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Founded over 20 years ago in the pretty beach town of San Juan Capistrano, California, Solutions for Recovery provides interventiondetox and residential substance abuse services. All kinds of clients are welcome, but they tend to attract a middle-class clientele that ranges from 18 to 40 years of age. Solutions for Recovery also owns Capo by the Sea, a luxury rehab that caters to executives and professionals.

Accommodations and Food

This unique rehab is housed in five lovely homes in a quiet residential neighborhood. Each has a seven-bed capacity and residents are assigned roommates of the same gender. Rooms are comfortably furnished with large closets and most have private bathrooms. Meals include a continental breakfast, catered lunches and easy-to-digest dinners. Vegetarian, vegan and special-needs diets are accommodated. Coffee and tea are provided all day.

Treatment and Staff

Solutions for Recovery provides intervention services (for an additional fee) to get the alcoholic or addict into the recovery process. Through testimonial of people in their lives, the individual is shown the detrimental impact of their behavior on themselves and on those around them. This intervention strategy has a 97 percent success rate of getting patients into treatment. Upon admission, residents receive full psychiatric evaluations and individualized treatment plans. Residential treatment is typically 30 days and a seven- to 10-day medical detox is available, if needed.

While residents are introduced to the 12 steps, the rehab employs CBT as its primary therapeutic method, with a strong focus on providing dual diagnosis support. Treatment includes daily group therapy, three to four individual sessions weekly and attendance at 12-step meetings both on and off the premises. Group topics include relapse prevention, coping skills, and processing. EMDR is provided for those seeking help with trauma issues. After a brief “blackout” period, residents are allowed to access Wi-Fi and use cell phones and laptop computers.

House managers oversee daily operations, while the staff physician is in charge of medication management. The staff also includes Master’s-level counselors and addiction specialists. The staff-to-client ratio is almost one-to-one.


Solutions for Recovery is a pet-friendly rehab and clients are welcome to bring dogs (weighing under 40 pounds) with them to treatment. American pit bulls and other restricted breeds are not allowed for liability reasons.

Holistic treatments are available (at an additional cost) for residents, including acupuncture and yoga. Solutions for Recovery is a few minutes away from Dana Point Harbor and recreational activities include paddle boarding at the harbor, boating, golfing and fishing. Transportation is available to an off-site gym and membership is included in the price of treatment.

In Summary

While this rehab doesn’t have the luxury trappings of its sister center, Capo by the Sea, it still offers a relaxing setting only a few minutes from the beach. Solutions for Recovery provides comprehensive treatment in a unique, intimate environment with all the comforts of home.

Solutions for Recovery Location

31931 Paseo Terraza
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Solutions for Recovery Cost

$18,700-$29,900 (30 days), Reach Solutions for Recovery by phone at (800) 473-2134 or by email. Find Solutions4Recovery on YouTube and Google+

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  1. I am completely disturbed by this rehab, kids were using drugs freely and managers especially Jeff was falsifying urine tests. I sent a package to my son and it was stolen by a house manger. It’s very loosely held restrictions. Residents were invited to parties with alcohol and drugs and no one stopped it. My son had to leave because his room ate was doing drugs in his room and was a relative of one of the managers. I have called them over 20 times no answer at all and my property I sent turned up missing. There is a definite lack of control and responsibility there

  2. Under any circumstances do not send your child to Solutions For Recovery. When my child was there management was completely clueless as to the fact that their house manager was bringing alcohol into the condo and offering it to the clients. This house manager was drinking, he became violent, breaking dishes and denting the refrigerator.. The management made numerous promises about the type of treatment, evaluation, and activities involved at the treatment and never made any of them happen. The young people were left most of the day to do nothing. This facility is a joke that would be funny if it were not so serious. The one task management was very good with was asking parents for money. This is not a safe environment for anyone. In fact it is a scam masquerading as rehab. What we experienced there borders on criminality. It was in fact a scam that was promoting alcohol/drug use by managements’ ineptitude and lack of attention to the mission of rehabilitation.

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