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Since 1969, Terros has been helping the people of Arizona manage addictions and mental health issues, providing medical care and restoring families. Originally, the program was named “Terras,” which means earth, because the organization was bringing people who were high on drugs back down to earth. However, believe it or not, a printing mistake was made and they decided to keep it as is. Located in Phoenix, this facility offers a variety of short-term treatment options, allowing clients to recover in a safe space.

Accommodations and Food

The residential program, Maverick House in suburban Glendale, holds up to 29 men and women in a brand new building. Sleeping accommodations are separated by gender, featuring two or three person, dorm-like rooms. The bedrooms are modest but spacious with the basic necessities. Men and women are together for group work, meals, meetings and lectures, all held under the same roof.

Three meals per day are provided, consisting of menu items that vary from day to day, with a focus on taste and nutrition. Special dietary requests can be accommodated on a case-to-case basis.

Although the facility does not have a gym, clients can take supervised walks when the weather permits. Designated smoking areas around the building can be used during breaks.

Outpatient services are provided in another building, featuring lots of room for therapy, groups and lectures. These programs do not offer meals, although clients are welcome to bring snacks from home.


As a result of a long waiting list for, Terros offers clients support prior to admission. Once an initial assessment has been made, clients are required to call in on a daily basis, as well as show up each afternoon for pre-treatment group therapy. This unique feature allows clients to speak with a counselor and get support as they wait for their admission time (the waiting list is typically one to three weeks long).

The 28- to 30-day residential program offers a schedule filled with group therapy, individual therapy, education and 12-step meetings. All clients must arrive medically stabilized, as there is no on-site detox available. A group of counselors takes clients through topics such as life skills, relapse prevention, employment, trauma, processing and anger management. Terros hosts several on-site AA/NA meetings each week and, as part of the recovery process, family members are invited to attend group therapy every week.

For those who have completed the residential program, the facility offers a variety of outpatient services that vary in length and intensity and includes a mix of individual therapy, group therapy, relapse prevention, community referrals and case management.

In Summary

For those in need of a quick sobriety reboot, Terros offers a variety of affordable treatment options. However, for anyone looking for something more long-term or medically supervised, this may not be the best option.

Terros Location

3003 N Central Ave, Ste 200
Phoenix, AZ 85012

Terros Cost

$6,500 (30 days). Reach Terros by phone at (602) 685-6000. Find Terros on Facebook and YouTube

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  1. If I could give them a ZERO I would. Their staff has no comprehension of their clients, their diagnosis, and they are incapable of making medical decisions, instead going behind your back and having you court ordered into hospitalization in the middle of the night. They do not follow through on programs, leave clients sitting for hours upon hours without treatment in the waiting area. Their receptionist are too busy flirting with the guards to answer the phones. Their department manager can’t be bothered to return calls, or emails. And their counselors tell you one thing, while sending emails out to department heads to have you committed. They have outright called patients liars for their diagnoses accusing them of making up their symptoms to get medications, and then kick them out of the clinic without help. They falsely bill your insurance companies for services never provided. Terros has several times sent emails that are incorrect, and jeopardized the mental health of their clients by emailing one set of test results and then having another nurse practitioner call with a completely different test result. This mental facility if one of the 1000’s of reasons we have poor mental health in the United States.

  2. Angela Marie Gooden on

    I will not ,sit and bash. All of the people, who work at Terros. Because not everyone is bad. So therefore I will ,not “label” everyone. Yet based on ,my personal experience. As a patient, who had observed. And endured a lot regarding the, mental health scheme of things. I find Terros and Magellan, to be a joke. There’s only a thimble of staff. That actually cared enough. In the past to, try and help me. Otherwise I am just an added edition. To the paychecks ,of the psychiatrists. And sorry casemanagers who feel that. There job is ,to come to “work”. And not actually work. Lol. I could write a novel. But I will, keep it simple. Therefore while continuing my sobriety. On my own without rehab. Like I have been for 3 years. I refuse to be, apart of or affiliated. With Terros on any level. Whenever I have ,actually seeked help. No matter how, major or minor. I could never receive it. Without some type of bullshit. Excuse my language. I will not be patronized, by psychiatrists or Nurse Practitioner. I suffer from mental illness. Yes. I am not oblivious to that. Yet I am not an Idiot. Of should be made to feel inferior. Based on my lack of “nomalacy”. Whatever “normal”means. No such thing, in my opinion. Moving on I will, not be attending Terros. I will get myself into counseling and perhaps BPD. Like I have imitated, counseling on my own. Without the help of Terros,Choices,Magellan. Or whatever new inconsistent name. The agency will name themselves. In a nutshell I will ,not be a guinea pig. I intend to find ,other positive remedies. To my ongoing mental illness.

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