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The Basics

The STOP Clinic of Cary, North Carolina was founded in 1992 by Leslie Lyon to offer rapid detox from cocaine and heroin. Today the facility’s main focuses are the smoking cessation and weight loss programs. STOP Clinic integrates a number of alternative, holistic methods and products in conjunction with behavioral modification techniques.

Treatment and Staff

Potential clients can set up an appointment online prior to their first in person meeting where the initial evaluation takes place. The STOP Clinic uses a comprehensive approach along with some methods that incorporate some gentle and alternative measures to prevent craving and promote a natural detox process.

While in the past the STOP Clinic used techniques that are now considered controversial, and in same cases, even dangerous, such as a medical procedure known as The Shot, the programming now combines electrical stimulation treatments, or Auricular Therapy, counseling, psychoeducation, and aftercare support. Auricular Therapy is mainly used just to stop cravings while the individual counseling sessions provide behavior modification tools. There are some medication management services provided as well using medications like Chantix and Zyban that are tacked on as an added measure of support.

Some of the methods of treatment include ear acupuncture, hypnosis, nicotine patch, gum and lozenges. For smoking clients the main method is applying a mild electrical stimulation to the 10th cranial nerve. This provides an endorphin release and blocks the individual’s desire for nicotine and cravings in general. The smoking cessation program is often combined with the weight loss program as well.

The rapid detox typically takes about five visits to the clinic for the process to be complete, and also includes the weight loss track. The smoking program usually only requires one main treatment with a follow up. This program is safe for clients of all ages and regardless of ailments.

The STOP Clinic employs hypnotists, acupuncturists and holistic practitioners.


Auricular Therapy is also offered to clients who are struggling with alcoholism, are going through menopause, or sexual dysfunction issues.

In Summary

The STOP Clinic has gone through a variety of treatment methods over the years and have found great success with the Auricular Therapy technique. Though this method isn’t widely known, and some clients may need to be willing to step outside of their comfort zones, those who have experienced this alternative treatment method have had good results.

STOP Clinic
875 Walnut St #275
Cary, NC 27511

STOP Clinic Cost: Call for details. Reach STOP Clinic by phone at (919) 467-5966. Find STOP Clinic on Facebook

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