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The Horsham Clinic is a Pennsylvania based inpatient and outpatient treatment facility that offers an adult intensive stabilization and individualized short-term residential program. Treatment is strength based and utilizes evidence-based approaches in addition to the 12 steps. Programming includes comprehensive group and individual counseling that focuses on behavioral health and dual diagnosis support. The Horsham Clinic is based in Ambler, Pennsylvania, which is just 16 miles outside Philadelphia.

Accommodations and Food

The estate that houses the adult clients is on 55 acres of land that resembles a sprawling park quietly placed in a suburban setting. The adults units have double occupancy bedrooms and en suite bathrooms, cubbies for clothes, and desks. The facility itself has a bit of a clinical feel, though comfortable and spacious. Laundry machines are within every unit, and an area where clients can relax and read, journal, or watch TV. The entire facility is non-smoking, and during their stay clients aren’t permitted to bring in their cell phones, computers or tablets.  An on-site gymnasium with basketball court are available to clients. The buildings also consist of offices, classrooms, medical rooms, and a shared dining room.

There are three meals served a day from the facility kitchen that is prepared on site. The food is served cafeteria style.

Treatment and Staff

The adult inpatient and dual diagnosis programs are separate, as the dual diagnosis clients may have to go through a detox process in addition to their treatment programs. The Horsham Clinic offers methadone as a medication for detox in the case of opioid addiction in addition to other forms of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT).

After clients are stabilized there are regular daily counseling sessions in a group setting and 12-step meetings. Groups cover relapse prevention, anger management, stress management, self esteem, identifying triggers and improving communication skills. There are also psychoeducational lectures, didactic presentations and expressive therapy activities like dance therapy, art and music therapy, and recreational approaches. There are also medication management services provided to help with any behavioral health issues. The typical length of stay in the inpatient track is around seven to 10 days, during which time clients and their counselors devise an aftercare plan, which usually takes place at The Horsham Clinic in the step-down outpatient program.

The Horsham Clinic has a very large team of clinicians on staff who offer their expertise addiction and mental health. This includes 25 psychiatrists, LCSWs, LPCs, CADCs,and psychiatric nurses.


Family and couples therapy are also offered.

In Summary

The adult inpatient and dual diagnosis treatments at The Horsham Clinic provide short-term, intensive programming with the intention to step down to a structured outpatient treatment. Therapy implements of evidence-based approaches and physician monitored treatment plans within a supportive environment.

The Horsham Clinic Location

722 Butler Pike
Ambler, PA 19002

The Horsham Clinic Cost

Call for details. Insurance is accepted. Reach The Horsham Clinic by phone at (215) 643-7800. Find The Horsham Clinic on Facebook

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  1. DO NOT GO HERE!!! After a suicide attempt I was forcibly admitted onto one of the two youth wards. I was put on the ward for youth with “behavioral problems” of which I had NONE, simply because it was the only place that had an empty bed. Though I had no history of aggression or violent behavior, and was only admitted because of a suicide attempt and severe depression and anxiety, they locked me in with teenagers who had been in juvie and were admitted because of their inability to control aggressive behaviors. I left Horsham with PTSD from my experiences on that ward. I was actively threatened, sexually harassed, witnessed multiple physical altercations between other patients, and even survived a RIOT during which staff completely lost control of the situation and multiple patients fought staff, broke windows and doors, and hurt each other. Other actively suicidal kids used broken shards of glass to cut themselves. I, along with other patients with severe anxiety had panic attacks and even complete breakdowns from the situation and the noises and violence taking place around us. We managed to barricade ourselves away from the center of the chaos but those on the other side attacked the door so badly that it broke, locking us in on one side of the ward. It took hours for staff to finally regain control of the situation, but I will never be able to forget the screams of children being held down and tranquilized by staff members. There were no staff around to try and calm down the kids like myself who were in full distress and at risk of hurting themselves, and I myself had to talk multiple other patients down from panic attacks and meltdowns. The only time a staff member reacted to my help of my fellow victims was when a female guard screamed at me for hugging a crying girl who was on the verge of an all out breakdown as I attempted to calm her down. The next morning, there were still smears of blood on the walls of the ward and when I pointed out a particularly large one to a male staff member he told me “Good. Don’t lick at it.” and then walked away. It was still there when I left. Staff screamed at patients, and there was no “therapy” to speak of- they had jeopardy games where candy was given out and a battered TV and a tub of half-dead markers and that was about it. Staff were apathetic, and if they didn’t refuse completely reasonable requests like asking to go to the bathroom or get a book you had with your personal belongings, they would act as if it was an incredible burden to have to actually DO THEIR JOBS. At night, there would usually be at least one patient who would refuse to go to their room and the staff would just let them pace up and down the hallway throwing chairs at the walls. I still wake up hearing a repetitive crashing sound some nights. If that wasn’t enough to keep you awake, the staff talked loudly to each other during their patrols with no regard for the patients sleeping in rooms with open doors only a few feet away. The food was terrible, with no fresh fruit or vegetables. Breakfast usually consisted of off-brand bought-in-bulk cereal and water. lunches were often cold, soggy hotdogs and a heaping of week-old sauerkraut. The only way to receive a decent meal was for a parent to bring one with them when they visited, but for some of the poor souls on the ward that never happened. As an academically-minded student, I wanted to try to keep up with my classes, as missing school during my time in-patient was a major source of stress for me. There was no effort to try and keep kids involved in their education, and with no internet access I brought my textbooks in the hope that I could try to at least keep up with my reading. I was not allowed to use my textbooks because the staff knew the OTHER PATIENTS ON THE WARD WOULD USE THEM AS WEAPONS. I was denied schooling, dignity, and any mental health help during my stay, and was instead provided scarring memories that will haunt me for the rest of my life. My stay at Horsham is the closest thing I have ever experienced to hell, and I hope to God you never go there in hopes of receiving treatment.

  2. whatever you do-do not let them fool you into going here. the place is a living hell-i just got out and PTSD followed me-do not know if or when i will feel normal-fortunately i have an outstanding psychiatrist on the outside who will guide me into the future. if you are female-stand by-my understanding from online information is that there are sexual assaults on women who are medicated and not able to help themselves!. once again-stay away for your best interests!

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