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St. John of God Health Care Services


St. John of God Health Care Services Review

Located in Victorville, California, St. John of God Health Care Services provides a hospitable, respectful and healing environment for men and women seeking recovery from drugs and alcohol. With a successful history of social model recovery services, St. John of God offers extensive and thorough treatment and aftercare for low to no cost.

Since 1985, St. John of God has provided inpatient treatment for addicts and their families. Though the facility started with only 12 beds, it has since expanded into a large community of buildings and programs, with support and housing for teenagers, adults and women with children.

Accommodations and Food

Before beginning a 90-day residential program, adults are required to first undergo a seven-day detox. Because St. John follows a social model, it is not medically supervised or assisted, nor are there any medical staff available otherwise.

Once sober, residents are admitted into the 90-day program from a waiting list, which can sometimes mean waiting as long as six weeks. Clients are housed in two-person rooms, with four in each dorm and a shared bathroom. Housing is divided by gender, with teenagers and women with children housed separately. Meals are provided three times a day, with an emphasis on communal dining.

Treatment and Staff

Residents at St. John have a very full schedule consisting of daily meetings, individual therapy and communal activities, as well as plenty of on-site 12-step meetings. Though there are no outside activities, meals or travel allowed (except for doctor’s appointments), off-site 12-step meetings are also available.

During the first 90 days, having clients refocus on family and rebuild the necessary life skills for full-time employment or schooling are primary concerns. To that end, St. John works closely with San Bernardino County and CalWORKS Outreach Program to assist formerly homeless and addicted individuals with children to become self-reliant again. This partnership (paired with their aftercare program) is a successful and reputable path for those seeking to better their lives and the futures of their children.


After the 90-day program, transitional living is available for 14 men and nine women with children, where residents can stay for up to a year while enrolled in school or while working full time. In addition to housing, St. John also offers many free classes through their Hospitality Center for GED prep or anger management. For parents seeking recovery through St. John of God, there is also free daycare provided for children up to five years old while their parents are in daily meetings or attending classes.

St. John also operates Samaritan’s Helping Hands and the Second Time Around thrift store in Victorville. Samaritan’s Helping Hands is an emergency network that assists members of the community in need of food, medicine, clothing and other essentials. The Second Time Around thrift store is operated on a volunteer basis, with all sales used to keep treatment prices low.

In Summary

St. John of God offers thorough 12-step based treatment for little to no cost to those who might not have other resources available. The program offers extensive options for aftercare, transitional living and free daycare, as well as resources to help residents find employment and further their educations. Overall, St. John of God is a reliable choice for those looking to improve their own life, as well as the lives of their families.

St. John of God Heath Care Services Location

13333 Palmdale Rd
Victorville, CA 92392

St. John of God Health Care Services Cost

Sliding scale (30 days); $105 (7-day detox). No insurance accepted. Reach St John of God Health Care Services by phone at (760) 241-4917. Find St John of God Health Care Services on Facebook

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  1. Nothing but good experience so far. Kind understanding and helpful. Limited contact is hard but it’s for the sake of the recovery and that is, after all, what it’s all about. Wonderful, successful program. Wish they had more resources to cut wait times but they do all they can for as many as they can.

  2. It could be possible that this was a choice your husband made. The whole point of the limited contact is for the addict to focus on their recovery. I understand its difficult and stressful as addiction does not only impact the addict but this seems like a one sided complaint. You should maybe look into counseling for yourself and the effect his addiction has had on you. God speed.

  3. shannon kirkland on

    i have a complaint about the drug rehab program at st john of gods located at 13333 palmdale rd. victorville ca. i took my husband to this rehab to get help. He has had a long history of drug abuse due to a severe childhood trauma that he experienced He has been there almost 90 days now. About 2 weeks ago i was told i can no longer talk to my husband or see him while he is in the program. This has become very stressful for me. I have no way of contacting my husband to see what is going on. After further invesigation of the program and its counselors. i have come to find out that his counselor Dixie Bolan is not a certified counselor and has just 3 years sober and barely got off of probation in oct 2015. i do not believe that she is qualified or properly educated to be counseling someone with serious issues like my husband has. Furthermore i have reason to believe that there is a violation of the code of ethics and that she has an inappropriate relationship with my husband, her patient. I am also disappointed that the program would allow such behavior as abandoning your wife and responsibilities without a reasonable explanation. If for whatever reason my husband has decided to end our marriage i believe that the program should encourage him or advise him to confront his wife and seek marriage counseling. I would not expect them to allow him to run and hide from his marital responsibilities by letting him cut off all contact with his wife and leaving her not knowing what has happened. I have always been a good wife and supported my husband completely. I have never been unfaithful and have wanted him to get help for his drug addiction. The program i suspposed to help the patient refocus on faimily and teach them life skills and how to deal with everyday issues. I dont feel that he is being advised properly. I need to know that he is being properly taken care of and by licensed or certified professional. Thank You

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