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Walla Walla, Washington is the largest city in the county and famous for its wineries. This lush, green city is home to several theater companies, art galleries, museums and Serenity Point Counseling Services. Since 1995, founder Pat Flores and his family have worked to provide outpatient substance abuse services for residents of Walla Walla and surrounding areas. As a member of the recovery community, Flores says he is acutely aware of the progressive and unpredictable nature of addiction. The mission statement of Serenity Point Counseling Services is to provide the highest quality of outpatient treatment services to the community, clients and their families by offering respect, empathy and a valid solution.

Treatment and Staff

Upon entering the building, clients are greeted by the receptionist in a friendly and comfortably furnished lobby. Brick walls, white blinds, a cushy sofa and floor lamps offer a relaxed setting. Both adults and adolescents are treated, though a parent or legal guardian must accompany anyone under the age of 18.

This first step in the process is for potential clients to undergo a counselor’s assessment to determine what level of care they need. The staff is comprised of six certified chemical dependency counselors and treatment focuses on evidence-based practices that include Motivational Interviewing (MI), 12-step meetings, relapse prevention therapy and CBT. Depending on the client and the severity of their condition, either outpatient treatment or Intensive Outpatient (IOP) is recommended.

Outpatient clients meet for group therapy once a week for 90 minutes and have individual therapy twice per month. The length of treatment varies, but runs anywhere from 13 to 26 weeks. Clients attend groups on relapse prevention, family dynamics, substance abuse education, the 12 steps, grief and peer feedback. There are morning and evening options, depending on the client’s schedule. IOP usually runs six to eight weeks. Clients meet for group sessions three times a week for one hour, with one separate weekly individual session. As with outpatient, clients attend various groups, just with more frequency. There are also the morning or evening options. The Youth Group program for adolescents is an eight-week program that meets once a week for two hours. Parents are required to join the parental support group, which meets simultaneously but separately. Group sizes vary, but are limited to 10. Twelve-step philosophy is an integral part of Serenity Point’s treatment program and attendance at local AA or NA meetings is required.

In Summary

Serenity Point Counseling Services is a recovery program steeped in the 12 steps that also provides additional counseling and education around substance abuse. The belief that recovery is a life-long process of growth and change is the guiding force behind their treatment. With most of the staff members in recovery, the identification factor is a big plus. Other positives include the flexible schedule and the fact that parents are required to attend groups while their kids are in treatment. The only drawback could be that meeting once a week is not enough

Serenity Point Counseling Services Location

919 South 2nd Ave
Walla Walla, WA 99362

Serenity Point Counseling Services Cost

$275-$500 (30 days). Reach Serenity Point Counseling Services by phone at (509) 529-6036 or by email at [email protected]. Find Serenity Point Counseling Services on Facebook

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  1. I was completely hopeless and at the end of my rope when I reached out for help. I knew that I couldn’t do it alone so I started to google treatment centers near me . I came across Serenity and I have heard about them before briefly. I called them right away. I told the person on the phone that I was nervous about going to rehab in another state, but she assured me that it was the best decision I could make. She walked me through the entire process, and all I had to do was show up to the airport with my carry on. As soon as I got to the treatment center and was greeted by caring staff members, I knew I had made the right choice. Every single person that worked there was welcoming and really cared about my well-being. I only got help and amazing level of care. They have all been so understanding with me, they knew exactly what was happening with me and how to help me get trough It. They never judged me, or made me feel like a bad person, opposite of this. I was very pleased with this aspect, made me more sure of myself. I learned to live again – a life free of drugs. If you are in the same place I was, don’t hesitate to give get treatment a call. They honestly saved my life. I have hope now.

  2. I was 18 when I started using and it started with pot, and I ended up being a heroin addict, and destroyed and lost everything I had. I had the best education I could ask for, the best schools and the best family support that anyone cam ask for and I all messed it up. I was such a mess. When I came to Serenity I was scared, lonely, and homeless. My parents and family got really a enough of me and my wife pest me with my son and this was the last drop whenI finally decided it was time for me to take measures and get my stuff together. For this I can safely say serenity saved my life. I had been in and out of rehab in the past and nothing had helped. I would leave and immediately relapse. It was different at Serenity. I felt like I was part of something bigger than myself. If I was to relapse I would let down the whole community, both the staff and my peers. Not only that, but I learned how to live my life without substance abuse, which is more important than most people realize. During my time at Serenity I was given the life skills and confidence needed to take care of myself once my time in treatment had come to an end. Drugs are no longer my crutch and they no longer have to be yours either.

  3. I could not convince myself when my friend told me about Serenity point rehab. I though it seemed too good to be true. I could not believe that a holistic approach and counseling can be so effective. But now since I have received the treatment at Serenity all my doubts are clear. I am actually very pleased with the results I attained from the rehab. I have been on drugs and than harsher drugs for a bit now, and I am not very proud of it, but this is how it is. I felt like I was ready to take my life back and I wanted an effective solution, I wanted to do it the right way for the first time. And I did it. I can’t tell what part of my stay was the best or what was the most effective treatment that worked. I think we have to look at things globally. For the the combination of all things that worked. Starting from the detox to counseling through the 12 steps, group meetings, the divers activities, the community etc. I do not really have faith in outpatient rehabs, some say it. Better cause they will not get with the wrong people or whatever, but I am persuaded that this is the easiest way, since you are “disconnected” from your usual day to day life that got you to this point, and in this calm environment you are more capable of dealing with all the different emotions. I would like to recommend it to anybody who wants the transition quick and easy.

  4. Thanks to my patents, I went to serenity for my treatment. If it wasn’t for them, I would have not gone there, but I am very great full for them they they choose for me and pushed me to take care of my issues. I am 100% satisfied with the service I received. Professionally they are very good at their job. They know what they are doing. The nurses at the detox were very nice, they did an amazing job getting me through it. I am not gonna lie, its tough, but we got ourself into this state, and it us tough to get out, but it is so worth. I found that the courses that they offered were very helpful with my recovery, but what i appreciated the most, were the one on one sessions that I received from my counselor and all the helps that I got from her. She is so amazing, I am so so glad that I choose Serenity. All the people that have helped me with my sobriety all were so extremely understanding and completely non judgmental. For once I really felt understood. I liked how relaxed the place was and how everyone was like a big family, where we were all helping each other out. Thank you to the team at serenity, you guys are really amazing. And thank to all my peers who helped me too.

  5. My brother was treated at Serenity rehab for his heroin addiction. I think it is needless to say that it was a bad situation. He did everything to get money to pay for his heroin, to get his daily dose, cause when he did not get it he was shaking and he was sick and and so on. He also over dosed, but this was not a shocking thing since that happens a lot with addicts, but thanks god he realized that this can not go on like this endlessly, I was not ok with it neither our parents, so it was time for hard measures and big changes, so there is came Serenity. It seemed like a good fit for him, with all the different programs that they offered, and it also looked like a nice place, he liked it we liked it so there he went. They kept us updated about his progress, and they told us how it is going and where he is at with the detox and so on. The center was very correct, the staff who were in contact with us were very professional, they kept they word on everything they promised us. When he came back after like 40-45 days, I am not sure exactly, he was of course off drugs, and he was very positive and full of goals and he know what he wanted to do. He said too that the staff members were all very nice to him, and even though he was sometimes a bit aggressive, and annoyed they still stayed very professional, and they still were helping him to get thorough his program. He said that it changed many things in his thinking the program, he understood many things, about how the drugs function, and how to avoid those situations that drove him to use, and how to deal with them. He saw it was an escape from other issues that he did not deal with before. He said the place then room he was is was nice too, the food was good, so the accommodation were comfortable, sufficient for a rehab. And he actually enjoyed it a lot after he was trough the rough beginning. I would say to other to check this place out, maybe it can help you.

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