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Located near historic downtown Prescott, Arizona, A Sober Way Home offers everything from AA meetings to cutting edge cranial electrotherapy. More than half the people who come here for substance abuse treatment are between the ages of 18 and 25. A Sober Way Home stands out in several ways, not least of which is its protracted, three-phase treatment plan: 60 days of stabilization and foundation building, 60 days of primary care and 60 days of transitional care. That’s a whopping six months of rehab, though most residents only commit upfront to 90 days. Fortunately, the relatively low pricing makes this sprawling timeline less crazy than it sounds—and one of the best options for those seeking long-term treatment in Arizona.


Those who come to A Sober Way Home live in one of seven houses with easy access to the clinical facility. Each home has a slightly different (yet consistently Arizona-appropriate) aesthetic from the outside—the Stepping Stones Home looks like a classy take on a log cabin while the Thatcher Home’s modest stucco façade suggests desert rusticity. But on the inside, the homes are decked out like fancy condos and all sport some combination of large picture windows, leather couches, fireplaces, spacious granite kitchens, swimming pools and decks for grilling or watching the mountain sunsets. Though residents share bedrooms and sleep in twin beds, the rooms are quite nice. Chores (including a weekend deep-clean) are part of everyone’s morning schedule.

Treatment and Staff

What is there to do in six months of treatment? Plenty, it turns out. After detox (which involves Suboxone for opiate addicts), clients work with case managers to craft a plan specific to their needs. Specialty program tracks are available for compulsive gamblers, devout Christians and young opiate addicts. There are also specialty groups for clients with eating disorders and for those exploring spirituality for the first time. Each client is matched with a licensed therapist who conducts individual counseling sessions once a week and runs their primary therapy group. One-on-one therapy helps addicts break through denial, address the wreckage of their actions, set boundaries and forge relationships, and change fear-based beliefs about themselves.

Monday through Friday, clients rotate through a regimented schedule of group therapy, psycho-education and activities, including weekly equine therapy, art therapy and a cooking and nutrition class. The intensive, interactive family workshops that take place on Fridays and Saturdays have earned high marks from parents of young addicts. Alumni describe the staff—which includes several MDs and Master’s level clinicians as well as many in recovery themselves—as both understanding and professional.

A Sober Way Home is unquestionably 12-step friendly; residents attend AA or NA meetings on weekends and study the Big Book alongside anger management and codependency. But for those who aren’t so sure how to integrate spiritual surrender into their lives, the Spirituality group is designed to help them explore the different spiritual avenues they can pursue in search of a Higher Power that works for them. At the same time, A Sober Way Home embraces the latest scientific approaches to addiction treatment. At the Brain Center, which has a homelike aesthetic that matches the residences, clients can experience neurofeedback and Alpha Stim technology to “retrain their brains” for enhanced recovery and overall mental health.


For fitness, there are daily gym sessions and yoga twice a week. Weekend afternoons are set aside for activities such as trips to the ski slopes, water parks and the Grand Canyon.

In Summary

If 30 days just doesn’t seem like enough time—and research show it’s often not—A Sober Way Home is worth consideration. In particular, young adults with an interest in the outdoors and an open mind about spiritual principles will fit in well here, but the customizable array of therapies makes it a flexible fit for most anyone seeking a long-term program. Prescott may be turning into the Red State version of Malibu, but this rehab is one of the brighter stars in its desert sky.

A Sober Way Home Location

195 Plaza Dr
Prescott, AZ 86303

A Sober Way Home Cost

A Sober Way Home Cost: $10,000 (30 days). Reach A Sober Way Home by phone at 877-917-6237. Find A Sober Way Home on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. Addiction Advocates on

    We work with a lot treatment centers all over the country and I can say, A Sober Way home is a top center in Arizona. They do quality work, for a quality price.

  2. I am committed to being of assistance every way I can to parents of children with heroin addiction.

    My adult child (29 years old) finished a 6 month program at “A Sober Way” in Prescott Arizona in June of 2015.

    Let me state that after several tries my personal experience backed up by the extensive research I have done — A 30 day course of treatment for heroin is NOTHING. The brain of a heroin addict with a heavy use over a sustained period begins to heal its receptors and begin to acknowledge new neuro-pathways only after a minimum of 60 days (as a baseline number) and that is as early as you can start the behavioral and psychological work in earnest. This is a biological fact – the neuro science of addiction is making huge strides including blending the cognitive changes a dedicated 12 step program can make to the brain especially in early recovery while acknowledging the benefits of nutrition and neuro feedback and hands on deep personal therapy. By 5 months, from what I have seen and read, the brain is back on line and the physical body can be well. The balance is up to the person – one or two of the kids I met out in Arizona – returned to the heroin culture from treatment back to the same people places and things and they relapse over and over. They are dying in the thousands and thousands – young white men and women from all walks. Dead in their 20’s.

    At 5 months A Sober Way let my boy work and he had a job washing dishes in a Mexican restaurant. He made minimum wage but showed up every day for his shift. It helped him stay humble and strong – exercise and good food and a supportive environment – Its like a miracle.

    After 6 months I picked him up at the airport. Handsome – fit lean and clean. That was 65 days ago.

    He landed a job at the the Gas Dock and in the restaurant. He worked out almost every day. Casually dated a really nice girl who is a senior in College. I drug tested him 3 times – he was willing and understanding every time. I think at A Sober Way he gained the ability to see himself in a way that eliminated the cockiness and attitude that so worried me before treatment – he would listen to me and let me speak and he shared deeply with me in the moments where that was appropriate. All summer I would get comments in his favor from patrons of the restaurant. It was like cold clear water running over me after the burning hell which started March 21, 2014.

    He is tortured by his past behavior and the wreckage of his former life but understands that one can not wallow in the shame.

    We remain very hopeful and extremely grateful for the wonderful people at A Sober Way that gave me back my darling Son.

    Any parents may feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] if you need a live personal recommendation.

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