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From intervention all the way to aftercare, The Sanctum is available to help alcoholics and drug addicts in need in the United Kingdom. Specializing in treatment for dual diagnosis clients, this facility refers to its full recovery track as “The Complete Journey” and truly holds the addict’s hand in every aspect of their life.


Located in Uxbridge, a town in Middlesex County, just west of London, The Sanctum’s modest residence is walking distance from the primary treatment center. There are 35 beds available and clients (aging anywhere from 18 to 65) share double rooms with single beds and minimal furnishings. The facility itself is somewhat stark with formal meeting rooms and a bit of an office feel.

Treatment and Staff

There are several layers to the program here. After an initial assessment of potential clients, The Sanctum offers intervention services to families with troubled loved ones. From there, if a client needs detox, it’s available and supervised by a medical practitioner. Length of time in detox varies but if clients are physically able, they are definitely expected to begin their treatment process during this time.

“The Complete Journey” has three main levels: Primary Treatment, Secondary Treatment and Tertiary Treatment. Primary and Secondary clients live in The Sanctum residence together. Primary Treatment is recommended for 90 days and is based on a combination of evidence-based modalities and holistic and alternative therapies. During this time, clients must identify and admit their addiction; fully commit to Sanctum’s recovery plan and develop acute awareness of triggers and relapse risk factors. This stage of the program relies on group therapy alongside gender-specific educational programming and life coaching seminars.

Secondary Treatment is 12 weeks and revolves heavily around relapse prevention. Clients truly start to hone alternative coping skills in the face of substance abuse temptations. The therapeutic treatment facets from the first phase are reduced and replaced by more self-esteem building elements. Clients do service work in the community, attend 12-step or SMART Recovery meetings and work with an AA or NA sponsor. Clients in this program have either completed the Primary Treatment tier or are referred after doing a 90-day program elsewhere.

Tertiary Care is essentially sober living. Clients live in various Sanctum-designated residences in the area and get help with creating resumes, finding work, continuing education and blending back into normal life. Therapy is scheduled based on availability and need and clients still have access to resources at the main residence and treatment center.

After completion of the core three stages, clients are assisted with resettlement, back to work/education needs and aftercare. These services are all considered part of the package here. In fact, after successfully completing treatment, clients are allotted a whopping 12 months of free aftercare.

Most of the staff at Sanctum is in recovery themselves. There are two addiction counselors, a client services manager and a consulting physician. This clinical team leads administrative staff and patient care coordinators.

In Summary

For quality treatment and long-term guidance, the Sanctum feels like a no brainer for those truly desperate to turn their life around. Such a prolonged aftercare program could potentially decrease the risk of relapse—the Sanctum boasts one of the highest sobriety success rates in the UK.

The Sanctum Location

12 Redford Way

The Sanctum Cost

Sliding scale. Reach The Sanctum by phone at 0330 555 0002. Find The Sanctum on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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