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solutions-for-lifeThe Basics

Solutions for Life has three locations across eastern Wyoming where adolescents and adults  receive mental health and substance abuse outpatient treatment. The easternmost office is in Lusk, the “Little Town with Big Possibilities” that developed during the Black Hills gold rush in the 19th century. The second office is in Douglas—home to the annual Wyoming State Fair—and the third is in Glenrock, which came into its own during the days of the Oregon Trail.

Solutions for Life may be located in small towns, but they are an ambitious organization, pledging to serve people in the community by providing professional mental health and substance abuse treatment, education and consultation.


Solutions for Life evaluates every client, using CHAT, the Comprehensive Health Assessment for Teens, for adolescents and the Addiction Severity Index for adults. Interviews take about an hour and are conducted by one of the Master’s-level therapists or a licensed professional counselor. Through this process, Solutions for Life determines which level of care the client needs: early intervention class, outpatient or Intensive Outpatient (IOP).

Solutions for Life does not offer detox, so showing up to the interview sober is a must to be treated here. Otherwise, counselors will make the appropriate referral. Adults who score a .5 on the ASI qualify for early intervention. These clients take a one-hour class on the last Thursday of the month that covers drugs and alcohol and the consequences of abuse—a wakeup call class, more or less.

Adults who score a Level 1 qualify for outpatient treatment, which is an eight-week course. Clients are expected to show up twice a week for two one-hour classes. Attending group therapy as well as 12-step meetings or some other form of self-help group and maintaining abstinence from drugs and alcohol are required. This outpatient course is typically for people who have not gone through formal treatment before and who have a home environment that’s tolerant of recovery. The goals of outpatient are to get the client out of denial and to promote healthy coping skills.

Adults who score a Level 2 on the ASI are marked for intensive outpatient: 12 weeks of care plus 16 weeks of continuing care. Level 2 clients get nine hours of treatment per week during the first three months, are educated about addiction, and receive individual therapy as well as group counseling, nutritional education, fitness counseling and help with smoking cessation.

For adolescents, there are two levels of care. The PRIME for Life early intervention program, serving clients who score a .5, is an eight-hour educational class about the effects of drugs and alcohol. The 10-week CHOICES program educates clients who score a 1 about substance abuse and anger management. If a teen requires more intensive help, Solutions for Life will help the client find an appropriate placement.

Master’s-level therapists, licensed counselors and other appropriate professionals lead all therapeutic sessions and classes—Solutions for Life claims a client-to-staff ratio of three-to-one.


Intensive outpatient clients are referred for reproductive health education and Solutions for Life also offers them vocational and educational activities. As part of a community outreach program in Douglas, the executive director sometimes gives public recovery talks on subjects like “How to Have a Healthy Relationship.”

In Summary

This feels a little like a starter course for recovery, especially since treatment is doled out according to a score on a test. Nevertheless, Solutions for Life provides clients with valuable information about addiction, the 12-steps and healthy ways to cope with what life brings. Even for folks without the ability to pay, Solutions for Life has a solution. They never refuse treatment to someone who needs it. However, they do ask that clients share their income information to make sure the client truly is eligible for financial aid.

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