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Serenity Rehab ThailandSerenity Rehab Thailand Review

Located in the countryside outside Chiang Rai, Serenity Rehab Thailand provides detox and inpatient substance abuse treatment to men and women 18 years and older. Chaing Rai is about three hours north of the large city of Chaing Mai in northern Thailand, in the mountainous province of the same name. As the name suggests, Serenity specializes in providing a safe, tranquil space for recovery and a blend of holistic and evidence-based treatment.

Accommodations and Food

Serenity Rehab Thailand houses a maximum of 20 clients in individual rooms that include king beds, sitting areas and bathrooms. The resort-like facility has indoor and outdoor dining rooms, a smoking area and group rooms. There are also secluded sitting areas for reading and reflection.

All meals are prepared by on-site chefs, Toi and Op, and are included in the price of stay. Plenty of dietary options, from traditional Thai food to more western-style cuisine, are available for each meal. All food is made with locally sourced produce and seafood and dietary requirements are accommodated. Unlimited coffee, tea and mineral water are also available.

Treatment and Staff

Serenity offers a standard 28-day primary care program, with an option to move into the secondary phase for an additional four to eight weeks at the same residential location. If detox is necessary, the process can take place on-site and is monitored 24 hours a day by medical staff. After completing detox, clients transition into residential treatment.

Residents have at least three individual sessions a week with their assigned counselor and take part in group therapy three times a day. The daily routine also features a therapeutic massage, guided meditation and free time in the afternoons to exercise. Clients have access to a gym and pool twice a week and on-site yoga classes. Therapy is CBT-based and incorporates elements of the therapeutic community and an introduction to the 12 steps. Support for co-occurring disorders is available in the form of specialized groups and medication management. At least three times a week, clients are transported to off-site AA/NA meetings in the evenings.

Serenity employs a number of English-speaking licensed counselors and psychiatrists. Other team members include chefs, yoga instructors and a meditation and hypnotherapy practitioner.


Sundays are reserved for adventurous excursions, like jungle trekking, river rafting, rock climbing and zip lining. Off-site meetings and tours often include lunches and dinners out.

Serenity Rehab’s tertiary program continues at a co-ed sober living community, which is open to those who have completed a minimum of eight weeks of primary and secondary treatment. This can last up to six months and includes outpatient care and structured living.

In Summary

Serenity Rehab Thailand is a very affordable option for residential treatment in an exotic location. The 30-day cost includes all meals, therapeutic treatments and outings. This is a great choice for those who want to focus on recovery in a relaxing location.

Serenity Rehab Thailand Location

Amphoe Chiang Rai
Chiang Rai, Thailand

Serenity Rehab Thailand Cost

$5,900 (28 days). Reach Serenity Rehab Thailand by phone at +1 424 253 0709 or by email at [email protected]. Find Serenity Rehab Thailand on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter

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  1. Serenity was recommended to me by a friend who finished the program and is living a new life he once thought impossible. I have unfortunately had the pleasure of attending a number of rehabs but never gained the understanding and the tools for long term recovery. Without any doubt I found Serenity both the most financially economical and effective in its treatment.
    Serenity is for people who want to change, gain a strong foundation on which to build and learn the skills which can enable you to live what ever life you choose.
    The program is simple though not as easy as other rehabs I have been to which are like resorts, or have a program requiring little effort. Serenity may not have everything you want (5 star hotel) but to its credit has more than everything you need. If you want a holiday, go on holiday. If you want a chance at recovering then Serenity is the best I can recommend.
    I could not speak more highly of the team from its leadership and councillors, to the talented cooks, massage therapists and fabulous gardener/all round legend Chai, who is meticulous in keeping an immaculate, beautiful garden.

  2. Patrick de jong on

    Ik ben een 48 jarige man uit Nederland en ben verslaafd.
    Mijn drugs of choice was cocaïne.
    10 jaar geleden kwam ik hier mee in aanraking.
    Uit pure nieuwsgierigheid gebruikte ik toen mijn eerste lijn coke
    En ik weet nog als de dag van gisteren dat ik toen dacht ik snap niet dat iemand hier verslaafd aan kan raken.
    1,5 jaar later was mijn eerste opname in een kliniek.
    Ik werd hier 7 weken intensief behandeld voor mijn verslavingsproblematiek zonder succes bleek later.
    In 2012 moest ik mij opnieuw laten opnemen in een kliniek maar ook deze behandeling mislukte.
    In beide gevallen werd er niet behandeld volgens het 12 stappen programma.
    In 2017 bereikte ik mijn absolute dieptepunt ik was bankroet mijn bedrijf was failliet m’n vriendin had me verlaten ik was mijn woning kwijtgeraakt en had mijn familie tot wanhoop gedreven.
    Na een ernstig auto ongeluk waarbij ik de dood in de ogen heb gekeken.
    Werd ik gedwongen tot de keuze die mijn leven totaal zou gaan veranderen.
    Via Google kwam ik terecht bij een kliniek in Thailand Serenity Rehab.
    Ik weet niet waarom maar mijn intuïtie gaf aan hier moet ik naar toe.
    In april 2018 reisde ik af naar Thailand mijn koffer gevuld met alles wat ik nog bezat de 2e hands kleding van mijn broers.
    Die keuze is de beste beslissing geweest die ik in mijn leven heb genomen.
    De manier van behandelen en de mensen die daar werken deden alle behandeling die ik hiervoor had doorlopen verbleken.
    In mijn eerste week had ik al meer bereikt dan in mijn beide behandelingen ervoor.
    Naast de therapeuten die er werken zijn er ook ervaringsdeskundigen ( herstelde verslaafde ) aanwezig die hun ervaringen delen met de cliënten.
    Wat ik als absolute meerwaarde heb ervaren,het behandelteam bestaat uit mensen die vanuit hun hart werken.
    Het Team wordt geleid door Theo ( een man met een hart van goud) die zelf het leven van een verslaafde heeft geleefd en die serenity rehab runt als zijn levensdoel de verslaafden helpen om hen een leven terug te geven zonder verslaving.
    Ik ben al deze mensen voor eeuwig dankbaar voor de hulp en steun die ze mij hebben gegeven in mijn strijd tegen mijn verslaving.
    En die mij hebben geleerd hoe dit te kunnen bereiken.

  3. Mary Steele Lawler on

    Serenity House in Thailand
    Wish we had not done business with these people. We chose Serenity for our son because it was reported to be economical and effective. Son left early and they kept our hard-earned money that they promised to refund. I feel robbed.

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