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Skelley House


Skelley House Review

Skelley House is a women’s sober living facility in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s a not-for-profit program owned and operated by Heidi and Peter Skelley, who started their business with the intention to provide a safe sober house for an underserved population. Clients receive several referrals, tools and assistance, while being an active member of a peer support community, such as AA, NA or SMART Recovery. The mission of Skelley House is to give these women a fresh start in life through recovery.

Accommodations and Amenities

The Skelley House clients live in apartments that create a sober community. Clients share the units that include a small kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom. The grounds have a courtyard for social gatherings and visitors.

Clients are responsible for buying and making their own meals. Eating in the dining room of their personal units is the only acceptable option. The kitchens have fridges and coffee makers. Clients cannot have a coffee pot or refrigerator in their bedrooms.

Rules and Regulations

Clients have a series of rules they need to follow in order to do the program. They must make a commitment for at least three months. While participating in this program, the women have access to several resources. Perhaps most noteworthy, they can get referrals to outpatient treatment, learn how to manage money and receive education on other life skills. They also get help with completing life goals, such as completing the GED or enrolling in classes.

Skelley House does not allow male visitors on campus at any time, with the exception of staff. There are daily walk throughs of all the apartments to make sure they are clean. Residents must complete chores in a set amount of time.

Clients need to find a job within two weeks of moving in. They have to be out of their apartments from 9 am to 4 pm, or 7 am to 2 pm in the summertime.

The women can’t smoke within the units, but the courtyard is fine as long as there are not any cigarette butts left around. Clients who relapse have to leave the program for seven days and get drug tested every day that they are gone on their own dime. They can come back if they test clean and at the discretion of the manager. If there are ever any drugs or alcohol at the residence, it warrants immediate dismissal.

Until there is proof of a job or enrollment in school, there is a curfew of 6 pm every day. Once they are working or in school, clients can stay out until 10 pm Sunday through Thursday, and 11 pm Friday and Saturday. The only time that these curfews can change is if clients have to work later than those hours.

Every resident has to attend at least five AA, NA or SMART Recovery meetings every week, have their attendance signed off on, and have a sponsor.

In Summary

There are some deal breakers that will ensure a dismissal from the program if these rules are broken. The most important one being using or bringing any substances onto the facility grounds. Others are violence, theft, sexual activity on campus, destruction or altering of property and failing to submit a drug test. Some of the lesser offenses may result in clients having to write an essay or take on more chores for the week.

In summation, Skelley House does have a lot of rules that the clients need to follow in order to continue the program, but they are put in place for a good reason. As a result of the rules, the women have a structure and schedule to follow, which begins to create good habits. Above all, the atmosphere of this community is safe and healthy. Clients acquire the right skills to carry them forward into their new, sober lives.

Skelley House Location

20235 N Cave Creek Rd #104483
Phoenix, AZ 85024

Skelly House Cost

$120 (per week). Reach Skelley House by phone at (602) 909-5058. Find Skelley House on Facebook

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