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Seaside HouseThe Basics

Seaside House is an all-male sober living facility located on the Indian River in the beach community of Jupiter, Florida. Though it has only been open since 2013, the executive director has decades of experience in addiction treatment and all staff members are in recovery. Despite the upscale ambiance of this expansive luxury waterfront facility, Seaside offers young men between the ages of 17 and 30, who are new to recovery, a no-nonsense, highly structured environment with an emphasis on accountability and the 12 steps.

Accommodations and Amenities

The two-story Seaside House features eight apartment-style bedrooms, each with its own balcony facing the water. The rooms are double occupancy and each resident has a full-size bed. There is one shared bathroom for each room. The “Great Room” on the second floor has leather couches and a large, flat-screen TV and doubles as a meeting room for various group programs, such as the nightly “wind-down” group. There is also a kitchen and a washer-dryer on that floor. Residents are encouraged to spend their free time in the Great Room and not in their individual bedrooms. Smoking is allowed in designated areas only.

Clients buy their own groceries once a week on Sundays, with a $50 to $75 food allowance, and prepare meals in Seaside’s ample kitchen.

Rules and Regulations

Though the minimum stay at Seaside House is 12 weeks, most clients live here for an average of six to nine months. There are four highly structured phases of treatment, with the overall goal for clients being to reach step nine (of the 12 steps) by the time they complete the program.

Residence begins with a two-week orientation period consisting of daily 12-step meetings and step work with a sponsor, which is mandatory. This time is for residents to settle into Seaside in the period right after residential treatment. Phone calls with family members are limited to 15 minutes each day.

During Phase I, which lasts for a minimum of 30 days, men actively engage in recovery, immerse themselves in the 12 steps and other meetings and also in some kind of work, school or vocation. Family conferences are considered critical in this phase and take place at least once a week, sometimes more. Phase II, also at least 30 days, is a time for action when members continue to engage in recovery but also start reaching out beyond Seaside to the community. Family conferences go down from weekly to bi-weekly. Residents can leave the grounds with permission to attend social and other events. In Phase III, the final phase, the structure, support and accountability developed over the previous phases is put to the test as freedoms increase and the men lead a more independent lifestyle.

Besides the zero tolerance policy for alcohol or drug use, Seaside has a number of other rules. Residents must not enter another resident’s room without the occupant being present, must not have new romantic relationships, and must submit to weekly, random drug testing and room or property searches.

Typically, a day begins with 7:30 am wake-up Mondays through Fridays. It ends at 11:30 pm seven nights a week when all electronics (including TV and computer) are turned off. There is also a mandatory 10 pm house meeting each night.

Seaside House has a strict admission process, with 98 percent of clients coming directly from residential treatment. The executive director of the facility, who has been sober for 24 years, conducts phone interviews with potential clients and evaluates the treatment facility in which the prospective client is a resident.


Residents participate in regular outings,  ranging from day hikes, overnight camping trips, fishing and various water sports to golf at local courses. Seaside House also has its own dock that residents can fish off in addition to kayaks for using on the river.

Transportation is available to work, school, daily 12-step meetings and doctor appointments.

In Summary

Seaside House offers young men a rigorous program in a luxurious setting. The four-phase approach moves residents in an organized way through the early stages of post-treatment living to a fully independent sober lifestyle, which seems it make it worth the cost. With a staff that itself is in recovery, there is a keen understanding of what residents are going through.

Seaside House
17713 SE Federal Hwy
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Seaside House Cost: $12,500 (first 28 days); $9,600 (per 28 days thereafter). Reach Seaside House by phone at (561) 260-5318 or by email at

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