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The Hader Clinic is an addiction treatment organization for adults based in Melbourne, Australia. Hader offers residential and outpatient care with a sober living option to men and women struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. The Hader Clinic was established in 1998 as a small counseling office and has now grown into one of Australia‘s most respected addiction treatment organizations. Today, the properties include The Hader Women’s retreat program, located outside Melbourne at the rural site of original headquarters, a suite of offices in central Melbourne used for family therapy and outpatient programs and co-ed therapeutic community southwest of Melbourne in Geelong. There are also four Hader sober living houses throughout Melbourne. In 2016, Hader opened a large co-ed therapeutic community in the coastal town of Araluen, Queensland, Australia and a clinical office in the nearby city of Brisbane.

Accommodations and Food

The Hader Clinic’s two co-ed inpatient programs are both set in beautiful rural areas along Australia’s coast to provide clients with a retreat from city life. The facilities each have a total of 20 beds with clients in private rooms or sharing with one roommate of the same sex. There are gender-specific shared bathrooms, full or twin beds, dressers, closets and bedside tables with lamps. The facilities also have meeting spaces, outdoor walking paths and lounges, gym facilities and living rooms where clients can hang out and read or watch TV.

The Hader Clinic locations both have on-site cooking staff who prepare three hot meals a day for clients. The chefs works off a set menu but can accommodate dietary restrictions or needs. The kitchen also has coffee, snacks and juice available all day.

Treatment and Staff

The treatment process at The Hader Clinic begins with an assessment with one of the organization’s counselors to determine the individual’s level of need. The Hader Clinic locations offer on-site medical detox if necessary. Those experiencing withdrawal symptoms can be treated by medical staff with Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). However, the goal of the program is abstinence, so long-term MAT is not offered. The Hader Clinic is also equipped to provide dual diagnosis support and has a mental health therapists on staff to treat clients with co-occurring disorders.

Although the exact length of the program is based on the client’s needs, the average stay at The Hader Clinic is 90 days. After the detox process, clients have daily check-ins, counseling and support sessions. The treatment model is based on the therapeutic community style, with a strong emphasis on peer support. New residents are paired with those who have been in the program for a while to help them acclimate and become accountable. The daily routine consists of both group and individual therapy, with clients attending several sessions every day.

Counselors use a variety of treatment techniques including CBT and relapse prevention. Parenting classes are provided as well as workshops on stress management and health and wellness. Individual sessions are available based on the needs of the client. The Hader Clinic also integrates the 12 steps into treatment. Clients are required to participate in on-site meetings and can also attend up to three outside AA/NA meeting per week. The organization provides transportation to and from these outside meetings.

The staff includes Master’s-level mental health therapists, doctors, nurses and consulting psychiatrists, as well as a chef and various other support staff. Team members are almost always clean and sober themselves and bring their personal knowledge of recovery to their roles.


Many traditional and complementary therapies are available each day including massage, acupuncture, equine and art therapy. The Hader Clinic also offers family counseling and group sessions at the clinical facilities aimed at providing substance abuse education as well as addressing co-dependency issues.

As clients move through treatment, counselors meet with them regularly to help with aftercare planning. This includes helping clients find stable housing in one of the organization’s sober homes, look for jobs and possibly transition into Hader outpatient programs for further treatment.

In Summary

The Hader Clinic offers two serene retreats from city life to give men and women a chance to focus on recovery. By introducing clients to the 12 steps, Hader also sets them up for a solid support system when they leave residential treatment. The comprehensive aftercare planning insures a strong foundation for recovery and a strategy for a healthy life in sobriety.

The Hader Clinic Location

Suite 16/20 Commercial Road
Melbourne VIC 3004

 The Hader Clinic Cost

Depends on program. Reach The Hader Clinic by phone at +61 03 9804 5757 or 1 (800) 88 33 88 or by email at [email protected]. Find The Hader Clinic on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter

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  1. I too went here. The place is a bloody joke. Costs an arm and a leg and not covered by health funds. These funds want clients to get off the booze and/or ice. If they don’t support Hader, that is a very informed decision. Spent 4 days here (out of a 30 day program) and dropped about $18,000. Bunch of crooks. Nothing to read. Whole course is just naval gazing introspective crap. Finally got of the booze at Malvern Private Hospital. Best place in Australia

  2. I’ve been clean for a few years now, & it wasnt from going to the hayder clinic. It’s the worst rehab I’ve EVER been too. I read the shit on there website and its a FUCKN joke. Richard Smith or as he should better be known as Richard Snake, is just a money hungry, incentive, creep. That place could not give two fucks about its patients. All there interested in is taking your money and getting your and your family’s hopes up. The accomodation is yes discusting, furniture clearly bought from the salvos, the sheets are all second hand and rank, there is no chef, your made to cook your own meals, and during the day you feel like your in a prisoner of war camp being made to clean and tend to the facility & its grounds. They charge you an absolute fortune yet use you as their minions. They say they offer a detox facility? Detox my fkn arse. I was sick as a dog, spewing my guts up, sweating like a pig, hanging out like the piece of shit they were making me out to be, and were dragging me out of bed at 7am to go on the compulsory morning hike.
    The workers are completely heartless asholes, with a cert 4 at the most. Fellow patients were given other patients meds so the wrong medication on several occasions, bcos there are no nurses or GPS on site, it’s up to the councillors to dish out meds. And if your on drug replacement therapy and are used to having your dose first thing in the morning. Just keep in mind, they purposely make you wait and wait and wait, for it, they make you hang out even more than you already are, I swear they get off on watching you suffer like this until approximately lunch time when they shuttle bus you to Bacchus marsh pharmacy where your treated like shit their too. I don’t have one nice or positive thing to say about that place. Seriously think long and hard before forking out all that cash, yes the office in commercial rd & their brochures and websites are very nice, and swanky. Yes they appear to be above the other rehabs, yes you do leave the consultation feeling like there going to be the place that’s going to give you your life back. But DONT BE FOOLED…. All they give a shit about is $$$$$…. Biggest scam and biggest bunch of fake phonies I’ve ever come across in my life. There praying on people & their families at there most darkest and vulnerable moments they should be (RICHARD SMITH) ashamed of themselves, and forced to close down….

  3. Stacey Layhe-Haldezos on

    complete bullshit. The Accomodation is disgusting. No chef to be seen. They are dodgy & will tell you everything you want to hear to help your addict & then ditch them when it gets to hard…..but they will take your money first & you will never see it again.

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