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The Serenity Recovery Center


Serenity Recovery Center Review

Based out of Encino, California, The Serenity Recovery Center is an inpatient detox program and a subsidiary of the larger Encino Hospital Medical Center. Although located within a medical facility, the organization takes a very comfortable and homelike approach to detox that strives to make clients feel at home—all with holistic therapy to supplement the recovery process.

Accommodations and Food

The Serenity Recovery Center has a total of 28 beds available for residents in private rooms. Each comes with a range of comfortable amenities including cozy queen beds, private bathrooms, entertainment centers with cable TV and movies and other modern furniture throughout. There are also has common areas and courtyards that clients can visit when they are feeling healthy enough. Throughout their stay, all residents are served three healthy meals a day.

Treatment and Staff

Before beginning the program, all clients go through an initial intake and assessment process to help staff members determine their needs. Though all treatment protocols are individualized, each includes medical and psychiatric oversight with dual diagnosis support and medication management available as necessary. Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is also available as necessary to ease any withdrawal symptoms.

While residents are allowed ample time to relax and recover, they also attend regular group and individual therapy rooted in evidence-based practices such as CBT and DBT. As clients stabilize, they can also work with case managers and clinicians on discharge planning, with referral to aftercare and nearby 12-step meetings available upon request. Lengths of stay can vary from a week to 14 days.

The staff at Serenity Recovery Center consists of psychiatrists, MDs, RNs, CADCs, LPCs and additional Master’-level and PhD-level clinicians.


The facility also emphasizes holistic services in addition to clinical and medical assistance, with acupuncture, yoga and massage therapy also included. Because the facility is a subsidiary of Encino Hospital Medical Center, the parent organization’s entire staff and resources are also at clients’ disposal in case of medical emergency.

In Summary

Overall, Serenity Recovery Center is a well-rounded program offering medical, psychiatric and holistic care to clients in early recovery. As a part of the broader Encino Hospital Medical Center, plenty of resources are available to ensure residents get all the help and supervision they need. Although the price of these programs may vary depending on insurance and length of stay, Serenity Recovery Center remains a strong resource for those in the area.

Serenity Recovery Center Location

16237 Ventura Blvd
Encino, CA 91436

Serenity Recovery Center Cost

Varies by insurance and length of stay. Reach Serenity Recovery Center by phone at (866) 294-9401. Find Serenity Recovery Center via Encino Hospital Medical Center on Facebook and Twitter 

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  1. Hello This review is not 100% accurate. I went to this facility in Jan. 2017 and though it was a very good detox program I want to clear a few mistakes. It is a hospital detox. So first off, your room though private is very small. Then , the queen size bed does not exist. The “modern furniture” is a stretch more like you have a chair and dresser like most hospital/rehabilitation/skilled nursing facilities but the bed is a stryker medical hospital bed. You have your own toilet and sink but share showers divided between male and female. There’s one courtyard and it is very small and narrow in the back of the hospital where people can smoke and participate in staff ran activities. you may only go down to the 1 courtyard with a staff escort. They do have a small rec room with TV, a ping pong table, and a separate TV with video game system. The food is decent for hospital food but it was palatable. The staff is friendly and my experience overall was great. I do recommend this facility just wanted to clear a few mistakes in the review.

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