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Sivana Bali is a luxury residential substance abuse treatment facility for adults located near the beach in the resort town of Canggu, in Bali, Indonesia. Sivana offers on-site detox and individualized care to men and women struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders. New Zealand transplant, drug and alcohol counselor and licensed social worker Nev Doidge founded Sivana Bali in 2014. Doidge assembled a highly qualified team of professionals for this private, boutique facility.

Accommodations and Food

Sivana Bali’s co-ed program is set in two beautiful villas surrounding a lovely outdoor lounge space with a swimming pool. The facility accommodates an intimate group—just six clients at a time—and each resident is given a private room with an en suite bathroom and a personal lounge and study area. Maid and laundry services are provided daily, with high-end resort level service.

As part of the admission and assessment process, every resident’s nutritional preferences and needs are considered and vegetarians and vegans are welcome. On-site chefs use high-quality ingredients to create gourmet meals designed to promote wellness. Fresh fruit, meat, fish and vegetables are daily staples, and the advantage of the “boutique” atmosphere is that all meals can be tailored to the clients’ tastes. The staff wellness coach helps residents with specific dietary advice.

Treatment and Staff

The treatment process at Sivana Bali begins with an assessment to determine the individual’s level of need. The exact length of stay is based on the client, with 28, 60 and 90-day treatment tracks available. Sivana Bali is also equipped to provide dual diagnosis support and has therapists on staff to treat co-occurring disorders including depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD and bipolar disorder. Sivana Bali offers on-site medical detox with Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) if necessary.

New clients are introduced to the daily routine as soon as possible, depending on detox and their general level of physical health. The schedule includes group therapy, educational sessions, individual therapy, step work and attending daily AA/NA meetings. Counselors use a variety of treatment techniques including CBT, Motivational Interviewing (MI), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and relapse prevention.

The staff includes credentialed therapists and doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, as well as a chef, yoga instructor and various other support staff. The staff speaks English, with many from Australia and New Zealand.


Sivana Bali has its own in-house medical room, where the on-call medical team of registered doctors and nurses can perform supervised detox, minor medical and surgical procedures and assist clients with almost any minor physical health problem. The local hospital is on standby at all times, should the need arise.

Counselors meet with residents nearing the end of their program to help with aftercare planning. This includes helping clients find outpatient programs in their home area.

In Summary

Sivana Bali offers a luxurious, beautiful boutique recovery retreat at an affordable price. With top notch medical support available on-site as well as plenty of 12-step support, clients can get healthy and build a solid foundation for lasting recovery. Sivana is an excellent choice for luxury treatment in Bali.

Sivana Bali Location

To protect the privacy of clients, the exact address is not disclosed.

Umalas, Bali
Indonesia 80361 

Sivana Bali Cost

$12,000 AUD or $135,000,000 IDR (28 days). Reach Sivana Bali by phone at +61 431 514 616 or by email at [email protected]. Find Sivana Bali on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter

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  1. I just returned from a recovery trip to Bali…not the experience I anticipated, based on info I was given. Sivana Bali is not what it claims to be & I came out in worse shape than when I entered. I screened them for 3 weeks to make sure it was a good fit for me & had the necessary set up to participate in their 28 day program. I was looking for a holistic program that could accommodate my health needs. They promote themselves as a holistic program, but don’t live up to that. In trying to seal the deal & get payment for the program, misleading/dishonest info on multiple levels. Biggest underlying issue of Sivana, it’s apparent it’s $ driven vs. 1st priority being the client.There are some very good therapists/facilitators/programming, but things that are just not right. There’s a contradiction that they’re claiming to educate clients to live in integrity, when there’s a lack of integrity at core level. No doubt they will tell you what you want to hear to get you to sign up/pay the $ & then don’t/cannot hold up their end of the bargain/what they claim to be. Wrong on many levels, but effected me on a physical level, due to health. On my 3rd day, I started to get sick from rampant cigarette smoke. Went to bed that night w/trouble breathing & didn’t sleep all night. The next couple of days I started to feel an infection coming on & could taste cigarette smoke in my lungs & mouth. I communicated to the staff about my issues & they said they would work on the smoking areas. I communicated about other issues & was told these things would be addressed at the beginning of the next week. By the next week, things weren’t addressed properly & I could feel myself getting more sick/broken down. I told them I didn’t think I’d be able to stay at the facility w/out a major shift. Was told they’d circle back to me asap & then that the issues would be addressed within 24 hours. By the end of 2 weeks, my health had completely manifested into full on illness in various ways.I told them I’d need to leave the facility as they couldn’t accommodate what they’d promised..I needed to get to a safe/quiet place to recover. They said I’d need to see their MD, which I was happy about. After a consultation, my condition was corroborated: “lethargic & stressful..tightness in her lung/shortness of breath due to highly smoking environment….due to her autoimmune condition: immunity cells attacking…affect the body & affecting overall immunity…..possess a risk of lungs infection in highly smoking environment. Also, during her program in Sivana…highly compact exacerbated her condition to get worse.” Per the visit with the MD who’s extremely knowledgeable & discussions w/my family, it was clear & imperative that I leave Sivana & get to a better environment, along w/other measures to support my health. It took them 2 days to make my exit happen as they were trying to get me to stay, all while I was the sickest I’ve been. I’m beyond disheartened by my experience at Sivana. As many people seeking recovery know, it’s a difficult decision/commitment & one I made on my own. I was so proud of myself/excited to do this work in what seemed like an amazing place that could foster/support my recovery journey. Massive let down/blow to have to walk away from this personal investment. I’m happy to report after leaving, I have continued my recovery on my own, no thanks to Sivana. In the process of becoming ill under their care & messaging owner/financial person, it’s abundantly clear what their main drive is=$. Received 0 responses. Needing to exit early for medical purposes, I asked for partial refund & never got a direct response from this person, who was quick to respond prior to me signing up for the program & sending my $. Finally received response w/0 apology this occurred during my stay…only him deflecting responsibility/ownership. There’s a clause stating partial refunds for “family emergencies” & this was a medical emergency…they could accommodate me, but clearly will avoid doing the right thing to hold onto $! Seek other recovery programs in Bali: The Lighthouse &

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