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SpectraCare Review

SpectraCare is a residential treatment facility in Dothan, a city in southern Alabama. Founded in 1968, it initially offered only mental health treatment, then later added a residential substance abuse program. SpectraCare is funded by private, state and federal contributions and local contracts, allowing accessible treatment to any client who seeks care.

Accommodations and Food

SpectraCare offers an inpatient program in a one-story ranch house called The Haven. Accommodations are divided by gender, with the men’s building hosting 26 clients and the women’s 10. The rooms are dorm-like, with two to three twin beds. Common areas include rooms for group and individual counseling. Outside of group meetings, clients are forbidden from talking or interacting with clients of the opposite sex. SpectraCare strictly enforces their rules—talking with a member of the opposite sex could lead to expulsion.

All meals and snacks are served in a dining room. There is a set menu, but adjustments are made depending on dietary needs or restrictions.

Treatment and Staff

The residential program at The Haven runs for 28 days and consists of both group and individual counseling held daily. Group meetings are three hours long, with the first hour dedicated to education. A broad range of topics is covered including self-esteem, the disease of addiction and relationship issues. The next two hours are open to discussion within the group. SpectraCare treatment is 12-step oriented with regular AA and NA meetings hosted by the facility.

Days at The Haven are structured, with set hours for wake-up and bedtime. Clients are required to help with chores and household tasks to foster community building and to develop responsibility and accountability. All electronics and cell phones are prohibited.

The Haven has three counselors and one program director. While the counselors are a mix of Master’s-level and Bachelor’s-level and the meeting curriculum is designed by a CSAC. Although the program does not specifically use CBT, the counselors do cover CBT-related topics in group discussions.

A doctor regularly visits The Haven to check in on clients and there is a staff nurse. If a client shows signs of a possible co-occurring disorder, they are referred to a psychiatrist in the mental health arm of SpectraCare.

SpectraCare’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) meets three times a week for 13 weeks. Each meeting is group format and lasts for three hours, with a staff-to-client ratio of one-to-15. Treatment involves the 12-step recovery approach and individual and family therapy.

After completing the IOP, clients can step down to the outpatient program, which meets twice a week for three-hour group meetings. The outpatient program lasts for 13 weeks.

All of SpectraCare’s programs are abstinence-based and clients are not allowed to drink or use drugs while in the program. Clients are given regular, spontaneous alcohol and drug tests while enrolled at SpectraCare. The IOP and outpatient clients are required to attend AA or NA meetings, with attendance cards signed by meeting secretaries. Clients are also highly encouraged to get a sponsor.


SpectraCare is actively involved in community outreach through their prevention services. Providing evidence- based educational activities, they aim to raise awareness about substance abuse and mental health issues.

Additionally, the Adolescent Recovery Program at SpectraCare uses the evidence-based “Cannabis Youth Treatment Series” as a course of recovery. This program involves the family in education groups and therapy.

In Summary

SpectraCare has affordable treatment options for clients seeking residential inpatient, IOP or outpatient programs.  However, clients who lack a stable home environment or who are at high-risk for relapse would likely benefit from another facility that offers an aftercare program.

SpectraCare Location

831 John D Odom Road
Dothan, AL 36303

SpectraCare Cost

$350 (28 days.) Reach SpectraCare at (334) 794-0907. Find SpectraCare on Facebook and Google+

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