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Located in Costa Mesa in California’s famed O.C., Sure Haven provides solid women’s-only rehab at a relatively affordable price. In addition to substance addictions, clients can also seek treatment for sex or love addiction, self-harm and eating disorders. Although Sure Haven admits women of all ages, most tend to be in their late teens and 20s.

Clients can opt for the 30-day “Silver Standard,” the 60-day “Golden Standard” or the 90-day “Diamond Standard” treatment plans, which sound oddly reminiscent of the metallic tiers on Obamacare insurance plans. Housing just 14 women at a time, Sure Haven is able to provide flexible, individualized care that treats co-occurring disorders concurrently with addiction.

Accommodations and Food

Clients live in a LEED Platinum Certified energy efficient home where staff members are available 24/7. Considering the relatively low price point, the accommodations are quite comfortable. The living room features high ceilings, a flatscreen TV and a working fireplace while the kitchen boasts marble countertops. Everyone has one roommate and sleeps in twin beds, but WiFi is readily available and residents may keep and use their cell phones during treatment.

The facility’s small size also permits plenty of flexibility when it comes to food. A professional chef concocts meals that cater to the women’s nutritional needs, which can be touch and go when eating disorders are prevalent.

Treatment and Staff

Days are heavily structured and loaded with groups, individual therapy and activities. Alongside the typical allotment of process and psychoeducation groups are some special topics particularly relevant to young women, such as body image.

The default mode at Sure Haven is 12-step recovery, and most clients travel offsite to AA meetings in the evenings. But these meetings are optional, and for the truly 12-step-phobic Sure Haven offers an alternative, holistic treatment track that features Eastern methods like Reiki instead of the Big Book.

In addition to Reiki, an EMDR therapist is available to help women work through past trauma. Other popular activities include art therapy, yoga, Tai Chi and gym workouts. For an extra fee, clients can sign up for equine therapy.

While the staff features a surprising number of interns, there are two psychologists and a number of well qualified therapists, as well as addiction counselors and case managers who are in recovery themselves.


Because so many of the women who come to Sure Haven are in their 20s, it also offers an academic transitional program called AVEnues that enables residents to pursue a gamut of educational goals, from a GED to a degree from a UC campus. AVEnues clients stay in Sure Haven’s extended care residence, called Arbor House. For those looking instead to join the work force, AVEnues also offers vocational training, including resume building and mock interviews.

In addition to extended residential care, Sure Haven offers an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Case managers work with clients to ensure each has her own best-fitting step-down plan.

In Summary

In addition to staggered prices for longer stays, Sure Haven also accepts many insurance plans. There are truly advantages to women’s-only treatment, and for those looking for a small, personalized rehab, Sure Haven is one of the better deals out there.

Sure Haven Location

2900 Bristol St, Ste B300
Costa Mesa CA 92626 

Sure Haven Cost

$24,500 (30 days). Reach Sure Haven by phone at (866) 520-0912 or by email at [email protected]. Find Sure Haven on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Vimeo

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  1. Carolyn Tomlinson on

    I’ve read the comments posted here & am extremely surprised. I am 58 yrs. Old & have been an Addict since 15 probably. I spent 61 days in Sure Haven for addiction to Methamphetamine, & Opiates (hydrocodone). I took massive amounts of Norco for 20+ yrs. I’m from Okla & had never been to treatment had no idea what to expect. I don’t know what facility y’all’s loved ones were in but my experience was very different. They had zero tolerance for drug use, we were checked daily & if suspicion of drugs got to staff they UA you. If dirty privelages were taken away including cell phones & if it happened repeatedly the third time.e you were discharged. Most of the patients were young some barely teenagers I was by far the oldest there & I saw absolutely nothing to make me believe the staff there would allow drugs or drug use in that facility. That’s been 4 or so yrs. ago but hate to think that what these people are saying is true which apparently is what’s happening. I’m sorry to these families that have lost their loved ones to Addiction I will pray for you. I’m going to summize this by saying had I not gotten there & stopped what I was doing I probably wouldn’t be on this Earth any longer, so Thank You to Sure Haven & the entire staff for putting up with my bad attitude & showing me the road to recovery & helping make it possible for me to live again…

    Carolyn Tomlinson

  2. This place did not help keep me sober at all. Nor did they even try to touch the source of my trauma. Shame on YOU, Sure Haven. I *am* sober now, and the creditation will not be handed over to this place. The faculty members that really cared left when I was there over a year ago. Their staff now consists of a bunch of addicts now addicted to AA that haven’t dealt with THEIR trauma. A word to the mothers: drug abuse is most likely covering up something, much like mental illness is the result of it. TRAUMA!

    No grudges here Sure Haven, but a word to the mothers is well deserved, before this place sets their kid free in the land amongst the sharks, like my mother did to me by trusting this facility, which by the way only kept me safe because I wanted to feel & be safe. (Can you tell that I was hurt by men much more afterward and denied by the faculty members of this place?) Ok, well, forgiveness! I am working on it, ONE DAY AT A TIME!

  3. Tina Sananes on

    I don’t usually comment on anything. But I felt it necessary to comment on this facility. My daughter has been at surehaven for 3 months now. She is ready to be discharged. Although she is in no way ready to be discharged because these girls get high while they are there. I’m not sure how but they do. And when you question the staff about anything they just ignore you. I found all this out because I have been able to snoop around into my daughters Facebook and see her private messages. She is getting high there and they do nothing. It seems like as long as they are collecting insurance money they don’t really care much. I live 3000 away and am trying to get my daughter out of there ASAP. It’s scary what a scam these places are. This is the 7th rehab we have tried and one is worse than the other. But so far this is definitely the worst one. They hide everything and ignore the fact that the patients are getting high right under their noses. She might as well just be here because she can be doing the same thing. What a waste of 3 months. And to make things even worse two girls that have been there with my daughter have relapsed with heroin and have DIED. I’m now at a complete loss what to do. surehaven was certainly no help whatsoever. I feel like we are back where we started before she even went there.

    • My daughter relapsed with heroin and I’m unsure if she did while in Sure Haven or after leaving which was within 3 weeks from arriving there. Within 4 days after leaving the center my daughter passed away from heroin overdose.. I have a lot of questions and uncertainties about how this organization handled things with my daughter. I would like to share additional information and being that we’ve had a similar experience, we could benefit from talking in more detail. Hope to hear from you. Thank you.

      • Renee Morgan on

        This is devastating news. I would place your daughter in Watershed in Boca Raton , Florida. They have a strong system on kids trying to leave to get high. My son was clean for a week and decided to leave to get high with two other people staying at the facility for recovery. My son’s case manger, Tripp, went after them. He was able to talk to my son to not get high and to please make a right choice and Come back to the Watershed. He has been clean 30 days now! His choice of drug was heroin.

    • Please know if your daughter is still there and alive you are lucky and get her out now… I am a 45 year old mother of three and have never had to leave my kids once. well I Draw ssd and take very small amounts of pain med. never ever abused my med. but I had a very bad year went on Xanax and needed to get away from it all and get my head clear. I was promised tons of things and was lied to about every single thing your daughter is not lying about this place. I was there 13 days and I trusted them the first week. as I heard and saw this place I was very scared , They tell my husband I am having a hard time and giving them the feeling I am struggling with wanting pain pills talk me into toughing it out..I had been nothing but compliant 100 percent. I never ever saw a doctor and the drugs they put me on to detox where for heavy herion users which I didn’t know till I got home and I ended up in the Er three time I have never ever called an ambulance to take me to er but the withdrawal’s from the subutex was twisting my spine I have never ever in my life felt like I was going to die I was like this for 14 days before it beganin to start to stop. They put Norco’s in my room the day I was leaving, which if I had taken would have mad me so sick I could never leave if I didn’t die.. this sounds crazy, I know but I am not crazy let me promise you that,,, I was told by staff the day I left five women had left and went home and died in the last four months ,,yes I swear she was balling and telling me not to take anything when I get home or It could kill me.. subutex is made block narcotic’s, heroin and many others so you go into shock. They owner also owns the labs where we get all our draws from and I heard women crying swearing they had not used but the rest are saying they did and this seemed to be with all the 50 to 70 day people. This owner needs to be stopped I have a 14 year old son who should have never seen his mother go through what I did. My husband was so mad at me for all the cost for me to get home but I really was scared for my life ,after I had pills lying in my unlocked room with 6 other women. Plus what kind of place does that shit. They are all about the money and that is it they are taking advantage, of people and families, instead of caring about people getting their lives back, they are destroying them, and getting away with it some how , I tried to call and it is impossible. I really hope your daughter got out of there ok I really do I worry about these poor people who can’t afford to pack and get the hell out ,, I was ready to call the state police bc while I waited for taxi and flight plans they kept trying to get me pissed and go off on them ,,I know they did not want me to get out of there , I will pray your daughter finds life without her drug ,, I feel so bad she was there so long god bless you..

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