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Shiloh Men’s Ministries


liberty texasShiloh Men’s Ministries Review

Located in the small hamlet of Liberty, Texas, Shiloh Men’s Ministries offers an intensive, long-term faith-based residential substance abuse program with a Christian focus. Founded in 2000, the facility is a non-profit that relies on donations to offer a free recovery program for men over the age of 18.

Accommodations and Food

Set upon an expansive 16-acre woodland property in rural Liberty, the program at Shiloh typically lasts a year. There is room for 22 total residents at a time, frequently with a waiting list for admission. Clients share a double-occupancy room with one other roommate in dorm-style housing which features bunk beds, basic furnishings and shared bathrooms in the hallways. The Shiloh community is highly immersive and expects residents to have a motivated and substantial role in their own recovery. To that end, all meals are prepared by the men themselves with food donated from local church organizations. Residents have three hot meals a day and eat together in a large, cafeteria-style dining hall.

The facility also has several classrooms for GED programs and Bible study as well an on-site chapel. Though there are recreational activities arranged in the form of nature hikes and the occasional community church service, clients should not expect a high degree of contact with the outside world while enrolled in treatment.

Treatment and Staff

Clients considering Shiloh should be advised that the program eschews many of the benchmarks of modern substance abuse treatment. Days are largely filled with Christian-oriented educational workshops, mass, Bible study classes and meals.

For about four hours in the early afternoon every day, residents are dispatched to do work in the community, usually some form of manual labor. GED classes are also offered at the facility with class time scheduled each day for clients in need of these services. While the men do have individual therapy, these are typically with a pastor and rather than traditional therapeutic group therapy, group activities are largely concentrated on Christian principles. Residents are encouraged to refrain from discussing their past substance abuse issues and there is no 12-step component of any kind at the facility.

There is no medical staff, nor are there any LADCs or certified substance abuse professionals employed by Shiloh. Potential clients should not expect dual diagnosis care, medication management or CBT. Instead, spiritual counselors and pastors run all daily activities at the facility. There is no aftercare available, though Shiloh does partner with local church organizations to find housing for clients in need upon completing the program.


It is worth mentioning that those attending Shiloh Men’s Ministries should expect a high degree of rules and restrictions. For the first three months, residents are only allowed one supervised 15 minute phone call a week. After this initial period, clients can host one outside visitor a month in supervised sessions. There is also no medication of any kind permitted, nor are residents allowed to have cash or currency on their person. All incoming mail is read and the men are barred from having unsupervised contact or communication of any kind with women during their time in the program. During off-site visits to local churches, residents are to keep interactions with women brief and can face disciplinary action for violating these conditions.

In Summary

Shiloh Men’s Ministries residential program is an intense, immersive and Christ-centered program with an emphasis on religious discipline as the solution to substance abuse issues. Clients are subject to strict rules regarding communication with the outside world and should expect an environment that sticks to a core curriculum of prayer, study and work in the community. Though it has no evidence-based elements of a traditional rehab experience, Shiloh Men’s Ministries may still appeal to those looking for an affordable gender-specific and religious recovery experience.

Shiloh Men’s Ministries Location

Fm 563
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Shiloh Men’s Ministries Cost

Free. Reach Shiloh Men’s Ministries by phone at (936) 334-8616 or by email at [email protected]. Find Shiloh Men’s Ministries on Facebook and YouTube

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