CBT, The Alexander Technique, psychodrama, art therapy, movement therapy, and creative groups. These sessions serve as healthy process groups where clients can show their support to one another, and there is an emphasis on making sure no one feels judged or that they have to excel and dance or art. The sole purpose is for clients to feel safe expressing themselves in a nonverbal way.

Another common experience clients face are social issues and fear around sex and dating, and self care in which coping skills and life skills are taught with an emphasis on stopping self harm or putting themselves into situations that are potentially risky or dangerous.

For clients who aren’t able to receive treatment in person at the clinic, there are home treatment options through a series of videos and written materials that is broken down into five different stages. Clients also have regular phone sessions with staff counselors.

The all female team of clinicians bring their personal and professional experiences to their clients. This includes Master’s level therapists, nutritionists, movement therapists, and arts therapists.


There are relaxation services like reflexology and meditation practices. There are also family counseling services available by request.

In Summary

The Recover Clinic offers a safe place for women who are struggling with eating disorders and all that goes with them to dig deep and discover where the disorder began and start to address those needs and feelings. The staff works to make each client feel supported and loved, and make the clinic feel as inviting as home. There are several group treatment options and the personalized treatment allows for clients to move as quickly or slowly through the treatment process as they desire.

The Recover Clinic
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