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Wellsville UtahSherwood Hills Recovery Resort Review

Since 2012, Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort has offered non-12-step residential substance abuse treatment at a 706 acre mountain top resort in Wellsville, Utah. Treatment at Sherwood Hills last anywhere from 30 to 90 days and takes place in a co-ed facility. The program is individualized and includes group and recreational therapy.

Accommodations and Food

The Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort is a luxurious mountain property with access to hiking and exploring nature trails. The living spaces offered are 59 rooms in a former resort hotel. Thus most clients get private rooms with en suite bathrooms.

All luxury rooms (for an upgraded cost) offer a double hot tub and big screen TV. Standard rooms have double queen or single king and large baths with views of the surrounding mountains, which includes a 9-hole golf course. Sherwood Hills feeds clients in a lavish dining room through its European-style restaurant. Meals focus on complex carbohydrates from whole grains, that are not highly processed. No sugar is allowed. Three meals are provided a day and included in the cost of stay.

Treatment and Staff

Those coming to Sherwood Hills must have already completed medical detox elsewhere if necessary. Likewise, dual diagnosis support is not offered on-site, since there is no staff psychiatrist. The treatment at Sherwood does not adhere to a 12-step approach, instead using a regimen of holistic treatment methods. These include sauna vitamin detox, which is supposed to cleanse toxins from the body, biochemical repair therapy, which involves the use of IV drips to supply amino acids, vitamins and minerals and a program of nutritional supplements.

During a typical week clients attend group almost all day every day, when they are not in recreational therapy or participating in gender-specific recovery activities like swimming and yoga. Clients staying at Sherwood Hills also take part in two individual sessions a week, which are customized in collaboration with their assigned therapist. Mindfulness group and process group are also available. Residents get a massage once a week at the on-site day spa, which is included in cost of stay.

Sherwood Hills clients may bring a cell phone, but are not allowed to have it on their person during their stay. Personal phone usage is only allowed in the presence of their case manager or therapist, in addition to them being able to use the house phone at a specified time, every other night. Clients are not permitted to leave grounds on their own but do store trips into town with center staff to get necessities. Sherwood Hills therapists are available to clients 24/7.

The staff includes registered nurses, LCSWs, MFTs and LCSWs. Each resident gets their own case manager who oversees their treatment and may help them develop a plan for aftercare. This can include finding a sober living home, outpatient program or enrolling in school.


Sherwood Hills features an on-site day spa, exercise room, sauna, indoor pool and hot tub with waterfalls. It also has an on-site clinical facility that offers neurofeedback treatments.

Once a month, an instructor will come on site and take clients through a ROPES course. Tennis, volleyball, and golf, naturally, are also available.

In Summary

There is no denying the natural beauty of the Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort. Although Sherwood Hills does not employ the 12-step modality, its services are on par with a luxury facility and offered at the cost of a mid-range rehab. This would still be a great choice for those seeking an alternative to the 12 steps in an idyllic environment.

Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort Location

7877 S. Hwy 89-91
Wellsville, Utah 84339

Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort Cost

$15,000 – $18,000 (30 days). Reach Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort by phone at (888) 686-7865 or by email at [email protected]. Find Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn

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  1. My children were searching for IA ICRC Complaint Form earlier this week and saw a great service that has lots of fillable forms . If people want IA ICRC Complaint Form too , here’s

  2. June 22, 2016

    Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort
    Mr. Richard Knapp
    7877 S Highway 89-91
    Wellsville, Utah 84339

    License numbers 24705, 24706, 24707

    Dear Mr. Richard Knapp:

    This letter serves as notice that the Department of Human Services Office of Licensing is revoking the Residential Treatment, Day Treatment, and Outpatient licenses for Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort effective 10 business days from receipt of this notice.
    The following conditions are immediately in effect:
    1. No new admissions shall be accepted.
    2. The program shall immediately notify clients of this pending revocation and submit proof of compliance with this notification requirement to the Office of Licensing no later than 3 business
    days following receipt of this letter.
    3. The program shall immediately post this notice on-site and on the homepage of all programoperated websites, including Facebook and any other social media.
    4. The program shall immediately begin providing resource information to clients, planning for discharge, and facilitating any needed alternate placements for clients. This process includes
    releasing any necessary records to clients, reconciling client billing accounts, and providing refunds to clients or insurers who have paid for services not yet rendered.
    This action is pursuant to the Administrative Procedures Act, Title 63G Chapter 4 and Utah Code 62A-2-112: “The office may deny, place conditions on, suspend, or revoke a license or restrict or prohibit new admission in a program if any of the following are found in relation to the program:
    (a) a failure to comply with the rules established under this chapter; or
    (b) evidence of aiding, abetting, or permitting the commission of any illegal act; or
    (c) evidence of conduct adverse to the standards required to provide services and promote public trust, including aiding, abetting, or permitting the commission of abuse, neglect, exploitation, harm,
    mistreatment, or fraud”.
    Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort has a history of non-compliance with DHS Licensing Rules, which has resulted in two enforced Notices of Agency Action placing their licenses on conditional status on September 23, 2015 and February 22, 2016. These actions were pursuant to R-501-1-7-4 “The Office of Licensing may place a license on conditional status. A conditional status allows a program that is in the process of correcting administrative rule violations to continue operation subject to conditions established by the Office of Licensing”.
    Ongoing monitoring by licensor in scheduled and unscheduled site visits revealed that conditions placed on their licenses have not been resolved as of the date of the issuance of this letter.
    The Office of Licensing has determined that the following violations of rule and statute combine to pose significant threats to the health and safety of clients and expose clients to abuse, neglect, exploitation, harm, mistreatment, or fraud.
    Violations are noted in regard to the following Administrative Rule and/or Statute:
    • R-501-2-3-A: Governance: “…the program shall have a governing body which is responsible for and has authority over the policies, training and monitoring of staff and consumer activities for all
    phases of the program. The governing body’s responsibilities shall include the following: 1. To ensure continual policy and procedures compliance, 2. To ensure continual compliance with relevant local, state and federal requirements”.
    • R-501-2-9-H: Governance: “the governing body shall ensure that all staff are licensed and qualified as legally required.”


    1. In violation of law: Dr. Matt Andersen is prescribing controlled substances despite not being registered with the Drug Enforcement Administration to prescribe controlled substances at the
    Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort

    2. In violation of law: Dr. Chad Chenoweth is participating in the processes of administration and prescription of controlled substances in violation of DOPL Stipulation Order # DOPL 2015-382.

    3. In violation of law: Dr. Matt Andersen is prescribing Buprenophine at the Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort inpatient residential treatment (non-detox) facility in violation of DOPL
    Stipulation Order # DOPL-2014-692.

    4. In violation of law: Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort is maintaining and dispensing controlled substances from an unregulated internal pharmacy referred to as the ”facility narcotics supply”

    5. In violation of law: clients are receiving controlled substances prior to meeting face to face with a Drug Enforcement Administration registered physician.

    6. In violation of law: prescriptions are being sent to the pharmacy after the prescribed clients have already received the medications from the “facility narcotics supply”.

    7. In violation of law….

  3. Sherwood Hills ordered closed by State of Utah Dept of Lisencing /DEA. Apparently, the owner is a con-artist and his accomplice Avis Richards. They have defrauded countless sick people out of valuable money. The owner has to gall to say “A Noble Work”, and “family man” – this person is sick, an addict himself, and has probably been using all the medications they have stolen from people. CROOKS!


  4. As staff who cared I tried my best but the owner was Not a trusting person lied to staff and clients often and wanted us to lie when state would check on compliance
    Owner wanted to do what he wanted not the guidelines that all rehab centers abide by. I client died last may another one a few weeks ago. Therapists leave because they are asked to do things against their own license and they don’t want to lose it because it comes down to choosing a company or your career without a license the company would get rid of the therapist… Unless you are the other owner who lost his license for sex with clients and staff. Look at Utah dopl. Yes they were all at Sherwood.

  5. Brian Schofield on

    I have nothing but positive things to say about Sherwood. I know the people who run the facility and the others who do their best to truly try to bless lives and help people find real healing. I know that finding the best treatments possible is at the heart of every discussion. Treatment is a partnership between the facility and the person seeking help and I know that Sherwood is truly doing their best to make sure they live to and exceed their part.

  6. Amanda Oldroyd on

    Sherwood has state of the art treatment. From groups to spa treatments. From staff to the owner to the directors they will help you in any way shape or form. You just need to be willing to do the work and take advantage of what is being offered to you. It can be done.

  7. Markus watson on

    This is the worst possible rehab you could ever go to! There are more drugs in this rehab then there are on the streets, the staff here are filefish and treat you like you are in a prison, there are security cameras everywhere security guards everywhere, the food is awful and you will not be given anything you are promised. I’M BEGGING PEOPLE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND HERE!!!!

  8. Such a great facility and staff when I attended. There was tremendous growth during my stay which slowly began watering things down, i.e. frequency of neuro-treatment/feedback, spa treatments, etc. After keeping in contact with some clients after I left I heard that much of the core staff had been laid off for one reason or another and the place had been victimized by poor owner/management that apparently was fueled by wanting to slam as many clients in as possible without maintaining the right number of staff. I hope they get it together cuz the facility has SO much potential.

    • Sorry to hear that. I am scheduled to enter there today. Taking forever to get my travel docs from them. Seems unorganized?

  9. This is a beautiful facility and the staff is amazing! The neuro-feedback is an amazing therapy, and it really seems to help. I would recommend this treatment to anyone.

  10. Amazing facility, from looking at the website, they do some really innovative forms of treatment. I’d hope that I won’t ever need to go back to rehab, but if I do, I’d love to see what Sherwood has to offer.

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