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St Paul MinnesotaTapestry Women’s Residential Review

As one of Meridian Behavioral Health’s residential substance abuse treatment programs, Tapestry Women’s Residential began offering its services in late 2008. Tapestry’s facility is set in a cozy and welcoming residential neighborhood in the city of St. Paul, Minnesota. Tapestry introduces its clients to the 12-step principles and practices, holds on-site Women for Sobriety meetings and health realization seminars. Tapestry believes recovery is a family affair and employs CBT and family system dynamics techniques as part of its treatment modality.

Accommodations and Food

Tapestry housing offers a total of 50 beds, arranged dorm-style. Four different living spaces are divided among four groups of 12 to 13 women, each group has its own living room and bathrooms. Tapestry’s residential neighborhood setting reflects the mostly relaxed nature of a typical stay there. Tapestry clients get plenty of downtime from treatment, during which they are allowed to watch TV (with a number of different channel options), read, or join an organized activity. Cell phones however are prohibited from being on the premises. All meals at Tapestry are included in the cost of stay, prepared in the on-site commercial kitchen and provided for the clients. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated.

Treatment and Staff

Tapestry is Methadone friendly and offers 24-hour medical services, on-site dosing and a choice between a detox or maintenance protocol. Treatment at Tapestry is also able to offer psychiatric and psychological services to better assist those with co-occurring disorders. The gender-specific aspects of the program include instruction for wellness during pregnancy, trauma-informed therapy for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and anger management groups offered throughout each day.

Apart from attending on-site meetings and lectures, as well as group therapy at a frequency and duration determined by their individualized treatment plan, the women of Tapestry must also undertake at least an hour of individual therapy per week. Tapestry staff consists of several LADCs, a psychologist and a therapist with Master’s-level credentials.


Most insurance is accepted. But even for those who may be without coverage, grants and payment plans are available. At about $700 per day, Tapestry’s highly specialized services come at a reasonable price.

In Summary

Tapestry Women’s Residential offers top-notch gender-specific intensive substance abuse treatment to women. With specialized care available for those dealing with trauma, co-occurring disorders and pregnancy, this is a safe and secure environment. Closing in on a decade of experience, treatment at Tapestry is definitely worth considering in the Twin Cities.

Tapestry Women’s Residential Location

135 Colorado St East
St Paul, MN 55107

Tapestry Women’s Residential Cost

$28,000 (30 days). Reach Tapestry Women’s Residential by phone at (877) 367-1715. Find Tapestry Women’s Residential on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn

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  1. During my stay at tap I became ill. My legs had swollen to a point where I almost couldn’t walk. One evening in the middle of the night I began to be unable to breathe. I went to the nursing station numerous times saying I Couldn’t breathe and they kept saying that I was dealing with anxiety and giving me medication. But I knew that there was something seriously wrong. I begged to go to the hospital but they said they couldn’t let me go. The nursing staff didn’t check my oxygen level and when they finally did win the numbers didn’t register the way they liked they said that their Machinery was broken. Finally they agreed to take me to the emergency room but not right away not until they had enough staff. When I was taken to the emergency room he drop me off not at the front door but quite a distance away from the entrance. I walked in and the people manning the entrance noticed right away that there was something wrong and immediately I was taking back my oxygen level had dropped to below 90% and I was immediately rushed to treatment. It turns out my lungs we’re almost to capacity full of fluid. And was an active heart failure. This place is supposed to be able to recognize when something isn’t right especially when a patient is complaining and with the amount of people that are detoxing off Various things they should be doing a much better job. For the person that’s commenting about how you get what you put into treatment I put as much as I could into Treatment and remain sober to this day but it’s in spite of this program that that I’m sober. I made a report against the way I was treated at this center and of course you have to have major infraction before Any discipline is brought down Upon an Agency. Because of my treatment there I still deal with worry about whether I am going to be able to be treated fairly by any medical facility

  2. I totally agree with your comments!! Not only is it tge worst place for helping people, my PHONE WAS STOLEN WHILE STAYING THERE!! I WAS SCHEDULED TO LEAVE AND THE NIGHT BEFORE THE STAFF LET A NEW PATIENT BACK IN A “SECURED” area where my things were supposedly locked up. And this person was able to take my phone! They DID NOT REPLACE THE PHONE CASE OR SCREEN PROTECTOR WHICH WILL COST ME $80!! PLUS IVE LOST ALL MY CONTACTS! They will not return any calls – they falsify information just to get insurance to pay for their next “victim” I did not receive any counseling or help. There are 30 women for every counselor. All u do here is dry out, smoke cigerretes, watch movies, and color!! It is so unprofessional i just cant believe they get away with running a DRAMA FILLED GHETTO PLACE LIKE THIS FOR TREATMENT. DO NOT GO HERE!! WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!! I LOST 10 POUNDS THE FOOD WAS SO AWFUL. NO EXERCISE, NOTHING SPIRITUAL ABOUT THIS PLACE EXCEPT U GET A BAD FEELING WHEN THERE.

    • You get out of treatment what you put into your program. If you waste time complaining and not picking, you aren’t focusing on your sobriety or what you need to do to help yourself. Nothing changes if nothing changes…..accountability

  3. I don’t know who is reviewing this place but I can say as a previous client of theirs…Tapestry is a joke! None of their staff follow the same set of rules. They are rude and lazy people who will falsify documents and documentation of reports. They lie to get you admitted then take away your prescribed medication because “others could have a addiction issue with them”. That is not my proplem. Medication is dispensed by nursing staff so why would me getting my medication be a issue? Taking me off it abruptly however could have caused seizures or worse. I would not recommend this garbage place to anyone ever! Worst experience I could have had as a 1st time inpatient person. Now frown upon inpatient programs.

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