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Serenity House Spain is an ultra-luxurious 12-step rehab in the small town of Puerto Serrano, which is in the province of Cadiz, Spain. Two hours from Gibraltar, Serenity House is on the Southern tip of the country facing Morocco in Africa. Spain’s best-established English-speaking private addiction facility, Serenity House is such a high-end rehab that they only take five clients at a time. First opened in 1999, Serenity House was taken over in 2010 by an addiction therapist and pastoral director.

Accommodations and Food

The facility is a Spanish villa-style estate with seven bedrooms on 6,000 square feet of rustic property of stunning grounds that are covered in orange, lemon and olive groves. The rooms are all private and comfortable and are equipped with queen-sized beds with wooden headboards, multiple plush pillows, vintage lamps and frames for personal photos. The living room has satellite TV and mp3 docking stations. TV watching is allowed pretty much whenever there’s free time. The pool is giant and calming—think glamorous hotel pool without the crowds.

At Serenity House, food and nutrition play an important role as the center focuses on lowering liver counts and restoring proper functioning to the body. The chef, Abdul Sallak, specializes not only in French and Italian cuisine but also in Mediterranean, Indian, Thai and Middle Eastern (his experience working at high-end restaurants along Spain’s Costa del Sol make him a good fit for the palate of the average Serenity House client).

Treatment and Staff

Serenity House treats dual diagnosis as well as straight-up alcoholism and addiction and has treatment plans of four weeks, six weeks or 12 weeks. It’s 12-step oriented and rounds out group therapy with five one-on-one sessions a week. Clients also attend off site AA meetings Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in Seville (a one hour drive).

Detox is available with help from the High Care International Clinic in Marbella. Serenity House coordinates with the medical team there and their own Dr. Charles Triay so that clients arrive at Serenity House ready for treatment. There are six staff members at Serenity House, giving it an almost one-to-one staff-to-client ratio and all staff members are highly credentialed: the key care worker is a certified 12-step therapist and has been in recovery for 10 years. Others include an addiction treatment M.D., psychologist and counselor with a PhD. The in-house therapist has 25 years experience in the field.

At Serenity House, clients take classes and go to lectures where they learn about their addiction as they go about recovering from it. During the first week, residents learn about the history of alcoholism and addiction, the medical effects, the exact nature of mental obsession and the life-destroying process of addiction as well as the healing power of recovery with like-minded people. The focus the second week is on learning about the concept of a Higher Power and preparing for a moral inventory while finding the willingness to change, learning about character defects and trying to embrace patience and tolerance. The third week is when clients learn about how their addiction affects others, as well as try to find the courage to change, make amends, learn to meditate and get a set schedule for daily life.

If there is such thing as a typical day at Serenity House, it looks like this: waking up and going to the state-of-the-art gym, eating a gourmet breakfast at 8 am, and later having a coffee break and lunch around noon. After lunch is group therapy followed by a walk or another gym session. But the schedule here is quite flexible and fluctuates depending on the client base and what they are comfortable with. This is a rehab that caters to the client and not the other way around.

At night, residents watch a recovery-based movie on the flat screen before lights out at 11 pm. Laptops and iPads are not allowed but cell phones are (though controlled by the staff). Smoking is allowed outside on the balcony overlooking the Spanish countryside. Visitation is allowed after the first week of treatment is completed.


One of the central methods of treatment here is Reiki, which is energy healing using Universal Life Force Energy that removes any blocks caused by physical, mental, emotional or spiritual distress. The idea behind this is that once these blocks are taken out of the body, clients can heal naturally. Holistic treatment is also a major part of the curriculum here with five different available massages: hot stone, aromatherapy, reflexology, lymphatic drainage and remedial sports.

The extras at Serenity House put it into top-notch territory. Horseback riding is available at the local equestrian center with lessons for small groups of two to six (clients can also walk or cycle the path). Day trips to explore Seville and Marbella are always on the schedule as are meditation and yoga.

In Summary

Serenity House Spain is where the concept of rehab-as-spa trip might have been invented. When compared to the other luxury rehabs, its price (even in Euros) makes it a bargain as well. Their fluid methods of recovery and experience in VIP treatment have created a fairly idyllic center for a new life in sobriety. For those interested in but hesitant about 12-step recovery, Serenity House is just the spot to work through that in comfort. It caters to anyone who pays up and does not disappoint.

Serenity House Spain Location

Address not published

Serenity House Spain Cost

15,000 Euros [$18,568 per publishing date exchange rate] (30 days). Reach Serenity House Spain by phone at 011-34-956-127-371. Find Serenity House Spain on Facebook

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  1. A complete ripoff. Untrained staff most of the time, unorganized to the point where you wonder whether its legal or not and the staff prioritating Emma higher than the clients is just a few things i can say about Serenity House. We were left to ourselves most of the time, with absolutely nothing to do. I strongly suggest you find another place, this place is more focused on making money than on the clients wellbeing. Kate, the chef, seemed to be the only one actually caring about the clients. The rest just wanted to get away with minimal efforts. I highly regret that i chose Serenity House

  2. I would like to thank the staff at Serenity House for bringing me back to life from my hopelessness and depression. Special thanks to two brilliant therapists Emma and Charlotte!

    Through our Chance 2 Change sessions they have been able to identify the issues that were causing my destructive behaviour. I learned how to work through that in order to be happy and whole again. The staff were very helpful. Minh was kind and caring. Huge thanks to Kate for her cooking.

    Thank you for giving me a new lease of life!!

    • Its obvious the last 3 comments were made by the staff. I strongly recommend anyone reading this to choose another place. This place is a complete ripoff, super unorganized, unprofessional staff (except for Kate, who seems to be the only one who cared about the clients). They seemed to care more about Emma than clients. Also we were left mostly to ourselves with an untrained hippie to ” look after us” most of the time. Dont get me wrong, nice people, they just dont know what they are doing, all at the expence of the client. If you ask me, this place would be closed. It was obvious Emma wanted to minimize the cost of running the place, which just made it a bad experience for patients. Please avoid Serenity House

  3. Serenity House Spain – Under New Management since July 2016

    My name is Oliver. I am the new Chief Operating Officer for Serenity House Spain. Under the new management team, I am delighted to report that our Chance 2 Change programme has already helped clients to recover from their addictions. I am delighted to read that Charlotte, our lead therapist has already received client recognition for the excellent work she has delivered since July. We make it an absolute priority to provide an excellent treatment programme to everyone that books with us and we value the early positive feedback.


    I arrived at Serenity House this summer in pieces, about how my life had become so unmanageable I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I was feeling apprehensive, but the new owners and team have made me feel so welcome and at ease.

    The therapy was excellent. Emma and Charlotte helped me and supported me through a tough but enlightening journey of self discovery and they taught me how I could develop healthier coping strategies.

    The new environment is conducive to healing and wellbeing – the pool and Kate’s amazing cooking and baking being two of the highlights for me! I will miss my “new” family but they have given me the support and strength that I needed and I am ready to live the life I want and deserve!

  5. I have decided to post about Serenity House Spain to record my thanks to the new owners of Serenity House Spain. I can’t comment on the previous owners.

    I arrived at Serenity House Spain feeking on the one hand completely broken and on the other completely sceptical of who I would meet, what I would learn (especially about myself) and most importantly, when I would be able to put my addiction behind me once and for all. 15 years of heavy drinking had robbed me of confidence, self-respect and self-care.

    Fast forward 28 days and I can barely recognie the woman that came in less than one month ago. The new owner’s Chance 2 Change programme has completelty changed the lens in which I view myself and the world around me. Emma and Charlotte are exceptionally gifted therapists and teachers.

  6. Concerned family member on

    My family member spent a bit of time in this shit hole’ the owners are total narsassists and really don’t care about there patients’ there was bad vibes when the owners were in the house’ lots of negative energy’ the only decent human being that was in the place was a girl called Nora’ She was 12 step therapist/cleaner/ driver/ you name it’ she was a true angel and thank god she was there as the rest couldn’t give a shit. there was also a beautiful girl Kate the chef who they also played on her weakness’ please contact Spanish police and close this sick place down’ people are losing there lifes in the result of there negligence.

    • This is Chris from Serenity House and I am saddened to read these comments; not because of the content but because I fear they could prevent others seeking the treatment they so desperately need, not just from Serenity House but from any treatment centre.

      If anyone has any questions or concerns about treatment then please contact me directly for a confiential discussion.

      We are proud to have helped hundreds of people confront their addictions and transform their lives although, sadly, no recovery programme can be 100% guaranteed. However, any clients of Serenity House are guaranteed one thing: if we fail to deliver what was promised then we will gladly refund any fees paid and help clients to explore alternative solutions which may be more appropriate to their needs.

        • No, he didn’t, he responded to an alarming review that was completely absent of any actual details or information so as to counter these specious claims.

          As an addict who is currently researching facilities and is very alert to negative reviews, can people like you stop filling comment pages with this juvenile garbage? If you have a negative assessment to make of the staff or the facility, substantiate it so we’ll take you seriously. Otherwise, fuck off with that manipulative victim complex bullshit.

  7. Time for justice on

    Dear patients,

    Since we are all have been ripped off and harmed by this Maffia and the Marbella High Care Clinic (Dr Triay) who works together with them to make this organisation look as professional possible and fool people into their wicked game. It’s time to take legal action and to stop them for continuing to harm and attract more victims into this.

    Please contact the forgein affairs or the Marbella Police (Civil Guard) +34902102112 ( you can do this in several languages) and let this ridiculous organisation end soon and let them pay for their crimes, please let’s all go hand in hand to make a difference.

    Kind regards,
    Let’s all be responsible for a better world.

  8. They should be charged with negligence and fraud’ they play Russian roulette with people’s lifes’ and they say they live an honest program’ don’t know what fellowship they are in’ the couple who own it are disgusting’ don’t know how they sleep at night, they have there administrator giving out medication to really sick patients and she is not trained to do so’ the two of them would be better taking a drink themselves as these people are not sober minded’ people are talking at the coast” they know who they really are’ not who they percieve there selves to be’ I can see right threw them.

  9. Serenity house is a disgrace the owners and the psychotherapist Charlotte are a bunch of forward cunts and all controllers’ Charlotte’s does nothing and expects everyone else to do it for her’ how professional is it that your therapist asks to borrow money of each client that comes in to fund her own treatment centre’ the three of them are really sick and selfish to the fucking core and call them self’s proffesionals’ please someone close this down you will leave sicker and pennieless.

  10. Deidre Buckland on

    I have an eating disorder that I was in recovery in for as well as drugs and alcohol. I’m in desperate need of help. Had colon resection 3 yrs ago , removed 2 ft of colon and problems are horrible. . If I don’t do something I’m dead!!
    Are there Scholarships or people who help.out the less fortune?
    All I can can say is I asked!

    Thanks for your time, God Bless You All For What You Do!!
    Deidre Buckland

  11. Serenity house should be closed down’ it is a disgrace how they treat there clients’ the owners are just interested in taking your money they have no empathy or compassion’ this must be the worst treatment centre in the world not one of the best top10 in the world’ there whole website are a lie. PlEASE stay as far away from this place as possible.

  12. I travelled to Serenity House from N America at the end of last year. I´d finally realised, at the age of 68 , that I couldn’t stop drinking by myself.

    I needed a program that could give me the tools to live my life the way I wanted to, not the way it was heading.

    At Serenity house I learned that the 12 step program is really a spiritual journey toward a happy , rewarding life. It’s given me the choice to live that life.

  13. My name is Chris Spencer and I am the owner and Lead Therapist at Serenity House Spain. I´ve read the comments on this site with interest and, until now, have not felt it necessary to reply. However, I´ve become concerned that inaccurate feedback such as the above might prevent people from getting the life-changing treatment they need and so felt compelled to write a few words.

    Firstly, ours is a small centre treating no more than six clients at a time in a highly individual environment. I come to know all clients personally and, in many cases, remain in contact once they leave the centre as part of our after-care programme. Consequently, I can assure any visitors to this site that the reviews above have not been posted by any actual clients of the centre. Approximately half of our clients come directly from referrals and recommendations and we have many former clients who would be willing to speak, in confidence, to anyone considering treatment at Serenity House. I´d also invite anyone wishing to find out more to speak with me directly – either by phone or e-mail – for a full and balanced picture of our treatment programmes and success rates.

    We are very proud to have been identified by Global Healthcare magazine as one of the world´s top 10 rehab centres and take that responsibility very seriously. We believe in keeping our prices low relative to others on that list, to ensure that as many people as possible can access our services and we offer a completely transparent refund policy to ensure that all clients leave highly satisfied.

    Making the decision to enter treatment is such a key step on a client´s journey towards recovery and choosing the right rehab centre for you or a loved one is so important that I would hate for anyone to be deterred from treatment by a handful of ill informed web-site reviews.

    • Spencer you and your so called “wife” are the biggest greeds and scam bags I have ever met in my life, and I didn’t made a secret of telling you that in your devilish faces, the only 12 step you know is HOW TO TAKE AN ADDICT’S money, you burn to hell even your own son disgrace you and your wife is only worried about who will get the money when you die, she or your son (that she hate so much)


    • I’m soooo glad people are noticing the kind of evil spirits you are. More Karma to come… I’m glad to sit back and watch.

    • Wake up people on

      Spencer who are you fooling? Aren’t you drinking and using drugs yourself ?? You have used cocaine in 2014 in party…. You need more prove??? Pictures perhaps?
      You have been abusing the women you were with even your wife said that when she cried out for help to get rid of you. Stop misleading people you belong behind bars and my people are working on that you sick f***:

    • My name is Keith Wood. On or about January 30th, 2017 I made the decision to enter an alcohol rehab program. I live in Oregon, I was fed up with the rain and I love Southern Spain; I made inquires on line about Serenity House Spain. I received a prompt response by phone from an Emma Morris representing Serenity House Spain. I thought at this time I was still talking to Serenity House Spain; verified by the Serenity House Spain logo on the admission form sent to me on January 31st. At no time was I told that Serenity House Spain no longer existed and that the facility had changed locations. I was still going by what I had seen on Serenity House Spain web site. Apparently at this point Chance 2 Change did not have it’s own web site. On February the 7th I sent my deposit. It wasn’t until after my non refundable deposit was received that I was told that the facility was in the process of changing to a new location. I made it clear to Emma Morris that I under no circumstances wanted to come to a facility that was unfinished in any way. I was assured that all would be in place and up and running, I would be there with 3 to 4 other patients; nothing would be lacking. This is what I found when I arrive at the new Chance 2 Change facility.
      I was the only patient there for five days and the facilities were a profound disappointment.
      The swimming pool was empty except for the mud and lawn furniture,.
      The gourmet meals described on the web site were reasonable on the first day but on the weekend the cook is off duty and meals consisted of precooked and reheated casseroles.
      Art therapy consisted of colored pencils, markers and 11X14 paper. There was no exercise equipment available, none save three yoga mats nor is there massage available The exercise instructor couldn’t find the bodybuilding gym in the village he spoke not a word of Spanish in order to ask directions.
      There were no organized hikes or outings, the area had yet to be scouted out for hiking routes or bike paths though there were no bicycles to ride.
      There was a television but a staff member needed to connect the TV to their personal computer and then only Utube was available.
      No one but the facilitator, Minh, speaks a word of Spanish nor do they know anything about Spanish customs, Spanish food, store hours etc.
      I caution any one interested in going to Chance 2 Change, Spain be cautious, ask for current photographs of the facility and above all send no money until you have vetted this facility thoroughly. I wish I had been more careful and done my homework more thoroughly.
      To see photographs of much of the interiors and exteriors.

  14. While in Spain I went to Camino Recovery, not terribly far on the Costa del Sol near Marbella from Serenitiy House and somewhat cheaper. At off-site 12-step meetings I met people (ex-patriots from Britain mostly) who had been to Serenity House and left after a short time. Did not meet even one person with good things to say about Serenity House. I’m not sure how the place ended up on the top 10 list.
    I can recommend Camino. The facility is not as swanky, but the overall treatment plan is similar to what Serenity House advertises. There is delicious, healthy food, yoga, two weekly visits to a spa, equine therapy, EMDR, etc.. It had its downsides, but a solid reputation among locals.
    It’s run by an American, a warm-hearted former priest, and his Indian wife, both of whom ran a center in England. Real dual diagnosis with a specialty in PTSD. And ironically they also use Dr. Charles Triay for detox.

  15. This organization is nothing but a big scam and the people in iT cannot be trusted. Just a bunch of money thirsty maffia. Do not believe anything on Their website nor Their ability to treat you. ITS All one big LIE.

  16. William Midgley on

    What false people. All they do is send you to hospital and what they charge its a joke. do not go here as all it will do is make you feel even worse! complete cunts!!!

    • soul on the-edge on

      Dear mr Midgley,

      Could you please clarify your comment, and explain your experience (in more private, if that’s what you prefer) because until reading your comment I was considering the centre as my choice number1, in which I might start in a week from now. Please help me to understand why it’s bad.

      Man on the edge

      • Man on the Edge,

        I hope that you found the treatment you needed and were not dissuaded by negative comments such as William´s or Elaine´s (which sounded like a bit of thinly veiled competitor knocking to me!)

        Choosing a treatment centre is too important a decision to rely on a few on-line reviews. I myself spent some time at Serenity House during December and it gave me all the help I needed to begin my own recovery journey. However, I didn´t just choose it based on the web-site but spoke at length with the team there and even got them to put me in touch with a former client who spoke frankly and told me what he´d found good and not so good about the centre.

        I hope you too have now found your own route to recovery.


        • Man (who was) on the edge on

          Dear mr David,

          This is “the man on edge” who wrote to you last November, I hope there were as much negative comments available on this website to prevent me from starting my treatment through this sick people .
          Competition My Ass (excuse my language) but I think that each person here is a real patient that has gone a horrible experience with these disgusting creatures I also left a report at the Spanish police and I hope everybody will do so, and soon those punks will be behind bars where they belong.

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