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From the porch of a two-story white house on Walnut Street in Spokane, Washington hangs a wooden sign: “SPARC” and, underneath that, “Admission.” The SPARC house is in a residential neighborhood, so it’s not obvious to people passing by that the acronym stands for Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers. Spokane Addiction Recovery has five facilities offering substance abuse services: four recovery homes and the Walnut Street house, where outpatient groups meet.

Accommodations and Food

Two of the recovery homes are for men and two are for women. The homes are regular single-family dwellings: they can each accommodate between six and 10 residents at a time; sharing rooms and bathrooms like an extended family. And just like a family, clients are responsible for making their own meals and doing chores—groceries and cleaning supplies are all provided. For clients who are worse off, lacking necessary items like clothing, the staff doesn’t leave them high and dry; in partnership with Frontier Behavioral Health, Spokane Addiction Recovery runs an additional center that provides resources for the homeless and indigent.

Treatment and Staff

Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers don’t provide detox or dual diagnosis support but it can make referrals during the initial evaluation at the outpatient site on Walnut Street. Based on the outcome of a psychological evaluation, counselors make a recommendation for the client’s care. Clients who need 24-hour supervision are forwarded to one of the recovery homes, where residents typically stay between 28 and 90 days.

Unlike many facilities, Spokane Recovery Centers doesn’t center its recovery program around the 12-step method; it believes that each recovery path looks different from the next. Residential treatment is divided by gender but basic programming is similar to the outpatient schedule with the added structure of an overnight stay.

A client who needs less supervision and who has a safe, sober place to sleep at night is typically referred to the outpatient program. Group therapy happens Monday through Friday at the Walnut Street house. Groups are mostly co-ed, and focus on education about chemical dependency, discussion around how to live a sober lifestyle and how to prevent relapse. Some groups are gender-specific, however, to allow clients the space to speak more openly about particularly sensitive issues like domestic violence and anger management. Spokane insists every client’s recovery plan is tailored to individual need, so the amount of group and individual therapy a client receives varies from person to person. There is no formal aftercare program; clients can outline an informal plan with their individual counselors to ensure long-term recovery.

There are Master’s-level counselors at Spokane Recovery Centers as well as accredited drug and alcohol counselors. The staff-to-client ratios vary by facility but generally hover around one-to-three.


Spokane Recovery Centers offer Alcohol and Drug Information School (ADIS) for all clients. Specific support is also offered for Native American clients: provision of valuable information about addiction, connection with peers and with counselors on community-specific challenges.

In Summary

The digs at Spokane Recovery Centers are well oiled, traditional and community oriented. As it stands, all of the services offered are reserved for state-funded clients, so this is a solid option for those with Medicaid.

Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers Location

812 South Walnut St
Spokane, WA 99204

Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers Cost

Medicaid only. Reach Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers by phone (509) 624-3251 or (509) 624-5228. Find Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers at Facebook

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  1. ReNae Bertoloer on

    What a freaking joke!! The very first words out of their mouth ONCE THEY ANSWERED THE PHONE was … “what insurance do you have?” It is obvious they don’t give a shit about who is on the other end of the line … they only care about money in their pocket.

  2. Hello , my name is Henry Martin and I’m trying to find out if my daughter, Angelina Martin, checked into your Recovery Home yesterday. She called me Tuesday night and said she was finally accepted, and leaving Seattle Wednesday morning and arriving in Spokane that afternoon. She didn’t know if she would be allowed to call us once the was settled in. Would it be possible for someone from the office to call or email me, and let her mom and I know that she did check in…..thank You

    • Hi, I just happened to come across your post as I was reading info on sparc, as I’m going to be checking into there on Tuesday. Angelina is actually a very good friend of mine. We met at Lakeside a few years back. Im pretty sure that due to private policies, they can not tell U whether she is in there or not, so in case U haven’t heard anything, when I get there I’ll definitely tell her to get a hold of her family ASAP!

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