Science Focused Treatment at Ardú Recovery Center

Science Focused Treatment at Ardú Recovery Center


Ardu RecoveryThere are an abundance of unique luxury rehabs providing services for those seeking alcohol and drug treatment. In almost all cases these facilities have a specialty service or approach they provide that sets them apart from other treatment centers. Ardú Recovery Center is no exception, and is definitely one of the most unique in terms of the services provided. Located off of Utah Lake in beautiful Provo, Ardú Recovery “provides hospital level care in a spa like facility,” says Assistant Medical Director, Dr. Blake Rapier. Ardú Recovery certainly stands out in the cutting edge medical care department. It is also respected and depended upon by others service providers in the Provo area.

The medical services are unique and will not be found at many other luxury treatment centers. The Ardú Recovery website maintains its purpose is to “treat the biology of your addiction.” It’s become commonplace and even expected that services such as equine and wolf therapy will provided at many facilities. It’s no surprise when these pop up on a rehab’s website, or come up in conversation with a service provider. However, Ardú’s holistic and advanced treatment methods are particularly unique. Among some of the offerings are 24 hour nursing services, and the ability to handle some of the most complex medical situations that can arise from long term use of drugs and alcohol. An epsom salt float tank, an oxygen bar serving flavored oxygen, a meditation room that uses electromagnetic fields, and synchronized sound, genetic testing to assess what psychiatric medications might work best with an individual are some of the offerings at Ardú that set them apart as a truly unique alternative to the typical luxury rehabilitation center.

The detox period usually lasts eight days. Residents then begin the residential phase of treatment at Ardú. This involves the typical therapeutic time spent with highly qualified therapists in group and one on one therapy. Psychiatric services are available as well for those who are dually diagnosed. Even further, genetic testing is offered to help identify what medications might work best with an individual. This is not commonly offered at rehabilitation centers that treat dually diagnosed patients. Genetic testing could be a huge benefit for someone who has struggled to find psychotropic medications that effectively treat their mental health condition.

Among the more unique services offered are IV Amino Acid Therapy, Oxygen Therapy, and the use of the Electro-Acoustic Meditation Lounge. Dr. Rapier explained that the IV Amino Acid therapy can help a client whose body and mind are in bad physical shape from long term drug and alcohol addiction to recover more quickly and smoothly. Periodic bursts of supplemental oxygen can help addicts and alcoholics early in recovery with renewed focus and wellness. The Electro-Acoustic Meditation Lounge fosters a place for residents to synchronize their bodies and minds with audio and electromagnetic waves. This is reportedly a beneficial aid to grounding oneself in the practice of meditation.

Ardú’s approach to treatment is unique. They are building on the foundation of some traditional, proven treatment methods but also moving in a direction that explores even more advanced, cutting edge options and approaches. Of course clients also enjoy tried and true holistic amenities such as massage and yoga—all in the tranquil peace and beauty of Utah.

If you are looking for an alternative to the more traditional therapies found in most luxury rehabilitation centers, Ardú Recovery Center might be for you. This is particularly true for those with complex medical issues that other facilities struggle to deal with appropriately, and for those who have made multiple attempts at rehab and are hoping to have a new experience.

To learn more, visit Ardú Recovery Center’s website. Reach the facility by phone at (801) 823-6832 or by email. Find Ardú Recovery Center on Facebook and Instagram


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