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Sundown M Ranch is a residential and outpatient treatment program for adults and adolescents ages 13 to 17. Set on a 35 acres nestled at the entrance of Yakima River Canyon in rural Washington state, Sundown M Ranch was founded in 1968 by three businessmen in recovery. It is accredited by the State of Washington Department of Health, the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery and CARF.

Accommodations and Food

Residential clients are housed in Sundown M Ranch’s motel-style buildings. Clients have a private bedroom but do share a Jack and Jill-style bathroom with another client. The campus also features a lecture hall, a conference room, gym and coffee shop. There is no TV or Internet and clients are not permitted to use cell phones or personal electronics. There are facility pay phones available for clients to use at any time. Visitors are permitted on the weekends and holidays.

Meals are served cafeteria-style in a dining hall and designed by a dietician. Though sugar and caffeine are available at the cafeteria and coffee shop, Sundown M Ranch’s meals are designed for optimal nutrition.

Treatment and Staff

Sundown M Ranch can accommodate 100 adults and 60 adolescent residential clients. The outpatient program generally has 30 to 50 clients at a time. Length of treatment is 20 days for adults and 45 days for adolescents. Length of outpatient treatment is based on the needs of the client. Treatment includes both individual and group therapy, and utilizes CBT, DBT, Motivational Interviewing (MI) and the 12 steps. According to state licensing, Sundown M Ranch is dual diagnosis capable and can offer sub acute detox treatment.

The day begins at 7:30 with a routine of meals, meetings, classes, activities and personal time. Classes include life skills, parenting classes as well as topics specific to elders and new parents. The adolescent program has a school program in cooperation with the local school district and works with clients’ schools to ensure they complete coursework.

Outpatient treatment includes Level 1 care for clients who require treatment once a week and a Level 2 Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for clients who require treatment four times a week. Clients who completed the residential treatment program may receive outpatient treatment as continuing care.

The 150 mixed gender staff members include a psychiatrist, a medical director, LCDCs, NLPs, LMHCs and clinical and support staff. The staff-to-client ratio is two-to-one.


Sundown M Ranch’s family program accommodates up to two of a client’s family members to stay on the premises for three days to receive extensive individual, family and group sessions. Equine therapy is offered to adolescent clients and extensive team building exercises like challenge courses are available to all clients.

In Summary

Sundown M Ranch offers affordable, well-rounded residential treatment to adults and adolescents in a bucolic setting. In addition to its evidence-based practices and 12-step, Sundown M Ranch offers a wide variety of life education classes and group session topics specific to the different needs of its diverse clients. Sundown M Ranch’s dedication to a client’s family sets its program apart from other mid-range residential treatment programs.

Sundown M Ranch Location

2280 State Route 821
Yakima, WA 90901

Sundown M Ranch Cost

Insurance. Reach Sundown M Ranch by phone at (800) 326-7444 or by email at [email protected]. Find Sundown M Ranch on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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  1. Wow.. I am fairly sure I know who wrote the above review. I. Was an inpatient at the time the review was written. It’s all true with one minor exception. I could even add to the list.. hippa violations constantly. Counselor making psychological diagnosis that they have no clue about. Counselors personalizing anger towards patients daily. One member of our group shot heroin daily for his first 8 days.

  2. I am leaving this comment as a licensed healthcare professional of 6 years.
    Looks and sales pitch do not equal recovery and success.
    Medication room is not open as scheduled –
    Failure to Provide Care, Staff Not Available to Provide Care.
    Patients have been noted as being placed on medications inappropriate to the substance they are withdrawing from – Providing the Wrong Care.
    Counselors frequently verbally speak to patients, whom are clearly in a fragile state, beyond rudeness – which the patients themselves have defined as descriptors which belong to ‘mentally harmful’ and ‘misleading’.
    Patients themselves often expressing how counselors and supervisors speak to them as significantly detrimental to all the initial and intermediate successes needed for them to attain full sobriety.
    Therefore many of the counselors and their superiors at this facility abuse their position of authority and control over inpatients – verbalizing to them significantly detrimental and defeating opinions {unprofessional conduct}, instead of adhering to the educational material and guidelines and the expected and professional conduct of licensed chemical dependency professionals which would be to foster honesty from patients while being positive, considerate and supportive.
    The counselors and supervisors at this facility do not take any responsibility for the unprofessional mentally harmful, misleading, defeating, inflexible behaviors the majority practices here – they do not even practice the honesty they expect from patients, which is further unprofessional conduct.
    I truly believe these forms of unprofessional conduct at a Residential Inpatient Chemical Dependency Treatment Center places patients at significant increased risk for relapse, which therefore can be construed as improper application of services paid for by insurance as well as privately by individuals.
    I also believe these forms of unprofessional conduct at a Residential Inpatient Chemical Dependency Treatment Center increase patients risk of suicide.
    I would not be surprised to find that few of their counselors have taken Suicide Prevention training. If they have, I’d determine many of them negligent in applying it or simply do not do so because there is no responsible oversight in regards to unprofessional conduct within this facility.
    Counselors and staff with authority over patients are evaluating patients and speaking to them based on mentally-harmful, misleading opinion.
    Also the educational materials used are extremely outdated and the food is definitely not by any means nutritious.
    Personal counseling sessions are not offered in place of group sessions if and when some patients find specific sessions and topics to be too triggering for them.
    It is frequently reported that patients are abusing drugs they have smuggled in to the facility and if a patient whom had been placed as a roommate with someone whom has smuggled in narcotics, the facility refuses to move the patient whom has reported it as they do not want to be forced in to remain in a position to relapse.
    For the financial costs of this facility and the high cost of detrimental, unprofessional, mentally harmful and misleading care to the patients, all of these issues that are commonly at Sundown M Ranch are completely unacceptable.

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