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si se puede watsonvilleSí Se Puede Review

Sí Se Puede isn’t just Spanish for “yes, you can;” it’s also a rehab in Watsonville, California that offers substance abuse counseling specifically for Latino men. Though other men are welcome, one of the program’s specialties is offering a “culturally sensitive” treatment track for the aforementioned demographic. Because stays here are so long (generally between three and six months), the facility is more a sober living home than a standard rehab, and the set it serves are usually criminal justice clients, otherwise known as court-ordered attendees.

The facility is part of an addiction recovery group formerly known as Santa Cruz Community Counseling Center and now renamed Encompass Community Services, which has been around since 1973. The organization’s focus is to turn around ailing communities through child and family development programs, services for at-risk youth and free mental health counseling for those with HIV/AIDS, those in poverty and those with mental illness.

Accommodations and Food

Most of those centers are run like co-ops, Sí Se Puede included. Bedrooms are pretty basic, with twin beds and sometimes more than two to a room, and a communal area with a TV for residents to watch during free time.

Everyone gets chores to do in the spirit of building a community within the house; some residents are also in charge of making a food menu for the house every week. Either way, expect plenty of spiciness and Latin flavor due to the unique demographic.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment programs are offered in both Spanish and English, and in both inpatient and outpatient forms. The curriculum is based on the philosophy of the 12 steps and of peer support, meaning a somewhat laissez-faire approach to daily life in the house so that residents can bond with one another. The program includes weekly off-site AA/NA meetings, ongoing assessments, individual and group counseling, addiction education sessions and aftercare planning, though a lack of on-site medical staff means that detox isn’t provided.

Sí Se Puede also utilizes “denial management counseling,” based on the CENAPS model of relapse prevention. This is essentially an educational series with a cognitive-behavioral approach not too different from CBT, and focuses on identifying relapse triggers and creating an intervention plan to steer residents away from them in recovery. After inpatient treatment is over, residents can move on to one of many available sober living halfway homes which Encompass Community Services will help arrange.

Encompass has a staggering 375 employees that it shares across its many recovery and community-oriented facilities and an endowment of approximately $24 million (leading some to call it the best kept recovery secret in Santa Cruz).  The staff is composed mainly of certified addiction counselors (though no on-site medical staff), but also has help running the house from its residents (up to 22 of them).

In Summary

Overall, Sí Se Puede will only appeal to a very specific subset of people. That being said, what it offers to those hoping to avoid or just finishing jail time is invaluable.

Si Se Puede Location

161 Miles Lne
Watsonville, CA 95076

Si Se Puede Cost

Sí Se Puede Cost: Sliding Scale (30 days). Reach Sí Se Puede by phone at (831) 761-5422. Find Encompass Community Services on Facebook

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