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Hong KongThe Basics

The Cabin Hong Kong—the latest addition to The Cabin Addiction Services Group of global treatment and counseling centers based in Southeast Asia— provides outpatient treatment for individuals struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. In addition to traditional evidence-based recovery options and counseling, the Cabin HK also uses its own addiction treatment model called “Recovery Zones.” Located on the outskirts of Hong Kong, the facility is staffed by an experienced team of addiction specialists and provides recovery in a comfortable, soothing environment.

Treatment and Staff

Recovery Zones is an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that uses a combination of CBT, 12 steps and mindfulness meditation for an integrative approach to recovery. The program identifies and addresses a series of phases in recovery through which clients progress until they acquire the full range of skills to lead a healthy substance-free life.

There are two basic parts of the program: Recovery Zones Foundations and Recovery Zones Advanced. In Recovery Zones Foundations, clients develop skills to identify their own triggers for using drugs and techniques for overcoming them. In Recovery Zones Advanced, these tools are reinforced. Within the Foundations phase are the Active Zone and the Danger Zone. Any compulsive or destructive behaviors fall into the Active Zone, and the goal here is abstinence. The Danger Zone is where behaviors are identified that might lead to relapse, such as triggers, negative self-talk, unmanageable feeling states and ineffective behaviors.

Depending on an individual assessment, clients typically stay at the Cabin HK for between six weeks or the full 12 weeks. The program is a combination of group and individual therapy in addition to education sessions. Groups are made up of no more than 10 people.

In the first six weeks of treatment at The Cabin HK, clients have group three times a week and an individual session once a week. They learn about CBT, 12 steps and the neuroscience behind addiction. Clients with co-occurring disorders are seen by a psychiatrist for medication management. During the second six weeks of the program, clients strengthen their skills with an emphasis on understanding relapse risks. They also bolster mind and body by maintaining physical health and through psychological and spiritual self-help activities and CBT. In this phase, there are group sessions twice a week for two hours each and individual therapy once a week.

Licensed substance abuse counselors facilitate all groups. The staff at The Cabin HK also includes addiction specialists, many of whom are in recovery themselves. Credentials include MA, CADC and MFT.

Two family sessions are available at any point during the six-week program.

In Summary

The Cabin Hong Kong uses a combination of treatment techniques in its Recovery Zones model. Clients benefit from a mind/body approach and explore their triggers for substance abuse and how to deal with them.

The Cabin Hong
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Hong Kong

The Cabin Hong Kong Cost: $865 (six-week program), $1,442 (12-week program). Reach The Cabin Hong Kong by phone at 3008-5841 (local) or +852-308-5841 (overseas). Find The Cabin Hong Kong on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube and Google+

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