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[block]4[/block]The Basics

The Genen Group is a Southern California behavioral health treatment facility based in Los Angeles. The primary location is West Hollywood and two additional offices will be opening in Brentwood and Newport Beach. Services are based on the concept of happier living, and treatment is goal oriented towards making positive life changes through improving both mental and physical health. Treatment includes therapy that address a variety of issues like depression, anxiety and substance abuse, medication management and life coaching.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment is available to clients of all ages, and the team uses evidence based best practice approaches to provide each client with a program that focuses on identifying and achieving life goals through psychotherapy and wellness. Treatment is more than just one client and one therapist working together, but rather a team of clinicians who can combine efforts to help change destructive behaviors within each client’s life and help guide them into making healthier choices overall.

Treatment is individualized and clients seek treatment at The Genen Group for a variety of reasons, whether it be mood disorders, relationship struggles or at issues work, or simply difficulty with finding the right path in life. Whatever the reason, clients are connected with the treatment team to figure out a program that would be most helpful. Generally speaking, the first step for most clients is to meet with a psychiatrist, who assesses each person and performs a series of tests to rule out any possible physical ailments that may be adding to the issue, like thyroid problems.

From there, a tailored program is introduced through a structure known as PERFiC Life, which stands for physical health, emotional wellness, relationships, financial health and career/passion. This is the framework for treatment after the client rates themselves in each category, which can aid the therapists in uncovering what some underlying matters are affecting their day to day lives.

Therapeutic approaches are CBT based along with holistic methods like mindfulness and meditation. In addition to therapy, nutritional balance is a big element of treatment at The Genen Group. Staff nutritionists put together a plan to accommodate therapy for a well rounded programming experience.

Along with nutritionists, the team includes LCSWs, psychiatrists and Master’s-level psychotherapists.


Clients work wit nutritionists to ensure they have a balanced and healthy food plan designed to maximize energy and meet nutritional requirements. Clients typically meet with a nutritionist on a weekly basis.

In Summary

The Genen Group does not offer traditional treatment. The team approach takes into account each person’s personal experiences and daily activities, and after exploring what some of the clients concerns are, finds ways to inspire them so lasting change comes from within.

The Genen Group
8235 Santa Monica Boulevard, Ste 302
West Hollywood, CA 90046

The Genen Group Cost: $200-$450 (per session). Insurance is accepted. Reach The Genen Group by phone at (888) 68 HAPPY. Find The Genen Group on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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  1. Do not come here if you value your health, there is no concern for the care of their patients. To verify how unprofessional this place is look at the Better Business Bureau site they have been report over 11 times in the past year.

    Read the recent comments left by other clients & BELIEVE THEM! Filter your search and read the comments with 1-2 stars and notice the commonalities! Believe the 1 star reviews! Happier Living/HardLoop will screw you over! They STOLE $500 from me and lied as if Anthem is refusing to pay the claim. When I did my own investigation, Anthem proved that Happier Living/HardLoop did not bill for the services correctly. They provided inaccurate procedure codes and they did not submit the correct documentation. (I cannot stress enough to please make sure they have submitted your claims correctly because Happier Living will bill you and pretend it’s the insurance company’s fault. TALK TO YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY! Don’t take their word at face value! STAY AWAY!) It has been said time and time again how difficult it is to get someone on the phone to handle issues. The customer service is DEPLORABLE at best, especially if you’re attempting to address billing issues. STAY AWAY! When you call, you get a representative who you state your general issue to, then that rep transfers you to another third party rep (Jovani/Giovanni [whatever], is a prick) who then evaluates your issue to see if it’s worth transferring the call to whom you really need to speak with. If the next rep can’t help you and deems your call worthy of being transferred it goes directly to someone’s voicemail and you have to start the process all over again. Besides endless, repeated calls, I had been on hold for 2 hours during one call and even had representatives from Anthem call to advocate on my behalf. Again, STAY AWAY! I had to involve the psychiatrist I was seeing out of desperation. However, as usual, representatives of HappierLiving/HardLoop, have no sense of accountability. It is so telling that they do this to clients who are already under critical stress and duress. You come here expecting help and improvement with your overall well-being only to find out you’re going to get screwed. DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT leave your financial information on file with them! You’re basically giving them consent to charge you erroneously and blame you and your insurance company for it while they pretend they’re doing everything they can to “help” you (READ THEIR DEVIOUS CONSENT FORM CAREFULLY!) Newsflash: THEY’RE NOT! You cannot charge a client for services rendered when you did not bill the claim correctly several times in the first place AND THEN turn around and take payment from the insurance company for those same services. THAT IS INSURANCE FRAUD and is exactly what happened to me!!!! THE ISSUE IS NOT ANTHEM! STAY AWAY! Document every phone call email, text message, and any other piece of correspondence you have with this money gauging cess pool of duplicitous fraudsters! DO NOT BE FOOLED! They DO NOT care about you; they care about those DOLLARS! JUST. STAY. AWAY. I wish I had seen these reviews before signing up. NEVER AGAIN! YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN WARNED TOO, TOO MANY TIMES IF YOU TAKE THE TIME TO GO THROUGH THE THREAD OF REVIEWS BEFORE TAKING AN APPOINTMENT WITH THIS GROUP. If you come here to read the comments and schedule an appointment anyway…then get burned… you deserve it! There are too many red flags provided! JUST STAY AWAY!!! YOU HAVE BEEN THOROUGHLY WARNED!!

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