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The Gardens Wellness Center is a short-term inpatient facility for alcohol and drug detox in Miami, Florida. Beyond the physical aspect of detox, The Gardens also provides individual and group therapy, as well as holistic and educational therapies based on the client’s needs. The program is designed to give adult men and women the stability they need to continue the addiction recovery process.

Accommodations and Food

The Gardens Wellness Center has a total of 30 beds available for men and women. Residents stay in comfortable private rooms in gender-separate halls, with queen beds, dressers and ample closet space. Personal computers and cellphones are prohibited, but rooms include TVs with cable and movie access. The facility also includes on-site laundry, group meeting rooms and common areas where residents can relax during down time. Throughout their stay, all clients are served three meals a day in the on-site cafeteria. Meals and snacks are appetizing but also provide clients with nutrients they need during the detox process.

Treatment and Staff

Before beginning treatment, clients meet with staff members so that an individualized plan can be developed. Stays generally last between two to four weeks. Medical and psychiatric oversight is provided, and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) is available for those withdrawing from opiates or alcohol. Treatment works within the structure of frequent individual and group therapy that uses evidence-based practices, like CBT. Groups focus on relapse prevention, gender-specific issues, anger management, dual diagnosis support and an introduction to 12-step recovery principles. Experiential therapy groups that offer guided meditation, breathing exercises and art therapy are also offered.

The staff at The Gardens Wellness Center includes experienced board-certified psychiatrists, general practitioners, addictionologists, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and medical doctors with years of experience in the field of addiction treatment.


Additional services include optional family counseling and aftercare planning services.

In Summary

The Gardens Wellness Center offers a well-rounded inpatient treatment program with medical and psychiatric support. Treatment is evidence-based with 12-step integration, providing a solid foundation for lasting recovery. For those in the Miami area looking for an affordable, short-term treatment program, The Gardens Wellness Center is a great option.

The Gardens Wellness Center Location

16565 NE 4th Ave
North Miami, FL 33162

The Gardens Wellness Center Cost

Sliding scale. Reach The Gardens Wellness Center by phone at (855) 993-0800 or by email at [email protected]. Find The Gardens Wellness Center on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr

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  1. This wellness center is a complete scam. They treat serious illness with cheap vitamins. I went to detox off opiates and benzodiazepines. I developed severe vertigo and was hospitalized. Vertigo is a common symptom from detoxing off benzos. You cannot walk or even get out of bed. My whole world is spinning and you are dizzy and nauseous the entire time. Since I couldn’t get out to get my meds, they noted it As refusal to take meds.They didn’t treat my vertigo symptoms. Stay away from this wellness center because you very well could die.

  2. My son was in your rehab program from about Apr5, 2016 to May 15, 2016. He came home and was in poor health and during detox he told me he came close to dying. He came home with no medical records and went to a doctor at home whom request3ed his medical records from your facility which he never received. My son died of a heart attack in October 2016. Had he had his records with him upon his arrival home his doctor would have had that record and could have taken steps to a full examination. My son was successful in his sobriety and was looking forward to a normal life. I Have since requested his medical records twice since his death for medical reasons for his two children and have yet to receive them. WHY????
    I think your facility should automatically send each patient home with these medical records. I wonder why it is so difficult to get these medical records. I sent a copy of his death certificate and legal paperwork showing I am his LEGASL REPRESENTATIVE upon each request and no results.
    My son was Richard D Gunn.
    I wonder what my next step should be in order to receive these records.

    Loretta L Gunn


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