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Solutions Recovery IncSolutions Recovery, Inc. Review

Drive 15 minutes west from Circus Circus or the Bellagio in Vegas and to find Solutions Recovery, Inc. There may be several rehabs called (and promising) “Solutions,” but only one is located in the heart of Sin City.

Accommodations and Food

At Solutions, 25 clients at a time stay in comfortable homes near the main treatment center. The houses feature recreational amenities like swimming pools, outdoor fire pits and pool tables. Although residents sleep in twin beds and share bedrooms with one or more roommates, the living rooms are more spacious, with high ceilings and plenty of decorative trimmings.

In the kitchens, residents can stock up on their groceries of choice or take cooking classes with a gourmet chef. Every Friday, residents and alumni assemble for a sober barbecue.

Treatment and Staff

Residents receive 30 hours a week of treatment and counseling. The Solutions staff includes several Master’s-level counselors and a number of specialists. The on-site nursing team and consulting doctors attend to clients’ medical needs, beginning with detox. Those suffering from chronic pain can take advantage of the non-narcotic pain management specialist on staff. In addition to drug and alcohol addictions, co-occurring disorders such as anger issues, eating disorders and problem gambling are addressed in group and individual counseling. Also integral to the program are a family program and daily 12-step meetings.

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and partial day treatment are also available at Solutions. And as part of its continuing care program, alumni are encouraged to attend a weekly group meeting for the first two years.


The Solutions Wellness Campus is home not only to the therapy but also to all the fun stuff. The Wellness Campus features its own café where residents can snack and socialize after a workout or a massage. At the heavily promoted Never Quit Gym, residents can beef up their fitness with personal training, yoga, boxing and martial arts. And because no Vegas vacation is complete without some pampering, residents can get haircuts and mani-pedis at T.H.E Salon or even a spray-on tan at Glow On The Go. Many of these perks to come at an extra cost.

Solutions also advertises a variety of holistic treatments and experiential therapies. New-age types may opt for auricular therapy and acupuncture, creative folks can try art and music therapy, and fans of the outdoors might prefer paddle boarding and hiking. Along with the now-ubiquitous equine therapy, there’s also a cuddlier alternative at Solutions: canine therapy. Again, some of these aren’t included in the basic treatment costs and thus not subject to insurance.

In Summary

Despite a decent clinical backbone, Solutions concentrates more on its “one-of-a-kind” Wellness Campus, especially the attached salon and gym. Those looking for a unique treatment experience with some added self-care options on the table might do well at Solutions Recovery.

Solutions Recovery, Inc. Location

2975 S Rainbow Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89146

Solutions Recovery, Inc. Cost

$19,000 (30 days). Reach Solutions Recovery, Inc. by phone at (855) 708-6995. Find Solutions Recovery on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+

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  1. rochelle hynous on

    If you decide to discharge yourself against medical advice after detox and being cleared you will not be treated very well.
    solutions recovery refused to take me to the airport because I did not have a confirmed flight home..solutoons was very concerned for my safety so an employee of solutions dropped me off at the shade tree shelter in north las vegas. The security guard at the shelter asked the employee of solouruins why I was being dropped off. the employee told the security guard where I came from. Security guard informed solutions employee and myself that i would be unable to stay. SOLUTIONS RECOVERY DROPED ME OFF OH THE STREET IN NORTH LAS VEGAS. HOW WAS THIS SAFE. I BEGGED TO BE TAKEN TO THE AIRPORT BUT THEY REFUSED. I have more story to tell. Would a representative from American addiction center please contact me.i have witnesses that can verify everything

  2. Don’t send your loved one here, they let my son die there. He was inpatient and the coroner office is running an autopsy. The center called me and never even apologized. Not that it would of helped, but the gesture would of been nice. They only care about the money.

    • Solutions Recovery, Inc. on

      Thank you for the time you took to post your review. Our deepest condolences for your family’s loss. This is a deadly disease and every tool and every bit of information might make the critical difference. We strive to make the best use of any feedback.

      • Your Center is a deadly place. Staff are not licensed, they are interns or ex-addicts and your staff are very militant and abusive to the residents. I know of 2 people that were there with my Son and it sickens me that I trusted my sons life in your hands. You are a greedy company, 19 days and you charged $47,000! For what? A dirty pool, low stock of food, no coloring pencils or crayons for my son to do his “so called” art project. You take away any family communication, when my son would call me the staff would be yelling at my son that his 10 minutes were up, when I could clearly see on my phone that is was under 7 minutes. My son is not the only life that you have taken. You have had several others. I see that you just paid $7 million to a family in Florida at one of your other addiction centers. Your staff over medicate the residents. No “real” Dr. on staff. I have been told of numerous cases where patients were passing out and having seizures. One of you ex-employees, Natalia has been in contact with me and we are working together on getting a lawsuit for the abusive way you treated her, as well. Families, people seeking help DO NOT seek help from this facility or any that are affiliated with American Addiction Centers. Save your life and look for another facility.

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