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Seafield Center is located on a five-acre site in the oceanside village of Westhampton Beach on the south shore of Long Island, New York. Founded in 1985, it offers detox and comprehensive inpatient and outpatient treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. The facility is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and licensed by the New York State Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services. In addition to its primary care options, Seafield Center also has 21 sober living homes for transitioning clients.

Accommodations and Food

Seafield Center has the serene atmosphere of a country home, with daffodils and lilies in the yard and a pristine black and white exterior with a bright red awning. The facility has 90 twin beds in double-occupancy rooms, a cafeteria that serves meals prepared by in-house chefs (with an always available self-serve salad bar), a lecture hall, a game room, a fully-equipped gym and an outdoor volleyball court. Residents may use the recreational facilities during their daily free time.

Treatment and Staff

Seafield Center’s inpatient program accommodates men, women and adolescents ages 16 and older. Treatment takes place in the residential facility, with a 12-step emphasis and on-site AA and NA meetings. Clients receive a medical assessment at intake and are assigned a personal counselor who makes recommendations as to where to place them in group therapy. Group topics include LGBT issues, gender-specific issues, eating disorders and domestic violence. Individual therapy and alternative treatments are available, including yoga, meditation, acupuncture and spiritual counseling. If detox is required, nurses are on hand 24 hours a day to supervise the process.

Seafield Center offers focused treatment for co-occurring disorders through individual and group therapy, with each client assigned to a primary group of 12 to 13 led by one staff member. Relapse prevention classes are also provided.

A typical day in residential treatment begins with breakfast at 8:30 am, followed (on most days) by a primary group session until 10:30. From 10:45 to 11:45 am, women meet for recreational free time while men attend a 12-step meeting. Lunch is from noon to 12:45 pm, after which there is a lecture (with rotating topics). Women attend a 12-step meeting after that while men have recreation and elective acupuncture sessions. Dinner is from 5 pm to 6 pm, followed by a self-help group and AA or NA meetings until 9 pm. After the day’s activities are over, clients get two hours of free time before lights out at 11:30 pm. Cell phones, computers and TV are not permitted at the facility.

The staff consists of physicians, addiction specialists, CASACs and a psychiatrist; nurses are also present 24 hours a day.


A structured family program is built into treatment, with family members joining in group therapy sessions with residents every Sunday.

Seafield Center is a tobacco-free environment, though nicotine replacement therapy is available for those who need help quitting. Seafield Center emphasizes living a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle. To that end, they offer nutritional counseling and yoga. Pastoral care from an on-staff spiritual counselor is available for those seeking inner guidance on their road to recovery. Seafield Center accepts payment on a sliding-scale for those who need financial assistance.

When it comes to aftercare, Seafield Center offers five sober living locations on Long Island with a total of 273 beds between them. There are also step-down outpatient programs available in Amityville, Mineola, Medford, Patchogue, Riverhead and the Suffolk County Department of Probation office in Yaphank.

Residents in sober livings must attend outpatient treatment six days a week, one to four hours a day—curfew is at 11 pm on weeknights and midnight on weekends. Outpatient clients are required to attend a minimum of three 12-step meetings a week, with transportation to and from the main facility always available.

In Summary

In the peaceful environment of the Hamptons, Seafield Center offers an inpatient program that boasts specialized care for a diverse clientele. With 12-step support, a well-equipped medical staff and holistic and spiritual approaches to recovery, they have something for everybody at a competitive price.

Seafield Center Location

7 Seafield Lane
Westhampton Beach, NY 11978

Seafield Center Cost

$16,100 (28 days). Reach Seafield Center by phone at (631) 288-1122 or by email. Find Seafield on Facebook and YouTube

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  1. Seafield is absolutely horrible! I would advise against anyone ever going there. I honestly would rather stay an alcoholic than to ever step foot in that place again. Before entering, they had me list all of the medications I was on. Never once did they ever say it was going to be a problem. When I asked for my medication, they told me they don’t allow that on the property (as the nurse laughed in my face). I asked to speak to the doctor regarding this and was told several times I would be able to meet with him. They never let me see him and eventually I checked out myself out. They wouldn’t give me a more detailed explanation as to why they were taking me off my medications. I also felt it was not right that they would just take me off medications, not providing an alternative, and never even examining me. It was absolutely ridiculous. I got stuck with a huge bill, and they agreed to negotiate the cost down, but now I am receiving bills for the full amount. They are greedy, uncaring people. The counselors act nice, but when you actually approach them about a problem, they call you a baby and tell you to get over it. Also, in my few days there, someone overdosed on drugs. They then claimed I was the one who brought the contraband in and kept making me take drug test after drug test. Of course they found nothing, because I had nothing to do with it. But they treat you like a criminal just because you have an addiction problem. I have never been arrested. The worst thing on my record is a speeding ticket. These people treat everyone like they are scum.

  2. carol zangle on

    Wow. Just admitted family friend 1 day ago hoping for all good things. after reading the review i am now worried. Doesn’t seem like the place i expected. Sounds like poor medical care with little or no compassion.Have to rethink. Seems like a lose lose situation.

  3. Seafield is only about filling its beds. If your insurance does not cover you, they will turn you out the morning it ends without a dime or even a bus token, and will only drop you off at the Department of Social Services and wish you good luck in finding a bed for the night. Seafield does not offer half of the services it advertises, for instance yoga and meditation. Yoga was not available for at least two weeks, and meditation is basically a “guided” hypnosis session where most patients sleep. Patients in various stages of detox go to meetings and programs with all other patients, take over meetings and disrupt the entire center, usually leaving AMA or getting caught having smuggled in drugs and being discharged. Good counselors are overwhelmed with groups of 12 or more people, while other counselors have small groups of 6 or less people. Some patients get one-on-ones immediately, and repeatedly, while others get one meeting in two weeks and are promised more but get discharged before this obligation is met. There is a month long waiting list to see any “psych” professional, as there is none on staff at the West Hampton location, and as most patients are discharged after 14 days unless mandated for a 28 day stay by court, no patient gets a “psych” evaluation. Patients are told to demand such evaluations. There is no dietitian or nutritionist on staff or on call, patients requesting a vegetarian diet are fed only veggie burgers, cheese sandwiches or egg salad over and over. There is no “fraternization” allowed between men and women, however, when it occurs (and it does!) the woman is always reprimanded and often put on contract or sent home, the man’s behavior is ignored. Same sex fraternization is rampant and totally ignored by Seafield staff. Please search into other rehab choices before selecting this one.

  4. Please everyone hear what I am saying before you think about leaving a loved one at this rehab. I am in the medical field so I have some experience. I had a loved one stay here. From the moment she arrived the lack of compassion was truly the most horrible thing I have witnessed in this field. This establishment make claims of rebuilding lives. Please believe me, they are in the business of making money, plain and simple. They will put you out in the street before you are ready without even trying to help get services back in place in the blink of an eye, whether you are ready or not. I know they need to make money to stay in business, but not when a persons life is at stake. Please do not bring your loved one anywhere near this place. The reality is when they throw your loved one out in the street with no warning, they can relapse because they are not ready and it can kill them. This is how overdoses happen. The do not rebuild lives, unless of course you are very wealthy, well then by all means stay as long as you want. If you are on medicaid…and should have a momentary lapse in insurance, instead of helping you straighten things out, they will have you out on the street in 30 minutes. Their lack of compassion can the the catalyst that throws dirt on your grave. Please find another rehab.

  5. SEAFIELD SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have no compassion. ALL THEY ARE AFTER IS THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!! My husband went in figuring it was only 90 days out patient and they turned around and said no you are here for six months. We have been borrowing money to pay for the medical insurance because they won’t let him back to work till he completes it. Now if we can’t borrow money again to keep insurance there will be no completing of program because there will be no insurance and they don’t care. They have not tried to work with him or his job to some how keep him in program and still have job and insurance. They say you have to work it out with your job. Kind of hard to do that when the counselor Diane Brewer tells your boss something about you and then refuses to tell you what she said to your boss.He has done everything that has been asked of him. up to including getting hair analysis to prove he was doing nothing. Once it came back that he wasn’t they said oh okay no we can drop you from coming five days to coming three days a week. The counselor he has is a f—ing bitch, she says all good stuff to him only to dash them the next day. She completely ruined his self confidence in himself. Always saying no matter what test they do I will fail. Tell him oh this paperwork will go far but nobody at Seafield can read or understand the doctors notes so you need to see another doctor. What kind of people run a rehab facility can not read doctors notes aren’t they suppose to be doctors in there or are they all recovering addicts that decided to become counselors. I have caught his counselor in fives lies. Telling us there is no such thing as 90 days rehab, but you put that in your website that there is. If ever needed again I will never ever go to this place or recommend it to anyone. I wouldn’t even recommend it to my dog. It may help some people but I doubt it, because it has been heard that about 78% of people that go to Seafield either relapse or go somewhere else and do MUCH BETTER. They NEVER EVER LISTEN. ALL THEY ARE AFTER IS THE MONEY FROM INSURANCE OR PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

  6. SEAFIELD SUCKS!! They have no compassion for their clients. They always feel their clients are lying due to clinical results. Never take into consideration that clinical results could be wrong. I have a friend that stopped drinking, but because of their job they went into a seafield outpatient program. And they had to do urine drug test so they could test for alcohol, everytime they did it; it kept coming up abnormal, but no alcohol in system. So no matter what the client said they still felt that the person was still drinking and just flushing. So they upped the program from one hour to three and half hours a day five days a week. Person had appointment with doctor to find out why test always came up abnormal even though they were not drinking, but they didn’t care they still felt that the person was lying about it all. So basically making the person go through something they did not need at all. All because SEAFIELD felt the client was LYING. How is that helping some one when you always feel they are lying no matter what they say or do!!

  7. the discharged over ten people for the flu this past week and three of them have died since. great medical facility….

  8. Another satisfied customers on

    I don’t understand stand what happened to you guys. But I thank Seafield everyday. And so does my family,friends and employer. I got my life back. I’m almost coming up on 2 years clean. I went in there because I wanted to live. An that’s what I’m doing everyday, because I took all the suggestions I completed both in patient and out. Try to understand that they’ve been around since the mid 80’s. So there definitely doing something right. Thanks Seafield

  9. Not so satisfied on

    They do not detox you well. Good luck ever seeing a doctor when going here. Casac workers are incompetent. Actually had a social worker attempt at diagnosing me with a mental illness and calling those who I had releases for claiming that I have additional issues besides that with addiction.
    In fact rather then address a close family members death which occurred while in treatment I was told by a social worker (not a MD, which I never saw in my 2weeks there) that I suffered from mental illness.
    Look I am not just some “addict” that simply did not get their way while in treatment.
    You will stand on the med line in excess of an hour at night awaiting meds.
    You will be extremely lucky if you ever get to see Dr Veder (who is never there. You will be able to see a nurse)
    You will not receive any form of 1 on 1 treatment. It will all take place in a group setting.
    If you say more then “hi” or “bye” to a member of the opposite sex you will be put on contract.
    You will be woken up when still “permitted to be sleeping” by a cleaning crew that walks in your room unnanounced, does not speak English by them turning on your lights and vacuuming your room.
    There are gangs in this facility. From Arians to Crips, Bloods, and Kings.
    You will hear war stories from a population of 90℅ plus mandated individuals. Kind of like “who’s the biggest loser” stories non stop.
    The food is great. Some staff members genuinely care. Others I wouldn’t say they don’t care but are either not qualified or are woefully overworked and cannot possibly get to everyone.
    Make a mistake an your out. Literally, and when getting dropped off you’ll see your replacement jumping in the van to take your spot.
    Do yourself a favor, there are much better facility’s with much better recovery!

  10. Vincent Pacilio on

    The people who commented that the admission process over the phone is pointless they are right. I did the admission over the phone and was told to contact a staff member at a satellite site in New York City . I was told to call her over the weekend and leave her a message and that she would get back to me the upcoming Monday. I spoke to her on Monday and was asked what I used how much I was using and was told to bring my health insurance my state ID and a bag packed with a weeks worth of clothes. I was told to arrive the following day which was a Tuesday at 9 AM. So the next day go to the office with everything that was told to bring I get pulled into an office and told that they can’t take me because I use to much. First of all what kind of rehab tells you that you use too much and they can take you. I was given a referral to some detox and sent on my way. My issue is they knew what and how much I was using so why put me through that to tell me no I was told there was a bed available for me and how lucky I was and then I was left on eighth Avenue in the city with a suitcase. I made a formal complaint with OASAS. Steer clear of this place it seems like a lot of people have issues personally I think they gave my bed away.

  11. I have to say how terribly disappointed I was in the admissions process at Seafield. When you call to make an appointment for intake, the give you ZERO information and ask NOTHING of you. Nothing about what substances you use, where you live, no history from the patient whatsoever. They just give you a time and date to show up at once of their satellite centers for an intake, telling you to arrive with your bags packed and ready to go out East to their center. Once I arrived at Amityville for my intake (extremely shitty area, be careful and lock your car), they told me THERE WAS NO BED AVAILABLE FOR ME at their center. I live over an hour from Amityville, and since I couldn’t drive myself (I had to call back to find out this info after the person I did my initial admissions appointment with hung up on me w/o answering any questions), my husband took the day off of work. The intake took hours, they drug tested me, and then they sat me down with the director who told me that since I abuse stimulants/pills, my insurance company “would likely not find it medically necessary” to admit me for inpatient and tried to steer me towards intensive IOP for SIX MONTHS. I have been struggling with this shit for YEARS and this woman tells me she doesn’t think my problem worth the fight with insurance to get 21-28 days, but wants me coming to that crappy outpatient location for 6 months? Why couldn’t they have asked me what I was using over the phone beforehand, and knowing what my insurance company was tell me right off the bat that they believed my chances of getting inpatient covered were slim? OR let met know the bed situation immediately so I didn’t waste my time? I was extremely put off and went home crying. They called me the next day, told me a bed was available, and that I could come in again and wait around for house to see if they could get insurance to cover it. At that point I had found a rehab elsewhere that had warm and compassionate understanding staff that got me in right away and didn’t work in manipulative ways. It is also worth noting that my friend tried desperately to get her son admitted to Seafield for heroin use, but they told him he needed to have overdosed BEFORE they would bring him inpatient. They also referred that poor kid to outpatient.
    I truly believe Seafield count be the right place for many, but their intake process needs some serious adjustments. I believe they were just trying to get me to come in for the intake so they could charge my insurance for the visit and the drug test, but were quite useless after that.

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