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Helping people get sober for 60 years, Straight and Narrow is a Catholic treatment facility for substance abuse in the Diocese of Paterson, New Jersey. This non-profit offers medical detox, long-term inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient services to men, women and adolescents in need. Paterson itself is not a major city, but the Straight and Narrow campus is still an urban environment. Integrated into the city, Straight and Narrow doesn’t cultivate the “bubble” atmosphere many treatment facilities do.

Accommodations and Food

Most services are offered at Straight and Narrow’s home base in Paterson, though outgrowths of the program are in Secaucus, Paramus and Passaic. The central facility in Paterson is about an hour’s drive from downtown Manhattan. Clients sleep in dorm-like settings and share bedrooms and bathrooms. They’re responsible for keeping their personal spaces tidy and can expect to do chores.

Men, women, and adolescents are all in separate programs. Housing and meals are in provided separate locations. Meals are served in a cafeteria three times a day. Straight and Narrow is not a closed campus so when clients go to meals, they are walking on a city sidewalk.

Treatment and Staff

Straight and Narrow clients withdrawing from alcohol, cocaine or heroin can detox at Mount Cornell Hospital. There are 20 beds available for the five days of detox and if necessary, they will be prescribed Suboxone to facilitate withdrawal. While in detox, clients meet with counselors to discuss their post-detox treatment plan. After detox, adult clients can move into gender-specific residential treatment.

Straight and Narrow has three facilities for adult women, two in Paterson and one 20 minutes away in Secaucus. These three facilities are distinguished for “Alpha I,” “Alpha II” and “Alpha III” level clients. Clients referred by Drug Court or the Mutual Agreement Program attend treatment for six months; those referred by other programs commit to a year. Pregnant women are accepted in these programs and can keep their children after birth. If clients with young children do not have resources for preschool, these children are welcome. Alpha III’s have an intensified program, where in addition to regular addiction services they are educated about parenting and child development.

The men’s residential program is only run out of the Paterson Straight and Narrow facility. All clients have individual and group therapy, didactic lectures about addiction and several on-site 12-step meetings (including Gamblers Anonymous) a week.

The six-month program for adolescents between the ages of 14 and 17 offers a range of therapeutic services as well as a full academic program and special group sessions on anger management and gang membership. Adolescents are encouraged to have fun in their recovery, and are treated to outings like sporting events, museum trips, plays, and picnics.

Straight and Narrow is a Catholic facility and pastoral counseling is provided to all clients. Clients also have access to parenting and GED classes. Dual diagnosis clients are supported though onsite medical and psychiatric services.

In Summary

Straight and Narrow is aptly named—offering the path to virtue (or at least sobriety) to a wide range of clients. The extended length of the program and the academic programming, parenting, GED and vocational components are real strengths of treatment here.

Straight and Narrow Location

508 Straight St
PO Box 2738
Paterson, NJ 07501

Straight and Narrow Cost

Sliding Scale (30 days), Reach Straight and Narrow by phone at 973-345-6000. Find Straight and Narrow on Facebook and Twitter

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  2. name withheld on

    The counselor (LYNDON GUNNING) could be better.

    i CANNOT understand how such a great organization can get it so wrong with hiring a counselor like this. (LYNDON GUNNING)

    He (LYNDON GUNNING) gets a negative 10 as a rating while straight and narrow inc gets a perfect 10 as a rating.

    Do you think that it is professional for a counselor to speak about Ruth the director’s fat ass to his clients?


    to gossip about clients to clients behind their backs?


    gossip about Mark the drug court director behind his back because (LYNDON GUNNING) went for Mark’s job originally and was aptly turned down for it due to his lack of qualifications, skills and training.

    Personally after watching (LYNDON GUNNING) for a while I saw that he was very disorganized, unprofessional, uncaring, sloppy, non detailed, not trust worthy, unfocused, rude and totally sexist. (LYNDON GUNNING)

    He (LYNDON GUNNING) was also very immature, deceitful and not at all truthful.

    He (LYNDON GUNNING) was always late, disorganized and unapologetic to clients.

    I sincerely hope that Straight and Narrow Inc gets it right and fires (LYNDON GUNNING) and anyone else there that is as pathetic as he is as a human being.

    Although I think it may be impossible to be as pathetic of a human being as (LYNDON GUNNING) is.

    He (LYNDON GUNNING) is the lowest form of life on god’s green earth.

  3. This place is the worst place for anyone to be. Its staff is rude. This place is dirty . My daughter had a dyfs case open she was in a shelter and was given the choice to do IOP or the mommy and me program here. She didn’t want to lose her son to the state and decided to go here so she can have her son with her so he would become part if the state and he wouldnt have been he would have been given to myself .My daughter chose to be with her son. This was a dug issue for my daughter.By the time she went in she was clean of any drugs. No detox . She was there 2 months they was short staff and they made only 2 meetings. When my daughter had her son there was no issue on how she was parenting, The child was never in harm . His was with me or his other grandmother.When with my daughter she was doing the right thing. Did I beleive she should get help before it got out of hand and she lost her son YES!! My daughters not perfect. They said 4-6 months . Well instead of it being a drug rehab that they couldn’t keep up on. It became a parenting and attitude issue. NOT why she was there at all. Her son turned 1 in there learning how to walk. He had fell and hit his head a few times. Leaving red marks not lumps on his head. Made her take him to the hospital like 10 times. Saying that was bad parenting. Idk my kids fell when they was learning how to walk. at one point the hospital said you dont have to bring him everytime he hits his head unless he has a lump or badly bruise never that . They complained about her walking down the hall and him right behind her. BTW this was all at our family meeting. Then complaint about her attitude with the staff. From what I saw from the meeting the staff was not friendly or professional . Actually to be honest her sister and I started with alittle attitude our selfs. Because all the things they was complaining about had nothing to do with why she was there . Oh the lady complaining about my grandson falling as we are all in the meeting in a circle and my grandson walking around inside our circle . Watched him as he fell cause hes learning and she had nothing to say when i asked so how was thet to be prvented. So all this complaining and nothing about the drug program she was suppose to be in . While she was in there myself and his other grandmother and 1 weekend a month each to spend time with our grandson. My daughter while in there approved for a program keeping families together low income housing need to be ready to leave in 4-8 weeks that would have brought her to like 5 months . They was refusing that. So now my daughter was going to lose housing . Lucky for her the DYFS worker was there with us and informed us my daughter did not have to stay she can sign herself out when ready to go into housing . Since she was not part of the state. My daughter argreed to stay the 4-8 weeks until she got housing and go into a IOP program that would treat her for what she needed to be treated for DRUGS!!! not parenting not her attitude . In this meeting my daughter was crying the only attitude was probably myself and her sister . When we was calling them out on the issues we had concerns about my daughter not getting the treatment she needed and the welfare of my grandson\Nephew. SO we leave the meeting and she is now told not sure how they actually put it . That our vistitations was now cut down to 1 hour . She was limited to all contact from us and limited to what she was allowed to do there. Seems like they were being spiteful to me. My grandson is now running a temp for 3 days my daughter kept asking to take him to the hospital. They said take motrin he will be fine from his shots. They bring him everytime for a red mark on his head to make her look bad but not when he has a fever throwing up and diareah. turth was they didnt have enough staff to take him this time . Well after they said they will send some one up to bring him hours went by. My daughter as any mother would took it in her hands and walked out to the hospital with her son . I did go there to make sure it was what my daughter was saying . Sure enough 103 fever puking diareah . Dr said it was a virus and needed the motrin and the Pedialyte. Dr noted on the papers not due to shots. Now she can not go back . When she did what any other mother would do. If they was doing the right thing they should have let her back with a drug test becasue again thats why she was there . NOPE!! So they are unprofessional rude and not doing the job for what the client is there for.
    OK now lets talk about how dirty this place is when brought up in the meeting they knew about the issues that can be very harmful to my child and expecially to my 1 year old grandson. On visitations in the room we was in birds all over in side walking on the floor flying over your heads. Mice running around the unit and in the daycare . Where my daughter had to take her son out becasue she didnt wnat him in there. Good parenting to me. Bugs all over. Then come to find out they had bed bugs in one of the rooms . Treated one room and not the buliding or even the whole floor . They new about this at the meeting did not deny any of it when i brought it to all off there attentions. Its in a horrible area when you walk out all you smell is weed . Then she leaves goes back for her things and told she cant have her card for food because she left the program and has to reapply what kind of crab is that , She only has 2 months left in this county before she is transfered to another county where her housing will be. To me again spiteful. I think they should knock it down clean it up get new staff. Its infested with all kinds of bugs and rodents. Find staff thats going to treat you for the correct reasons for what the cleint is there for. My daughter even asked when we go to more meetings was told not enough staff. My daughter is now out with her son and has to be all over until she gets her apt. Its been 2 days shes been to one meeting another tonight she likes to go . Is also on the phone calling for IOP programs to get into. So to me shes serious about trying to hold her sobrity together . If they was doing what they was suppose to be the place was clean . My daughter would have still been there i thing you need a few months to get the program going for yourself. I can go on. Just knwo this place gets a ZERO star from me since my daughter did not get the proper treatment she needed and was there for . Waste of 2.5 months. If your child has a problem I advise everyone to look somewhere else . NOT a good program what so ever!!!!!!

    • OOPs sorry for the miss spells but you get the point. Just was going to fast because i am mad. Also at work . But you get the point . Do not send your child there!!! There are alot of better places for them to go to.

  4. I agree with every comment that was made. It is a dirty, shoddy, unprofessionally operated facility. NOTHING gets done for the individuals there, It is a pathetic excuse for a drug rehab. The neighborhood that it is in, is horrible. DO NOT send your loved one to this place. The staff is totally unprofessional and like the others have stated, they are very RUDE. Keep your distance from this place.

  5. I an an educated, recovering addict and I met with the Executive Director, Sam Pirozzi, at another clinic that he worked for some years ago and he was incredibly unprofessional and inappropriate on a daily basis. He was constantly losing his temper and screaming like a madman at staff and residents alike over trivial things . He did not know how to have an open dialogue. The first time I met him his veins were bulging out of his neck while he was screaming at me and his face was purple because someone else left a broom in the wrong place in a closet. He fired all the original counselors and hired new ones who were much less experienced and he took favor to hiring and promoting young women. He constantly insulted and humiliated the residents. It does not surprise me that reviews of his staff here reflect the same kinds of behaviors. I cannot believe he works in this field. Despicable human being. I think he was fired from the other place because one day he was there, the next day he wasn’t with no explanation. He is a scary one.

    This place may say it primary focus is on making sure there patients are well taken care of and supported through out their addiction. This is not the case this place wants to keep you along as they can in order to receive money, The Rudeness, lack of communication, and lack of working with its patients is unreal. First let me state how I am not a drug addict nor was I admitted to this program however a loved on was . How the staff which are recovered addicts which amazes me, but how they talk to people who aren’t even patients there is insane. I am a business owner and let one thing be understood it does not matter who the person is age, race, religion,sex or anything you treat everyone with proper manners. I would like to see who hires these workers because the staff is unfriendly the patient I’m writing in regards about barley sees her counselor. Straight and Narrow is in the same condition the city it is located in. Much work needs to be done in order to provide for its patients. I speak on behalf of a pregnant women who has missed doctor appointments which in her condition put the child in risk. She has missed doctor appointments has not been treated fairly and I do have audio recording which I plan on filing a complaint. I want to keep this short the man above may truly want to get patients clean but the facility is not run right. I would love to see some responses but I will not sleep until something is done with this program. IF you have any questions i love to help anyone stay away from this hell hol4.

  7. Worst place to go. Imagine you’re living the movie Annie while she’s in a rat infested orphanage. The food was horrible and I learned nothing because the ‘didactic’ groups are taught by simpletons. Unless a judge mandates you there, stay away.

    • This facility is a nightmare!!!! They list my housing, detoxed without my consent from methadone and when realized it increased my does over 40mgs in one day, they increased pysch meds to compensate for detox and then called DYFS and finally discharged me and kept my son and told DYFS I left him. Fortunately I have 5 yrs clean and sober no help to them and custody of my kids. They are a evil place and if can avoid, run far away from there.

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