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The Hurley House


waltham massachusettsThe Hurley House Review

Established in 1973 in Waltham, Massachusetts, The Hurley House is a transitional living house for men. Though clients are expected to spend their days working or finding gainful employment, evenings are filled with group and individual therapy sessions offering a structure that mirrors many standard outpatient programs.

Accommodations and Food

Set on a quiet residential street in Waltham, Hurley House is a large family home that can accommodate 20 men at a time. Clients at the facility are both court-mandated and self-referred. The facility is often the desired destination for those completing the Wyman Community Reentry Program, a residential substance abuse program in Boston.

Clients can expect to share a room with one or two roommates in tastefully decorated rooms that come with twin beds and basic furnishings like dressers, shelving and bedside tables. Bathrooms are shared in the hallways of the house. Three hot meals are provided each day and residents typically eat breakfast and dinner together in the house dining room. Since clients are expected to be employed or looking for work during their stay, they can pack a lunch to bring with them. Hurley House has several common areas, including a living room with a television set which can be used during free periods in the evening.

Treatment and Staff

The average length of stay at Hurley House is about six months. The treatment portion of the program takes place in the evenings after clients return home from work. Each night, residents can expect group therapy and individual sessions available when requested. The 12-step principles are a major part of the program as well, with the facility holding three on-site meetings a week. Clients are also expected to attend five off-site meetings in the community each week (though exceptions can be made based on work schedules and overall progress). It’s worth noting that the Hurley House program goes beyond these evening group sessions— clients also receive aid in finding employment and long-term housing. During their stay, residents should expect random drug screens twice a week.

The facility employs a staff of four LADCs to lead all therapy sessions. While there is not a formal dual diagnosis component to treatment, those in need of mental health counseling are referred out to an accommodating practitioner. If a client has been prescribed medication, Hurley House can provide medication management on-site. 


In lieu of a traditional aftercare program, Hurley House maintains a second home located around the corner from their flagship location which is available to interested clients who have completed the initial program. This second home functions as a more of a sober living complement to Hurley House, with clients largely in charge of their day-to-day activities. Still,  all participants can continue to attend group functions and use the resources of the Hurley House program. This program also comes with random drug screens and residence in the house is dependent on passing such tests. Hurley House’s second facility is not state-funded and thus comes at a higher cost.

In Summary

With a long history as a trusted resource for the Waltham and Boston communities, the Hurley House is a halfway house that offers a comprehensive set of services. Treatment includes group and individual therapy, a solid 12-step component, access to mental health counseling and employment services. Overall, residents can expect a no-nonsense communal experience with a proven track record of success.

Hurley House Inc Location

PO Box 540662
Waltham, MA 02454

Hurley House Cost

$500 (30 days). Reach Hurley House by phone at (781) 899-2540 or by email at [email protected]. Find Hurley House on Facebook

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