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Based out of Summit, New Jersey, Summit Oaks Hospital is a behavioral health facility with a long history of service in the state. Founded in 1902, the organization offers individualized and flexible programs for children, adolescents and adults. In addition to outpatient options, it also has several residential programs for addiction treatment.

Accommodations and Food

Summit Oaks Hospital has total of 126 beds among its various programs and current availability can be found on its website. Facilities have both private and shared hospital-style rooms (depending on availability) and food is provided—three meals a day plus snacks. Some accommodations can be made for special diets.

Treatment and Staff

Before beginning treatment, clients undergo an initial intake and assessment process so that an individualized plan can be developed. The length of treatment varies, but is typically 30 to 60 days. For clients in need of detox, the facility has a stabilization unit on-site before inpatient treatment begins.

Each program consists of individual and group therapy that uses evidence-based methods, such as CBT and DBT, as well as holistic options. These include art therapy, pet therapy, yoga, meditation and mindfulness training. Medication management is available for clients with co-occurring disorders. Separate program tracks are available for adults and adolescents. Though both feature many of the same treatment modalities, adolescents are expected to keep up with school work through on-site tutoring. Residents also attend daily 12-step groups on-site.

Staff includes MDs, psychiatrists, psychologists, CADCs, LCSWs, LACs, LPCs, RNs and additional Master’s-level counselors.


The facility also offers a range of outpatient programs for adults and adolescents in different intensities. Clients who complete a primary care program can take advantage of case management and/or aftercare planning as part of the discharge process. Standalone psychiatric services are also available.

In Summary

Overall, Summit Oaks Hospital’s inpatient programming is well-rounded and designed to serve a number of different needs. Both adults and adolescents are welcome to attend with 12-step support and holistic care worked into the program. While the cost may vary depending on each client’s insurance, Summit Oaks Hospital is a strong resource for those in the area.

Summit Oaks Hospital Location

19 Prospect St
Summit, NJ 07902

Summit Oaks Hospital Cost

Depends on program. Reach Summit Oaks Hospital by phone at (908) 522-7077. Find Summit Oaks Hospital on Google+ and LinkedIn

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  1. I voluntarily admitted myself to Summit Oaks Dual Diagnosis Detox on 5/13 for Opiate and Benzo detox. Another patient approached me and asked me to trade 1 Suboxone for 8 Librium pills which he would give to me after the nurses changed shifts as he was friendly with one of the night-shift nurses who was known to illegally dispense extra narcotics to patients she was friendly with as well as abuse the narcotics herself. She always appeared high. Staff got word of the offer the aformentioned patient made to me for the trade and had me strip searched. Nothing was discovered on me. Not satisfied another worker ordered me strip searched again and I refused as I felt violated enough and nothing was found anyway. The worker then informed me that as punishment for refusing the search I would not receive my Dr. Ordered medication for the rest of the day. I received no meds that day or the next and signed myself out as a result. Not receiving the proper meds for benzo detox can cause a seizure.

  2. Serene you are the most ungrateful bitch I have every seen. How did you and why did you choose SUMMIT OAKS HOSPITAL in the first place. The tech’s there are all great people they go through a lot of BULLSHIT. I was a resident there 4 1 Month. And I learned a lot . It was clean . There were caring . First of all you need to have extreme patience with yourself as long as ur in recovery. You cannot get just half way sober. You gotta chase that Shit like you chased your choice of drugs. Your the only person that can do that…

    • Omg, you work at this place? Your reply is most distasteful from a professional stand piont. Forget what the patient in recovery may have said, your unprofessiosion says more than anything else.

  3. This is my review. Fix your fucking place. Or as God as my witness… I will make complaints as often as possible. Hire more staff, TRAIN THEM. And maybe, I don’t know, more activities, and a not crackhead atmosphere.
    You are greeted by a smiling face, filled with lies and untruth, usually on a stretcher coming from all over New Jersey. Most people here are in their 20’s, although there are some older. No clothing? No problem, they can hook you up with Sharps (Hospital Gown) and slipper socks. How long will I be here? About 5 days…. at least that’s what they tell you. I was there for 15 days and like many others, I still to this day have nightmares and shake thinking about this place.

    In 100 years from now, when this building is closed down, which it will inevitably, many ghost hunters will come through this building and not realize the creepy and eerie feeling is not due to age, it was always like that. And you’ll question in your mind how anyone could live like this.

    There are 5 units, unit 3 is for duel diagnostic, meaning addiction and mental illness. If you suffer from anxiety or depression, or even a phobia, you will go there. Everyday there is a fight, the showers are similar to Prison Showers, bring bar soap because they only offer towels, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, and that’s pretty much it. Any and all items such as soap, conditioner, wet wipes, have to be approved by your “doctor.” I put doctor in quotes because these are not real doctors, there is a ratio of usually 30 people and 3 doctors. There are usually 2 Nurses and 2 Nurses Aids. During shift changing forget about getting anything for about an hour or two. But that’s okay because you can have one cigarette approximately 8 times per day. You may sit in your unit for lunch, or write a very stupid essay to share with the “group” and when the doctor checks your name that you have completed it, you get to move to Status 2, meaning you can have your razor, shaving cream, and go upstairs to lunch…. Yay! If I could have run, I would but it’s difficult because any article of clothing that has a string inside or your shoe laces, are taken. You are not allowed to have any items except clothing in your “room” which sometimes has two to three beds. If you brought pencils well then, you can ask the Nurses Aid, but when you are done you must return them. Bring a Pack of Cigarettes with you, or have someone sneak it in for you. Visitation days are Wednesday and the Weekend. You get to talk to a Social Worker in a group like setting while some other asshole jots down notes on what everyone is saying. Have anxiety issues? Push through, only way to get out is to talk. The only good thing about this place is Puppies/Therapy Dogs come to visit on Wednesday. God this place is horrible.

    What do you do here? Well there’s group, where you talk about community issues, questions about how does one leave this awful facility, which all the staff act really dumb including the Social Workers, but are pretty much useless. You must talk to the head of the Social Workers to get anywhere. Addicted to benzodiazepines for a decade or more with severe Panic Attacks, no problem; what about alcohol or opiates? You go through a 5 day detox, meaning by the 5th day you are off of Librium and or Suboxone. Don’t take the suboxone film strips, it has Naloxone in it, which destroys your brain cells and is very heavy on your organs, ask for the pill form, which just contains buprenorphine. You may have to lie and get sick, but it’s worth it.So what happens after the 5th day, well you still get Vitamins… Zanaflex (muscle relaxer), Gabapentin (nerve pain & prevents seizures when your body wants to go into one feeling like every molecule of your body is being ripped apart if you are benzodiazepines, or barbiturates or alcohol. On alcohol, there’s AA meetings, books to read… No. On some potent opiate like Heroin, Suboxone, Fentanyl or in my case Methadone…. do you even think about coming here because you will see for the first time what it is like to projectile defecate. Patient rights, you’re funny. Comfortable bed, if wood is your favorite resting place sure, ask for an egg carton, like seriously they give you a spongy egg carton thing to help you if you’re going to be there for a while or have a bad back.

    Don’t forget about the fun stories you’ll hear from Unit 5, the Psych-ward, like how a girl snuck in razor blades and ran down the hall slitting her wrists, or smoking a cigarette outside while looking at the window and watching them pull their pants down to show you their presents. When I say outside, there is a mini court yard, yes fenced in, no doors open if the fire alarm is pulled, so don’t do it, yes somebody tried it.

    It would be wonderful if this place could be shut down, documented as exactly what not to do in a Facility like this, then knocked down and concrete poured into its foundation. Maybe a reflecting black pool above it. That’s about it. There’s a place called 7 East 5 minutes away in Overlook Hospital, go there, much better, no smoking, but much, much better.

    Went here in January of 2016. If I woke up there somehow ever again, they would have to sedate me or let me leave.

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