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Schick Shadel of Florida


Schick Shadel of FloridaThe Basics

The original Schick Shadel program, founded in a Seattle hospital in 1935 by Washington native, Charles Shadel and Dr. Walkter Voegtlin, a gastroenterologist, claimed to treat those with a “chemical aversion to alcohol.” Today, Schick Shadel of Florida offers a 10-day treatment as an alternative to traditional 12-step ideology, boasting a 63% success rate.

Accommodations and Food 

Schick Shadel’s overall vibe in Cooper City, Florida is that of a hip retirement home with an abundant amount of green foliage. There are 24 available beds at Schick Shadel, with clientele usually an even split of men and women ranging from late 30s to early 50s. Rooms are semi-private, although private rooms are available upon request for an extra fee. All are minimally furnished with hospital beds, hardwood floors and good natural light. Clients are provided scrubs to wear during their entire stay at the facility but are asked to bring undergarments (10 days worth, although there is laundry on-site) and exercise clothing. There is a fully equipped gym and a pool on the property.

All meals and snacks are provided in the cafeteria, but clients are also allowed to order take-out food. This rehab designs its rules with professionals in mind. Working individuals can take vacation days while they’re in treatment so nothing is disrupted in their professional life. Phones, laptops and tablets are all welcome here, and there is even WiFi available in every room on campus. Clients may also bring DVDs, reading materials and toiletries in case they need more than the basics that are provided.

Treatment and Staff

Those unable to stay sober for at least 72 hours are required to undergo detox before beginning treatment. The team here implements what they call Counter Conditioning Treatment. It is a technique which aims to remove the desire or craving for alcohol by changing the association with its sight, smell and taste.

Through this process, and in combination with “restorative, conscious sedation,” the stimuli that would normally evoke the pleasure resulting from alcohol consumption are transformed to evoke a negative reaction. Essentially, each client’s memory is reprogrammed. For 10 days, this treatment is alternated with relaxation therapies, sleep therapy and the aforementioned minimal sedation interviews, where the medical team is able to monitor the progress of the counter conditioning. In addition, clients undergo group therapy and individual therapy as well as educational seminars, to which the participants’ families are also invited.

Schick Shadel maintains their counter conditioning combined with traditional group therapy are the keys to substantial, long-lasting recovery from alcohol and the reason their program is so effective.

Clients are discharged after 10 days but must return to campus for check-in sessions at 30 and 90 days sober. Still, Schick Shadel is not completely opposed to 12-step groups. Upon completion of the program, clients are encouraged to join whatever kind of sober support group they wish, as Schick Shadel believes that strong relationships are a vital part of long-term recovery.

The number of medical doctors and nurses on campus at any given moment varies, but Schick Shadel does employ several full-time physicians. There are always at least five people in the support staff available, from therapists to client care coordinators.

In Summary

A 10-day fix might seem too good to be true but many, many grads claim to have had success at this facility. Those looking for a longer commitment or a more traditional program might consider searching elsewhere but Schick Shadel is still a very viable, reputable option for recovery.

Schick Shadel of Florida
5960 SW 106th Avenue
Cooper City, FL 33328

Schick Shadel of Florida Cost: $18,400 (10 days). Reach Schick Shadel by phone at (954) 680-2700. Find Schick Shadel on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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