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Spiritual Gardens Women’s Recovery Center


Women's Recovery CenterThe Basics

Spiritual Gardens Women’s Recovery Center offers sober living for adult women in a beautiful setting in New Haven, Connecticut. The program is housed in the historic Babcock Mansion, which was originally built in 1863 by local newspaper mogul, James Babcock. It once housed a catering company, then became a concert venue. In 2009, the mansion had fallen into disrepair and the current owners purchased it from the bank to give it new life as a home for women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Accommodations and Amenities

Babcock Mansion is a sprawling, three-story Victorian house situated on a hill above the Quinnipiac River. The exterior features elaborate woodwork, high gables, a large porch, greenhouse, garden and dark-wood trim throughout inside.

A total of 14 residents can be housed in the seven bedrooms on the second and third floors, two women to a room, each with ample storage space and lots of windows. Three bathrooms with tubs and showers are shared between the women. The ground floor also has a half bathroom. There are several common areas, one on each floor. The living room has a fireplace and plenty of seating as well as a TV with cable. There is a washer and dryer available to all residents. The dining hall serves as the house meeting space. The kitchen has lots of counter space and an island for food prep and storage of all utensils, silverware and the dishwasher. Healthy meals are provided and residents take turns helping with food prep and cleanup. The estate’s large garden is a source of many fresh foods.

Rules and Regulations

The Spiritual Gardens Women’s Recovery Center program is offered in three phases, Phase One is called Extra Care, Phase Two is referred to as Sober Living Plus and Phase Three is know as A New Freedom. Phase One structures each day with 12-step meetings, group therapy, meditation, yoga, and exercise. Residents are required to attend daily off-site AA/NA meetings and obtain a sponsor in the first month. Off-site visitation is not allowed until after the first month, in Phase Two. Curfew is 10 pm. Phases Two and Three allow for more freedom. Phase Two incorporates family, employment and social activities. Phase Three transitions residents to a more independent style of living in four-person apartments. Women continue to attend weekly house meetings, work full-time and are active in the local AA/NA fellowship.

Sharing information about other residents is prohibited. Common areas are kept clean and free of personal belongings. Non-residents are not allowed in bedrooms. Beds are to be made by 9 am Monday through Friday. No food is allowed in bedrooms, only water. Bathrooms must kept clean at all times. Personal toiletries are not allowed to be stored in the bathroom. Everything in the kitchen has an assigned storage space. The refrigerator, appliances, counters and prep islands are cleaned immediately after use. Laundry is done on assigned days and removed immediately from the washer and dryer.

Chores lists are posted Wednesdays and Sundays and are completed as specified unless another arrangement is made. Designated quiet time is 10 pm to 9 am. The living room and hall double doors are closed to prevent sound from traveling upstairs. The second and third floor common areas are off limits during this time. Failure to comply with the rules may result in immediate discharge without rent refund. Two weeks notice is required prior to move out. No refunds are given if a client is evicted due to relapse, theft, or aggression toward another person.


Medication management, financial planning and assistance applying for food stamps and Medicaid is available. On-site individual therapy by a LCSW can be arranged.

In Summary

Spiritual Gardens Women’s Recovery Center’s offers highly-structured program for sober living. Those who are looking for freedom after coming out of inpatient treatment may not find this to be a good fit. However, for women who want support that focuses each resident on what needs to be accomplished to build a firm foundation in recovery, this is a great choice. The beautiful house, emphasis on the 12-steps and holistic methods are an added bonus to a solid program.

Spiritual Gardens Women’s Recovery Center
89 Sherland Avenue
New Haven, CT 06513

Spiritual Gardens Women’s Recovery Center Cost: Phase One – Extra Care is $1,400 for the first month, payable upon arrival. Phase One can be extended at the weekly rate of $350. Phase Two – Sober Living Plus is $760 per month. $20 per month for household supplies. Rent does not include food and phone costs. (30 days). Reach Spiritual Gardens Women’s Recovery Center by phone at 855-922-2202 or by email at [email protected] or [email protected]. Find Spiritual Gardens Women’s Recovery Center on Facebook

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