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Sean Sassano Higgins, Psychiatrist


The Basics

Dr. Sean Sassano-Higgins, MD is a psychiatrist that specializes in the care of clients struggling with OCD and anxiety disorders including phobias and social anxiety as well as those in need of dual diagnosis support for addiction. With two offices in the LA suburbs of Glendale and Santa Clarita, the practice primarily offers outpatient therapy and medication management services. The 12-step recovery model is not a component of Dr. Sassano’s programming.

Dr. Sassano currently teaches at the University of Southern California where he has also acted as the medical director of outpatient psychiatry. He also supervises psychiatrists in training at the USC residency program, where as a resident himself won multiple awards including a scholarship for Cognitive Therapy training. In addition, Dr. Sassano is board certified in addiction medicine and has acted as the director of clinical psychiatry at an alcohol and substance use disorder facility.

Treatment Protocol

Clients beginning with treatment with Dr. Sassano undergo an intake evaluation that helps to evaluate whether or not there are any underlying conditions, medical or otherwise. In addition, the assessment assists creating the most effective treatment plan. Dr. Sassano treats clients with a wide range of anxiety disorders including tic disorder, dermatotillomania (skin picking), body dysmorphic disorder, phobias, social anxiety as well as hoarding.

The practice offers outpatient psychotherapy and psychiatry, and he specializes in the use of CBT, an evidence-based therapeutic method deemed to be one of the most effective in the treatment of anxiety disorders. Clients engage in a form of psychotherapy called exposure and response prevention (ERP), which is perfect for individuals with moderate OCD, anxiety or phobias. As a medical doctor, Dr. Sassano also provides expertise in the field of medication management of OCD and anxiety disorders. To this end, Dr. Sassano has published multiple articles on the use of medication in the treatment of OCD.

The length and frequency of treatment varies depending on the specific needs and progress of the client. Outpatient psychotherapy sessions are typically once a week and psychiatric medication management is between once a month to every few months. In addition, Dr. Sassano offers intensive outpatient treatment for individuals struggling with severe symptoms. Intensive outpatient care is typically between one and three hours a day several days a week.


Dr. Sassano keeps up a blog about new treatments for OCD and anxiety disorders.

In Summary

Dr. Sassano-Higgins is a psychiatrist with two offices in the Los Angeles area. He specializes in the treatment of clients struggling with OCD and a range of anxiety disorders. As Dr. Sassano is both a medical doctor and a CBT specialist, he is able to offer both psychotherapy and medication management for clients with more severe symptoms. For clients with moderate symptoms, Dr. Sassano often utilizes a specific form of psychotherapy called exposure and response prevention. For clients seeking outpatient care for OCD or anxiety disorders, Dr. Sassano-Higgins is a great option.

Verdugo Hills Hospital
1818 Verdugo Blvd, Suite 101

Professional Building 2
Glendale, CA 91208

27936 Lost Canyon Rd, Suite 206
Santa Clarita, CA 91387

Dr. Sean Sassano-Higgins Cost: $250 (Initial evaluation); $150 (follow-up visit); $200 (psychotherapy); most insurances accepted). Reach Dr. Sean Sassano-Higgins by phone at (818) 482-4050. Find Dr. Sean Sassano-Higgins on Facebook

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