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The Lukens Institute


The Basics

Based out of Stuart, Florida, The Lukens Institute is a small, outpatient-based behavioral health clinic that offers individualized treatment plans for clients struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders. The organization has two locations in Stuart, serving residents of Palm Beach and Martin Counties. Though each outpatient plan may vary, the majority of clients attend treatment akin to the intensity of a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP).

Treatment and Staff

Before beginning a program, all clients go through an initial intake and assessment process to help staff members develop their treatment plans. Though detox services are not available on-site, the company has local facilities it partners with to serve clients as necessary. Similarly, many participants also attend luxury sober living while attending The Lukens Institute’s outpatient programs. Still, while the organization has business relationships with many such homes nearby, they are owned and operated independently of The Lukens Institute.

Treatment plans have flexible lengths and can range from 10 days to a full month—many of these programs cater specifically to executive and white-collar clientele as well. Each program varies based on each person’s needs but treatment includes both individual and group therapy with evidence-based practices including CBT and Motivational Interviewing (MI). Dual diagnosis support and trauma-informed care are both available, with medication management and psychiatric oversight provided as well. Group topics cover a range of issues including anger management, self-esteem, relationship skills, grief processing, relapse prevention, trigger identification, addiction education and psychoeducation. Though 12-step participation is not required, the program is 12-step oriented and those seeking nearby meetings or other peer support programs can get referrals as necessary.

The staff at The Lukens Institute consists of MDs, psychiatrists, psychologists, LMHCs, LCSWs, LPNs, case managers and additional Master’s-level clinicians.


Holistic therapy methods such as yoga and mindfulness training can be facilitated.  Finally, those in need of aftercare can work with staff members to step down their care or to be placed in nearby transitional living homes.

In Summary

Overall, The Lukens Institute is a luxurious and customizable program with a range of options for executive clientele. Treatment plans are evidence-based and often include additional support and treatment planning services from nearby facilities, all with medical and psychiatric oversight. Though the cost of treatment may vary by program length and treatment specifics, The Lukens Institute remains a strong resource for those in the area.

The Lukens Institute
10 SE Central Pkwy #400
Stuart, FL 34994

7108 S Kanner Hwy
Stuart, FL 34997

The Lukens Institute Cost: $12,000 (10 days, PHP); $36,000 (30 days, PHP); prices may vary by program and treatment specifics. Reach The Lukens Institute at (877) 954-4954. Find The Lukens Institute on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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  1. Rachel Brawley on

    I was connected with a Lukins institute through aid in recovery. However a deal was made that they would except a cash payment of $17,000 that was all inclusive. This was to include housing treatment labs food, everything. When I checked in to Lukins they asked for my drivers license and insurance card, and when I questioned it they said it was just in case there was an emergency and I had to go to the ER or something they wanted to make sure that they had the information. I signed several forms some of which included billing for lab testing. When I questioned the intake a person about this she said your self-pay so it doesn’t apply, which I responded to with well if I have to be billed for labs it needs to go to a particular company for my insurance to cover it. Again she says it doesn’t apply we always give you a choice of labs. I was drug tested throughout my 30 day stay. And without incident concluded nice day and went home. Now two years later I am being billed over $8000 in co-pays for laboratory testing done while I was at Lukins. I was never informed that Lukins had been billing my insurance for both medications and for lab tests. The lab testS Were performed by national laboratories, which my insurance reimbursed as of an out of network entity. I was never informed nor given the option of choosing a lab to perform these tests. Instead I was continually assured that the testing was included in the money that I paid out of pocket as a private pay individual. I had no idea they were billing my insurance. Now I am being hounded by Collections for over $8000. I’m not really sure where to turn but I know this is not right. I was told that nothing was going through my insurance, and that the money I paid out of pocket was all inclusive. In addition the paperwork I signed indicates that I had a choice of labs to use if they did need to send laboratory work out. The list includes the lab That my insurance covers. And yet I was never offered a choice or even informed that this was happening. I feel defrauded. Do I have any options?

  2. Our family had a similar experience to the two posts above. The facility promised we would not be charged anything above what insurance covered. What a crock of crap! I get multiple statements each month for the balance of charges. I’ll pay $10 a month until they give up or until it’s paid (which will be YEARS from now).

  3. Georgina Braun on

    My husband went to rehab here one year ago. Thankfully, he has remained sober so in regards to that, this facility is great. My complaint is that we were misled on what our fee responsibility would be. They sent maybe two statements over the course of the past year. I thought everything was taken care of as I was told that what our insurance did not cover, they would be able to write off. This did not happen. We were billed over $100,000 (this was a combination of the therapy, laboratories and whatever other fees that accumlulate through the course of 1.5 months of treatment). Quite a shock when you were told you only had to pay your insurance deductible. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Make sure to get everything in writing even though you are more than likely stressed to the max by all the events that are leading up to a family member needing to go here in the first place. The majority of the $100,000 was settled but we still had to pay an unexpected settlement fee which we were not prepared for. GET IT IN WRITING. Lesson learned the hard way.

    • I went here 2016 and here it is 2018. I was told I was covered after paying my deductible thru my insurance company. I have continued to receive an almost $80,000.00 statement they say is my part of the bill for my 30 day stay which was unexpected since I was told I was covered. I understand Florida has a history of overcharging for recovery programs and rehab. I have not settled, nor have I admitted I owe anything since I was told I was covered and they continue to send me bills every 3 months or so. I was told a friend of mine went to the Betty Ford rehab center and was only charged 35,000 for the program. Do not used this program unless you have everything in writing!

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