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Starlite Recovery Center is located on 55 acres of Texas Hill Country an hour northwest of San Antonio, a terrain consisting of rugged hills and wild vegetation. Wildflowers, yucca, prickly pear cacti, cedar scrub and oak trees sprawl over the natural landscape. Viewing chemical dependency as a potentially fatal disease, Starlite Recovery Center provides residential treatment services for adults and young adult men, as well as a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). It has been operating for more than for more than 30 years and is the oldest freestanding drug rehab in Texas.

Accommodations and Food

The adult residential program has a 99-bed capacity. Gender-specific rooms are shared, each with twin beds adorned with wooden headboards, a small desk, a decorative lamp and a chair. A Southwest motif is evident in the earth-toned comforters and lampshade. Each room has a spacious bathroom.

From the outside, The Starlite Café where meals are served looks like a 1950s style diner. The spacious interior includes lofty ceilings with two rustic fans, an interior wall with windows and white oval tables. A private chef cooks the meals, catering to a variety of diets, including vegetarian, vegan, Heart Healthy and special needs. A juice bar is in the dining room.

A typical breakfast meal includes eggs, sausage or bacon, toast and oatmeal. A wide variety of cold cereals and fresh cut fruit are offered. For lunch and dinner, the salad bar is stocked with a variety of fresh leafy greens, vegetables and other salad toppings. Residents have a choice of soup. American and Tex-Mex cuisine is served for those who have no special dietary requirements.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment typically lasts 30 days. Prior to admission, a physical exam and psychiatric evaluation is completed. Residents receive individualized treatment plans, with weekly treatment including individual therapy, four group sessions and 12-step meetings. Groups consist of a small number of residents and cover such topics as life skills, interpersonal communication skills, anger management, co-occurring disorders, stress management and family dynamics of addiction. Gender-specific, LGBT, chronic relapse and opiate addiction groups are also offered.

The 12 steps are an integral part of treatment. Residents attend AA and NA meetings at the facility and in the local area. A Big Book study meeting is offered, and residents are encouraged to complete the first five steps before they leave.

Detox services are provided, and residents undergoing detox who are physically equipped to handle weekly therapy and meetings are allowed to do so. EMDR and dual diagnosis support are also offered and medication-assisted treatment is available for suitable residents.

The staff includes a behavioral health specialist/executive director, medical director, physician, director of nursing, clinical program coordinator, two Master’s-level therapists, three case managers, an equine therapy facilitator, an alumni coordinator, a recreational activities/staff training director and a six-year old quarter horse.

Cell phones are not allowed and pay phone privileges are limited.

Aftercare includes online support groups, as well as alumni meetings, and is included in treatment cost.

For those who require additional therapy, intensive outpatient services are provided, at an additional cost. Weekly treatment includes group therapy, 12-step meetings and working with a sponsor. PHP and IOP are also provided for clients who can’t stay at the rehab overnight.


The rehab has a pool area and a fitness room with treadmills and full cardio and weight workout equipment. There is a patio with a picnic table and wooden lounge chairs. Shade is provided by surrounding trees.

For those seeking a faith-based approach, Starlite Recovery Center provides a Christian Treatment program. Weekly treatment includes individual therapy with a certified Christian counselor, Christian-based group therapy, and attendance at Celebrate Recovery meetings. Bible study groups, daily journaling, meditation and individual meetings with a chaplain are integrated into the Christian treatment program.

Starlite Recovery Center’s “Neoterics” program is designed for young adult males between the ages of 18 and 28, and combines outdoor recreational sports such as kayaking, fishing and ropes courses with traditional therapy treatments. Clients can participate in a variety of recreational activities including equine therapy, a ropes course, sand volleyball, swimming, gym workouts, golf and on-campus movie nights.

A family program is provided. Residents are encouraged to include relatives in their treatment through face-to-face family sessions and phone calls with their therapist.

In Summary

With a spectacular setting as well as a number of the extras, Starlite can help residents to help them find their true inner selves, as well as to connect to a Higher Power at a reasonable price point.

Starlite Recovery Center Location

230 Mesa Verde Dr E
Center Point, TX 78010

Starlite Recovery Center Cost

$21,000 out of pocket (30 days). Reach Starlite Recovery Center at (866) 220-1626. Find Starlite Recovery Center at Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Twitter

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  1. Please do not send your son to this place. The Neos are treated like they are not even humans. The techs who are around them most of the time are judgmental and hateful. The lead counselor Christi Gryder manipulates records to get clients removed that ask questions and don’t bow to her power hungry attitude. The CEO is the only one with any licensing and she lives 5 hours away in Dallas and has no contact with the clients. The counseling staff is only there M-F 8a-5p and they refuse to interact with the clients family. They promise the moon and stars and send the clients to hell.


    They are outrageous with enforcing ridiculous rules, which is a common thing at every rehab or a common belief everywhere, but this was my 6th and it was sooooo much more extreme.

    The counselor Jose, who did like 13 years in prison, is actually a good counselor during group, but he only works with males and he has a great deep sense of admitted insecurity and it comes out as he wanted to fight one of the clients once or said “i had to do everything from bashing his face.” So…if you’re in legal trouble…they always put you with him and its not a problem, but there didn’t seem to be very good communication between everybody and I heard they are or may have already changed the leadership there, but it doesn’t effect the real problem that EVERY FEW DAYS IS THE SAME!!! You need some repetitiveness of course, but the fact that it is so repetitive makes you almost unenthusiastic about recovery.

    And god forbid you talk to a girl (you’ll know if you go there)

    I mean it’s common to have problems at every rehab but trust from someone who knows and has been allover the US that this is not the place to go to. They apparently used to have a great food budget and I haven’t gone to jail, but everybody complained it was like jail food.

    And they work with people they know and I’m sure people who really need it (especially multiple relapsers that have gone there multiple times) but they charge them all different rates and I shouldn’t go into the lowest one but it was 1350 for less than 30 days…maybe it was 14 or 17 (it would seem 17) but that was only 1 person so i mean it shows their operating budget…I’m 100% sure the person paid 1350, a couple others 1400 and others 1700 but I forget the exact length of stay.

    On a positive note and I have mentioned positive things, a couple counselors seriously care (mainly Alex) and Joe who probably is the head now replacing the blonde haired idiot from before that had no idea what she was doing but replaced another person who was either fired or chose to go to a different rehab (prob. chose she didn’t seem the type to get fired).

    I would suggest, especially with no legal problems and if you are a female, that you go to not Margo or Jose. Jose can be great for some and he is kryptonite for others because he hasn’t had the education to really know how to get too deep with somebody but you can’t expect the best from everyone and everywhere; you get what you pay for. The great thing I think they do is offer the Vivitrol shots (which are elsewhere too) but regardless of if you go there or not, if you don’t have severe pain problems and have problems with alcohol and opiates, you should try it for a month (1 shot) and it will keep you from any high, but be careful it could push you into other drugs and it’s $1,000 a shot (and they aren’t making money off that which is a positive thing)

    But I can’t tell you how much some of the techs care and some are seriously on a power trip.

    Bottom line and this is a fact: if you can afford somewhere else, GO THERE FOR SURE!!!! NO QUESTION ABOUT THAT…rehab doesn’t always but in this case does come down to dollars and cents. I know the people work there for next to nothing and it’s sad because they are doing god’s work.

    • I had the experience that I can only say positive. I put in my work and the counselor did his part. The staff treated me with respect as I treated them with respect. I acted like an adult and got treated like an adult. My experience with the NEO’s was not very positive. They ran around acting like they were owed something and that they were blessing us with their presence. I did reach out to a couple of them and it seemed they turned around. Needless to say the NEO’s are probably better suited for a rehab that’s geared toward their age group. Star Lite helped me but I had to do my part. I am 18 months sober and am continuing to volunteer my time there and sponsor as many as I can. That is how I’m staying sober. It works. It really does.

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