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In 2010, Stonegate Center opened its doors as a 90-day faith-based residential treatment program for men battling addiction. Stonegate was founded by Austin Davis, an LPC who received his Master’s in Counseling from The Church of God Theological Seminary in Dallas. Stonegate Center sits on eighteen rural acres in Azle, Texas—a small city sixteen miles northwest of Fort Worth.

Accommodations and Food

Stonegate can accommodate up to 32 men, with an average occupancy of 25. The facility’s campus includes one residential building and a treatment building a short walk away. The residence houses men two to five per room, each room with its own bathroom. Common areas include a media room with TV and a modern, fully-equipped kitchen with stainless steel appliances. Clients have access to a house phone for calling family as well as a well-appointed gym facility.

Stonegate’s treatment philosophy emphasizes cultivating physical health. To that end, residents participate in nutrition education, though a certified nutritionist plans all meals. Residents have a chore schedule that rotates weekly which includes working on the meal-preparation team, ensuring that each resident has ample experience in the kitchen during their 90-day stay. The staff performs all food shopping.

Treatment and Staff

The 90-day treatment program has three phases, each corresponding to one month of treatment. In phase one, residents are closely supervised and receive staff support during all treatment and social activities. In this initial stage staff also formulates a treatment plan and establishes recovery goals with the resident. In phase two, clients take on additional responsibilities in Stonegate’s therapeutic community and develop a greater sense of personal responsibility and accountability. Phase three helps clients craft a post-treatment action plan and set educational and professional goals. Counselors help to plan housing, develop a support network and strategize how to continue treatment once the residential stage is complete.

Residents attend group therapy each morning and afternoon and have individual therapy and counseling sessions as-needed. Groups usually contain 10 to 12 participants and are led by Master’s-level therapists and addiction counselors including LPCs, Licensed MFTs and LCDCs.

Peer support meetings are also an important component of treatment at Stonegate. Residents are required to attend daily meetings—either 12-step or Celebrate Recovery. Meetings are hosted on-site and residents are also transported to a community meeting, depending on the day of the week.

Stonegate is equipped to treat residents with co-occurring disorders as long as substance abuse is their primary diagnosis. The resident medical director can help fulfill and administer medication, but there is no psychiatrist on staff to prescribe medication, as such, medication management is not available. If a resident’s mental health declines while in treatment, they are transferred to a nearby behavioral health hospital (which also provides pre-treatment detox services for Stonegate’s clients).  At least one staff-member, many of whom are alumni of Stonegate, stays overnight at the residence to supervise and help as-needed.

As a faith-based treatment program, residents participate in Christian-oriented recovery activities such as a morning and evening devotional and Bible-based Big Book Studies. All residents must attend church on Sundays, but Stonegate does not pressure residents to accept a religious orientation they’re not comfortable with. Stonegate reports great success treating clients from non-Christian faiths and those who choose not accept a religious path.


Residents are also taken on weekly recreational trips, with recent activities including playing paint ball and racing go-carts. Families are encouraged to take an active role in their loved one’s recovery and are invited to a weekly Tuesday night family therapy group and a once-a-month family weekend workshop.

In Summary

For over five years, Stonegate Center has helped men arrest their addictions and create stable and productive lives in sobriety. Its 90-day program heavily emphasizes developing life skills and an optimistic spiritual relationship with oneself and one’s community. Clients leave treatment having learned how to regulate their behavior and be of service to themselves and others. Stonegate is ideal for men seeking a faith-based program that helps them develop a recovery community to support their long-term sobriety.

Stonegate Center Location

7510 FM 1886
Azle, TX 76020

Stonegate Center Cost

$15,000 (each 30 days for 90 days). Reach Stonegate Center by phone at (817)993-9733. Find Stonegate Center on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. This place was the worst experience of my life. I struggle with alcoholism and decided to take action and get help. I initially went to another facility to detox and had a horrible stay. I witnessed a man suffering with schizophrenia literally make everyone’s life a living hell. My wife did some research and told me I should attend Stone Gate when I got released from detox. I eventually did a pre-assessment with intake or “the shady salesman” who absolutely sold me on choosing Stone Gate for my in-patient recovery treatment. The man told me I would be bonding with and riding horses daily which is a distinct therapeutic way to approach recovery. This man told me there was a beautiful lake on the property in which I could fish and spend quality meditation time. This man lied through his teeth to get me in that horrible place and to get whatever his commission is on my $1,000 a day. When I arrived at Stone Gate a young cocky 19 year old kid inspected my bags while blowing vapor in my face. After the 2-3 hour long process of getting my bags ripped apart and sitting down with the intake lady, I was lead to my quarters. I was put in the room called “the barracks”. This room smelled like feet and consisted of 5 bunk beds which slept 10 men. My jaw literally dropped. I was in shock at the living conditions. I was unable to sleep a minute due to the fact that they brought in a meth addict who had only detoxed for 2 days and was throwing up and screaming all night. The first morning I met with their Nurse Practitioner who informed me she would be prescribing my meds. I asked her if I would meet with the Psychiatrist (who the intake criminal said I’d meet with) and she laughed and said “You’re talking to her”. No disrespect but an NP is not an MD. The days were long and the treatment was a joke. The Clinical Director and his staff were ridiculous. They cursed like sailors and didn’t seem to have a clue. They would literally drop the “F Bomb” during our Bible study. I am a Christian and couldn’t believe how disrespectful that was. There is no way any of the counselors were/are qualified to treat any of the patients in that facility. They are there to receive their paycheck and bow their chests at us addicts. I didn’t hear one thing from them that could help me in my recovery. I can go on and on about this but need to move to other things. Buddy with the beard who ran the place was a universal prick. Him and his skinny jean wearing clone were as arrogant as the sun is hot. They hungered for drama and made us pull up our roommate’s in a circle session 3 times a week. This process is called “Community”. Basically it was a chance to get everyone feuding and fighting and allowed the 2 arrogant clowns to pick apart their prey. I wanted to drive an overhand right through both of their faces as they ridiculed and reprimanded the weak. Not only was I dealing with all this non sense, but I was also told we can’t talk to our family until being there for 14 days and can only make that phone call on a Sunday. On top of that you can only see your family after you have been there for 31 days. I am married and have a young baby! There was no way that would work for me. There wasn’t anything like the intake criminal said there was going to be. We don’t ride horses and you’re not aloud to go down to the little creek on the facility. Oh the lies!!! I finally had enough of this place and decided to leave on my 6th day. I asked for my bags and they refused to comply with my request. It took over 3 hours of battling with these jokers to finally get my stuff. The clinical director came and tried to use his clinician skills to get me to stay. Buddy said I wanted to leave so I could drink and was trying to push my buttons in everyway possible. I finally told him I was starting to get angry and assured him it was in his personal best interest for that to happen. My bags were finally handed over to me. I hiked several miles to the gas station and tried to call my family for a ride home. Of course the liars got on the phone and told my family that I was crazy and wanted to leave so I could drink. They coached my family to not answer their phones and said he will eventually work his way back. Needless to say I got a ride home and explained to my family the truth of the whole situation. I was able to get into an inpatient facility in Grapevine which was the best thing to ever happen to me. I have remained sober and am now receiving IOP treatment along with AA. DO NOT EVER GO TO STONE GATE. These people are not qualified and are criminals.

  2. Robert Dulworth on

    I was not impressed with the Stonegate Center they do not help with the detox process and give the patient correect meds to make this a easy process. Even when there blood pressure go sky high they did help my son which could have killed him. Then i found this out and had a conversation with the CLININCIAL DIRECTOR and stared questioning him he never looked at me for over 30 minute conversation. He is very unproffessionl and rude. Then went i return to see my Son he walked and still never looked and at me and said he will have to leave to my son he is not approved to be here. He could have said Mr. ETC. may i talked to your alone and explain his reason for not wanting to visit my son. Once again he is very unproffessional and very rude man taling to older father and a very professional business man. He need to show some repect to sone one father who nothing but only careing about the will being of his son.. It is a very serious thing when you tell somone father he can not visit with his own son. If he had acted properly and professional we would have been able to work out what ever he thought the problem was with him visinting his son. Due the fact this center is very expensive they had my son cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms as if he was in JAIL. I do the the owners are trying to keep there payroll down and using the patients in a in proper way. I do hope this inside view of this will help people not to choose this center for there love ones. i have also read posts from other employees there was not enough staff to deal with the patients there. I guess once again the owners are trying to keep payroll down for more profit for them.

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