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The Kyla Fox Centre


The Basics

Based in Toronto, Canada, The Kyla Fox Centre is an innovative and private behavioral health facility which provides individualized treatment plans for clients struggling with eating disorders. All programs are outpatient-based and include a blend of intensive clinical therapy and holistic healing approaches. In addition to a more flexible and standard outpatient approach, clients can also attend the longer-term Intensive Treatment Program, which is similar in intensity to a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP).

Treatment and Staff

Before beginning a program, all clients go through an hour-long intake session with staff members to help them determine their specific needs. While on-site detox and stabilization services are not available, those in need can get referrals to nearby programs in the area. For those who enroll in the intensive program, treatment typically lasts for three to five months and meets seven days a week for 10 hours a day. On the other hand, those seeking a more flexible option can create their own plans with the help of staff members.

In both of the above, programs include both individual, group and family therapy with evidence-based treatment practices including CBT and DBT, though additional psychotherapeutic approaches such as Narrative Therapy may be used as well. The curriculum at the Kyla Fox Centre also emphasizes many holistic approaches including acupuncture, Reiki, art therapy, yoga and naturopathy. As an eating disorder program, clients also work with nutritionists and chefs to learn cooking skills and challenge negative food patterns. While trauma-informed care is available, the facility does not provide intensive dual diagnosis support. Similarly, 12-step participation is not required.

The staff at the Kyla Fox Centre consists of LCSWs, art therapists, holistic practitioners, certified nutritionists, administrative assistants and additional Master’s-level clinicians.


Other approaches include supervised food outings to be used as a form of exposure therapy, along with shopping tours to help clients get used to grocery shopping. As mentioned, the Kyla Fox Centre offers a lot of flexibility in its treatment plans—other available services include group therapy for parents and romantic partners of those in treatment and one-on-one meal support when necessary. Once they complete a program, all clients can work with staff to develop personalized aftercare plans.

In Summary

In all, the Kyla Fox Centre is a well-rounded organization which treats eating disorders from a variety of perspectives. In addition to evidence-based care and other psychotherapeutic approaches, the organization also uses holistic care while teaching its participants healthy eating habits. While the cost of treatment may vary by treatment specifics, the Kyla Fox Centre is a great option for outpatient eating disorder support in Toronto.

The Kyla Fox Centre
174 Bedford Rd
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5R 2K9

The Kyla Fox Centre Cost: Call for cost, varies by treatment specifics. Reach The Kyla Fox Centre by phone at (416) 518-0440 or by email at [email protected]. Find The Kyla Fox Centre on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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  1. If you are considering treatment from Kyla Fox – I deeply encourage you to reconsider. There are amazing therapists who are qualified, educated, compassionate and dedicated to your recovery that can support you in the GTA.

    Kyla is not one of those therapists.

    This women should not be able to hold the space of supporting others when she shows tendencies of both narcisstic personality disorder and eating disorder symptoms. Ie. working out with a trainer at the centre and following restrictive “beauty diets”. Ie. David wolfe.

    She creates a dependency between client and herself that is codependent and controlling. She mandates the amount of sessions you need (removing more self agency and autonomy). She puts herself in a position of knowing what is best for the client instead of fostering self agency. A huge piece of recovery. Instead of cultivating the courage to live without the eating disorder controlling you, as a client you will now find yourself controlled by her. She exploits the vulnerable.

    She will use speeches that you are too sick to know what you need or if you really valued yourself you would show up to therapy multiple times a in week. This is emotionally abusive. If you do not comply she will say you are not committed and end your therapeutic treatment. As a client I saw this happen to many of the girls who were once in “group therapy” with me.

    Staff is consistently changing because clinicians in the Toronto community know that she is unwell. Many of the therapists who once worked for her do not acknowledge working for her in their LinkedIn pages. In the professional sphere her reputation is known unfortunately her reputation is unknown to many who seek her services.

    I attended the Kyla fox centre and upon receiving treatment with both the Toronto hospital program for nutrition and with a private therapist was reassured and validated that my experience of her was not rare or unusual. But that she in fact is abusive and harmful to many other clients that attend her “centre”. Other programs and clinicians are aware of her misconduct – if you have been harmed by her reach out!

    From the comments on this thread it sounds that more of those harmed by the Kyla fox centre (and Kyla) are speaking out about how unsafe this women is. Kyla is suffering and needs to find recovery herself.

    • Whoa! I guess this is why she is not on NEDIC anymore. You should complain to her professional registration board. There is one for social workers for sure.

  2. My experience at the kyla fox centre was so very traumatic. She was ill-equipt to handle individuals with severe eating disorders yet would take them on as clients anyways. She seems to prey on the weak and vulnerable and create a space of both a fear of her and a relationship where we should fear a life without her. Kyla created a meal plan that ended with me having re-feeding syndrome and threatening blood levels. Alas as a young girl struggling to come to terms with her mental illness, Kyla was a confusing component as she claimed to be recovered and without her disorder, that “healthy” looks like eating only beets and kombucha, working out with her personal trainer while I sat in the office next to her paying a huge cost-essentially to listen to her grunting and breathing and him saying triggering exercise terms.
    I often wonder why I spent so many of my hours there. So much of my family’s money that they went into debt. So many expenses on food from the priciest places because that’s what the “kyla” ordered.
    Because it is simple; I was sick. I was vulnerable. I knew that at this centre I would not, could not get well, because as Kyla says that she wants to create a safe space…she creates one for the eating disorder-for it to thrive and live and be amongst a women acting as a therapist and certainly acting like someone who has recovered.

  3. This place is scary. It has a distinct “out for your money” vibe. Also, I heard that they can’t keep clients or staff. The place is pretty much empty. I don’t know how they stay open.

  4. I started to see Kyla over 10 years ago.
    I found her after spending months of inpatient treatment for a horrible eating disorder that I could not let go of.
    I saw Kyla on a weekly basis and slowly I began to get better. When I was with Kyla I felt safe and comfortable after spending so many years being uncomfortable. After a short while I was able to get honest with her and begin to heal. Kyla often shared her own experiences with me that I found so incredibly helpful. It was her experiences that gave me strength and allowed me to believe that I was worth recovery as well. Kyla gave me guidance, support, tools and was able to be tough with me when I needed it, and I did!!
    I am now a HEALTHY mother of two and have the most wonderful partner. Never, in a million years did I think I could have this life. I truly believe that if not for Kyla I wouldn’t have made it.
    Kyla still checks in with me often and is ALWAYS there for support when needed (which has been so important to me) . Recovery is possible and I am a clear example. With the help of Kyla and the Kyla Fox Centre I am living a full and happy life.

    • I am glad some people seem to have found help for their eating disorders. I must say that I find it hard to believe it came from Kyla Fox. I went in for a consultation and immediately felt like I was being swindled. By the time she told me the cost I was ready to run. $7000 a week and you have to pay for your own groceries! I could not see how it could possibly cost so much seeing as she is only a social worker! Not even a real therapist. Seems shady to me.

  5. The road to recovery will not be paved for you and Kyla makes no promise she can’t keep. I’ve been a client of hers for about 7 years. My primary treatment is long complete but we still keep in touch. I can’t say Kyla saved me, I can say that she helped me see that I deserved to save myself. She helped me take an honest look at how I exist in my life and the decisions I make. She gave me the language to assertively express my needs and helped me see when it was time to walk away when those needs were not being met. She helped me confront the parts of myself that I didn’t like and that didn’t serve me… these could be very awkward moments and I didn’t always like her much after these sessions, but it was so, so necessary! She addresses the food/body pieces of an eating disorder but doesn’t focus solely on them, they’re the symptom, not the problem, in the grand scheme of things. I consider my time spent at the centre as an investment in my future. That investment is now paying huge dividends. I credit my fulfilling life to my desire to be well and my willingness to have an open mind about what the path to wellness would look like. The Kyla Fox Centre is a place for those that understand that the treatment should respond to the eating disorder, instead of trying to force the eating disorder to respond to the treatment. Can’t say enough good things about Kyla and her team.

  6. Kyla is an incredible woman who has been an amazing resource for women in Toronto. There is nowhere else like it – great facility, great people, great cause.

  7. Kyla (and the staff at her centre) saved me from an eating disorder that had me lost and worse yet, losing hope. I had cycled through many, many services and therapists before finding The Kyla Fox Centre, and at the time, I was quite certain that there were no out-patient services available to me that could offer me the support, the strength, and the therapy I needed to get out of my harmful behaviours. I was wrong. In Kyla and the Centre I found it all: Safety, support, tough love and gentle guidance, group support, clinical practice and holistic approaches …and the best yet, I found ME! I have no doubt whatsoever, that were it not for Kyla and her Team, that I would not be living fully recovered from my eating disorder.

    • lisa Sonshine on

      Kyla Fox and The Kyla Fox Therapy Center changed my life ! When I came in to see kyla I was coping with life thr way I knew how ! I was stuck in a body and mind I needed to get out of. With intensive work and unconditional love from kyla my life completely changed. I don’t know when I became this different person , but all of the sudden I saw a different light. Her team was incredible , each one offering something different to the table and to recovery. Group therapy was my favorite. A room filled with real , raw and authentic women who knew each other so deeply and were on this journey together. I am a completely different person , happy , honest , authentic , real and I owe this to Kyla ! Forever grateful !

      • This is obviously a fake review. I was a client there this summer and there is NO groups. Plus, from what I could tell, Kyla doesn’t even do anything there so I am sure she did NOT save you from anything.

  8. This place is for people who are rich and have parents/families or maybe rich spouses who will pay for their “intensive program”. I don’t understand how this place stays open as there were barely any clients there and the staff/therapist turnover is extremely high. It’s great that Kyla thinks she recovered from her ED on her own, but I don’t really care to hear about it over and over again. Nothing here really helped me long term and the cost was astronomical.

    • My experience was similar. The cost for “treatment” at this centre are unbelievably high and when I voiced concern that these services were only available to wealthy people, I was given lectures about how women spend their money on all sorts of “stupid” things and that if I really wanted to make my recovery a priority I would find a way to pay for it and “put myself first”. There is a lot of manipulative jargon from the staff who try and convince you to borrow money from wherever you have to in order to “invest in yourself”. They tie this manipulative approach to things like “you deserve to invest in yourself” and other pop psychology phrases that have no consideration for the reality of average people and their finances. Obviously I could not go through and complete a course of treatment at this place. I also found it odd that there was no one else around when I was there in terms of clients. How are they paying their bills? I have had a lot of treatment and many therapists in my life, but I have never had a therapist like Kyla who takes up so much of my session time talking about herself, her life, how she “recovered herself” from her eating disorder. When I pointed out that if she could recover herself than surely other people could do the same without going into debt or completely broke, I was told that I was resistant and that was my eating disorder talking. Basically if you don’t agree with her and the staff and hand over the cash and submit to their questionable tactics, you are dismissed as “not ready” or “not committed” which is extremely damaging. It is mind-blowing to me that Kyla has nothing more than an MSW and a women’s studies degree, so actual psychology degree or training and not anywhere near the training to be a professional therapist that she needs to do this work. There is also some weird connection between her and Sheena’s Place that does not seem quite ethical to me. I have also known a few other women who have seen her in private practice ranging in age from teenagers to young adult women and they had similar experiences regarding her fees and the push back when they simply could no longer afford to continue paying the outrageous costs. Where is the sliding scale? Where is the empathy for those who truly cannot afford these outrageous session fees? There is none. I am actually surprised this place is still open given the lack of clients I saw there and the way they treat people. Please know there are many other therapists in this city who have proper qualifications and you can build your own treatment team using other resources, even OA meetings which are free. Sheena’s Place is also free but like I said, there is some fishy connection between these two agencies that made me very uncomfortable. I have been able to continue on my recovery journey with another therapist who offers a sliding scale, a psychiatrist and a hospital based nutritionist who is covered by OHIP. Please don’t feel bad if you cant afford this type of care or any of the other private clinics popping up in this city all run by wealthy therapists who cater to wealthy clients. ED’s do not discriminate based on income and you deserve help no matter your socio economic status. Do NOT let her bully you into getting a bank loan for treatment with the whole “you need to decide you are worth investing in” speech.

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